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Alexander Aristides Cronvall (AAC)

Renault Alpine A110 1600S 1971 Monte Carlo O. Andersson D.Stone



1:24 Alpine Renault A110 (Tamiya 24278)1:24 Alpine A110 (Studio27 ST27-FP24136)1:24 Air Valve (Hobby Design HD07-0022)


25. December 2012, 22:35
Emil Stojanov
Very nice. I have this one also in my todo pile. Someday...
You did a nice job. Was the PE from S27 usefull?
25. December 2012, 23:31
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Thank you, i actually didn't have much use for this pe set. i only used the, brakes, number plates, seatbelts and some small interior parts. so it´s not really worth the price if i should be honest.
26. December 2012, 02:43
Steve Wilson
Excellent... Great example Alexander, look and learn kids :) :) :)
26. December 2012, 07:02
Tim Vereecke
26. December 2012, 07:14
26. December 2012, 12:57
Great! I love this kit. Great job on a beautifull car.
26. December 2012, 13:20
26. December 2012, 19:28
Dirk Heyer
I don`t know...
what happens that I have overseen this phenomenal nice little gem!!!
One of the best, my absolutely favorite sports cars....
Amazing realisation, fine finishing and a masterly clean built!
6 of 6 stars :) :)
28. June 2013, 14:14
28. June 2013, 16:02
Dirk Heyer
Now I have explored the air valves too! Holy Crap, very fine details.
I was thinking about them, adding those little gems on my RB6. But the exclusive trading price overwhelmed me! :)
But it looks great and is adding a lot of realism!
29. June 2013, 09:27
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
They look good but they are a pain in the *piiiip* to get them to cooperate :) but you shouldn't use the one i got on this one for the RB6. MFH got some great one for F1 cars, and Top Studio got some great wheel detail parts for it as well.
29. June 2013, 13:27
Dirk Heyer
Thx for the hints.
But have in mind, this is my very first car model and I paid so much for it. I`ll wait with all those fine upgrade parts, till I have more skills in this discipline like you and all the other Nerds! :)
29. June 2013, 13:44
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Yes, one thing at a time :)
29. June 2013, 14:27

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