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Eric Juvyns (denjuve)

Tamiya Zero

Started this one when it first came out in 2001. After a couple of weeks it ended on my big shelve of doom. Now, 13 years later I finaly finished it. This was my first try at chipping with Maskol. The technique worked verry well. I only went a little over board with the chipping. But in the end I'm happy with my rendition of a well used Zero.



7. December 2014, 14:28
Christian Ristits
Looks great Eric, the engine and weathering are both it was in combat some days ago ;)
7. December 2014, 14:34
Martyn Fox
Love the weathering,excellent work.
7. December 2014, 19:57
Eric Juvyns
Thx guys. Had a lot of fun with it.
9. December 2014, 15:42
Holger Kranich
Splendid work, Eric! Its a joy to watch it!
9. December 2014, 15:53
Rob van Dodewaard
looking great
9. December 2014, 16:22
Ulf Petersen
"Well used", indeed! That is a really spectacular look.
10. December 2014, 06:01
Soeren .
Really nice Zeke! Looks awesome :)
10. December 2014, 06:02
10. December 2014, 12:48
nice paint work
10. December 2014, 12:54
Aghis Barberopoulos
I like it as a built model, with nice engine details and overall assembly quality. Just one thing, if you don't mind: IJN Zeros' camouflage top coat NEVER chipped like this. Heavy chipping only applied to field applied top coats without primer application. Look at this zero relic with its primer still intact. I state this since many people have this misunderstood.
10. December 2014, 17:50
Eric Juvyns
Thx guys.
Aghis, apparently I'm one of those guys who misunderstood it. Learned something new. This was mostly an experiment in the use of maskol to achieve the chipping. Which for me was a succes. A bit overdone, but nevertheless a succes. Thx anyways for pointing it out. I'm keeping this in mind for a future Japanese build.
10. December 2014, 18:25
Cesar Muniz
amazing chipping work! well done! this would look greate too in one betty bomber!
10. December 2014, 20:42
Kerry COX
What reference pictures did you see for this much chipping mate ?
10. December 2014, 20:54
Cesar Muniz
this one looks very chipped to me.... may not look as chipped as the model but you got the idea....
11. December 2014, 09:06
Eric Juvyns
Kerry, I did'nt use any references for the chipping and weathering. Just had fun trying something new. And I really wanted to finish this one before it took another 13 years to finish it.
Thx Cesar for the link. Now I'm curiuous about the story of that Japanese fighter pilote.
11. December 2014, 11:39
Michel Huijghe
I love the sheme but I'm would make such a model but with AK Interactive.
See you on the modeling contest. :)
11. December 2014, 18:40
Bill Spargo
Great build, engine looks great
11. December 2014, 22:03

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