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Eric Juvyns (denjuve)

Harrier GR3

Build almost straight from the box. Only adding some details in the cockpit and wheel wells.


6 | 30. May, 16:54
David Taylor
Just got this one Eric will be watching with great interest.
30. May, 17:30
So this is a Kinetic "Gold" kit. Would you say this is a more finely detailed plastic, or would I be wrong in thinking that. I could swear that somebody claimed that Kinetic "Gold" meant upgraded tools and improved detailing, but I still don't know for sure if this is really so.
6. June, 08:14
Eric Juvyns
IMO not a great kit. Not more detailed, just some more options. Soft and inconsistent panel lines. Not a great fit in certain areas, especial the wing to fuselage fit. Soft details. In this particular kit you get a lot of plastic. But a lot of parts are of former releases and can't be used. So you are left over with a lot of plastic. I bought this because I wanted a GR3 and as far as I know the Airfix kit is inferior to this kit. This kit certainly makes me think twice of buying another Kinetic kit.
That being said. I think it can be made into a decent model. So I'm sticking with it.
6. June, 08:39
David Taylor
I did my GR3 with the body of the Tamiya FRS1 kit and the nose of the Airfix kit which turned out all right.Got this one to build a GR1.
6. June, 13:45


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1:48 Harrier GR1/GR3 (Kinetic K48060)

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