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Jens (Starterset)



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25. January 2018 at 15:09:12 Share
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After a long time, almost 2 years break, again a sign of life from me, sorry for the quality of the pictures, are made only with the phone
Sacrifice: a Ju 88 C6 heavy hunter from Dragon in 1:48 oob
25. January 2018 at 15:13:38
Michael Hickey Welcome Back Jens, looking good so far. What was the build like? I've got a few of these Dragon Ju-88's plus a couple of their Ju-88 + Fw-190 Mistel's, and even a Ju-188 that I'd like a couple more of.
25. January 2018 at 15:27:45
Jens Thanks Michael :)
a lot of spatula, a lot of spatula, surfaces / hull is not without
I was surprised because the Revell Ju 88 C6 Ju 88 C-6 Dragon / Revell | Album by Starterset
  was more pleasant to build

Ju 88 I still have 6 in the stash, and 3 planned as a Mistl project, since I have the Ju 88 G1 / G10 double, I wanted to build the H2 version, because you can not get the Paragon set, scratch with a Tamiya Fw 190 F8 than Parasite hunter :) but still the C6 is the victim of the colors :D
25. January 2018 at 15:43:00
Michael Hickey Yeah, that Paragon set I had ages ago and because I've moved a few times I don't know what happened to it. :S
25. January 2018 at 15:47:09
Jens I also know something like that, what a pity, mostly there are real treasures that are lost :( Cutting Edge, Paragon, Schatton ..... Missing in Action :D
25. January 2018 at 15:51:37
Michael Hickey Real treasures.... I lost my wedding ring one day when I was surfing, needless to say that relationship is over, hahaha and thank God for that. I could bought a crap load of models for what that ring was worth. ;)
25. January 2018 at 15:59:48
Michael Hickey Anyway's Jens that's another story, it's 3 a.m here Down Under and tomorrows a big day Aussie Day, and I'm in charge of the BBQ & Beer, so good night my friend. Glad your back... :D :D :D
25. January 2018 at 16:02:58
Bart Goesaert that's a bummer, but know the feeling about loosing parts and upgrade sets during a move (or you can't remember where you've put them...), nice model though, also have a few off these putty consuming dragons in my stash somewhere...

Nice to see you back btw..
25. January 2018 at 16:02:58
Jens Thank you friends for the nice words and Michael, what would I give at the BBQ to spice up the meat ;) have fun around the campfire, or the gas grill :)
25. January 2018 at 16:06:44
Stephan Ryll Very nice progress Jens
25. January 2018 at 18:14:53
Michael Hickey Typical Aussie weather, yesterday it was nearly 40 degrees Celsius before 10 a.m, and today what do I wake up to, storm clouds and it won't belong before it starts to bloody rain. :(
25. January 2018 at 20:24:38
Jens Hello Michael, Rain in Down Under means snake lark, did you visit them? You always hear from real surprises, the western Brown always hide in the house

@ Stephan, danke , freut mich wenn es gefällt, nach der Pause war ich mir nicht sicher ob ich die Farben noch beherrsche oder die mich :D
26. January 2018 at 15:28:41
Michael Hickey Well the Eastern Brown Snakes must have learned that trick from them, because they always pop up when your least expecting them. Although I tend not to worry about snakes as their not that bright. I've been within a couple of feet of an Eastern Brown, all I did was keep still and it just slithered by, didn't even worry about me. Because I was still the silly thing thought I was a tree, people only really get bit when they think their the legendary Steve Irwin (R.I.P) and want to play with them. ;)
27. January 2018 at 15:16:26
Jens :D :D :D :D Snakes are not a toy, and respect should be had: D
But my second hobby next to the models :) Just a nice weekend down under
27. January 2018 at 15:35:32
27. January 2018 at 15:39:08
Jens thanks Michael :)

Good luck and good way in your holiday
29. January 2018 at 08:20:30
Michael Hickey Thanks mate.
29. January 2018 at 22:28:53
Martien Lourens Welcome back Jens. and a good kit choice for your comeback.
30. January 2018 at 11:28:56
Jens Thanks Martien, Dragon is probably always good, a lot of work, a lot of practice, and so have fun in the building :) the next is already on the table :D
30. January 2018 at 11:46:42
Martien Lourens Bei mir geht es nicht mehr so schnell. :) Probleme mit meinen motorischen Fähigkeiten von Armen und Händen. Die Wirbel 5 bis 8 sind jetzt an die reihe......
30. January 2018 at 11:56:20
Jens das habe ich fast 2 Jahre gehabt, aber von der Schulter aus, meine Nerven waren verkapselt und blockiert, 2 Operationen viel Hoffnung, dummes gequatsche der Ärzte, aber es ist ganz okay geworden, bei der Ju 88 G6 traue ich mich an Cockpit-Ätzteile, und es geht :) langsam , aber es geht :)
30. January 2018 at 12:11:22
Jens Endlich wieder eine Digicam :), Handybilder sind einfach nichts .... :)
Finally a digicam again :), mobile pictures are just nothing .... :)
8. February 2018 at 18:29:20
Stephan Ryll Looking good Jens - das sieht sehr gut aus :)
8. February 2018 at 19:00:57
Jens Thanks Stephan, FebruarFost need fostige pictures, the colleagues in Australia would be happy about a few degrees less :) Snow is also in our noses
8. February 2018 at 19:25:32
Bart Goesaert seem to have missed this one... nice temporary whitewash...
27. April 2018 at 14:19:09

Thank you, Bart, I am very happy if you like it :), that was my first attempt after the forced break, the next winter is sure, so may the Ju with the exhibitions :)
27. April 2018 at 15:33:36
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