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A400M Revell

Some pics of the slow progress. I'm not putting to much effort in the interior but there has to be something to look at when one takes a peek inside. I was a little surprised of how much can be seen of the cockpit once instaled. So I have to put some more contrast in this area.


3. February 2012, 17:43
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Lionel Marco
Great painting job in the interior!

Have fun with your kit

4. February 2012, 07:48
Guillaume Friart
Great project. On the website airbus military you have some picture of the interior.
4. February 2012, 08:01
Thomas Mayer
Wow! I wished I could do shading as you show it here... Would you bother to explain how you do this?
4. February 2012, 08:11
Philip De Keyser
It looks great Eric, great paintjob on the inside and cockpit, looking forward to see more pics of this one, Greetz Phil
4. February 2012, 08:42
Tim Vereecke
love the interior! the curtains in the back of the cockpit. Is it 2D and painted as 3D?
4. February 2012, 09:19
Luc B
Nice work Eric!
5. February 2012, 12:14
Eric Juvyns
Thx everyone.
Tim, the curtains are 3D. But I put a wash on it and drybrushed it to bring it out some more.
5. February 2012, 12:52
Dirk Heyer
Hi Eric,
fine paintjob and a hard and rewarding work for all those little details. Looks realy good! It`s a huge bird, and unbelieveable but it is 1:72!!! Greetz Dirk
5. February 2012, 13:42
Tim Vereecke
hey Eric, love the curtains and the color variations/contrast.
5. February 2012, 13:45
Eric Juvyns
It has been a long time and progress is realy slow, but there is progress non the less. I detailed the engines a bit using pics I found onine. And for the first time I used Archer resin decals. And I must say they really work and look great. Now the engines are glued to the wing and I put the wing on the hull to have an impression of how it will look. Well it looks big, very big.
I'm still in the progress of detailing the ramp and all visible parts in the aft section. But I can't find really good pics of this section. So if there is someone out there who hase some good pics of the back entrance and is willing to share them please let me know.
That's it for now.
19. May 2012, 08:05
Dirk Heyer
Wonderfull work, Erik. I like the worn off colours on the step and the really busy paintjob of all the lashings on the groundfloor! Well done! Hope I can see this huge bird next harvest in Mol or in Eindhoven?
Greets Dirk
19. May 2012, 08:10
Holger Kranich
Hello Eric, you did a great job, so far! The images show clearly what a big bird this will become! How is the fit of the wings?
19. May 2012, 08:30
Philip De Keyser
This is indeed a big bird Eric, you did a great job so far, love the groundfloor, greetz Phil
19. May 2012, 11:42
Tim Vereecke
19. May 2012, 16:39
stefan natus
Nice painjob on the interior,love the rivets on the engines.
19. May 2012, 16:42
Eric Juvyns
Thx mates.
Dirk, I hope to make it in time for either Mol or Eindhoven. But I wouldn't hold my breath taking in to account my building speed. Maybe Lier would be a little more plausible.
Holger, the fit of the wings isn't that great. But with a little TLC it shouldn't be a problem. If I don't forget I will take some pics so you can judge for yourself.
20. May 2012, 07:10
Michel Huijghe

nice to see some advancements. Very well done.
I hope to see it finished at our anual modeling contest from KMK. 🙂

28. June 2012, 18:09
Bill Gilman
Beautiful work, can't wait to see it finished! 🙂
28. June 2012, 18:37
Eric Juvyns
Well, as you can see my build speed is slow to say the least. But I still manage to get som things done. I reached a milestone in the sence that the fuselage and wings are mated together. As you can see in the pics I opted to paint the fuselage and wings as seperate items. It's easyer to handle that way while spraying them. The next step is to blend the two together and paint the remaining part where the wing and fuselage meet. Also I put a coat of future on the wings, the fuselage is not treated with future at the moment.
Well, I hope to get this one finished this year :). Till the next update.
6. January 2013, 12:47
Burkhard D
Awesome! 👍👍👍
6. January 2013, 13:32
Lionel Marco
Great job!

The camo scheme looks very SEAC to me. Why do you choose this scheme?
6. January 2013, 13:49
Frank Krause
Hi Eric, great job! It's a pitty that after assembly of the fuselage you can't see much of the nice interior. Thanks for sharing your pics before you closed the halfs...! 🙂
6. January 2013, 14:09
Burkhard D
@Lionel: Looks like Force Aerienne Belge colors to me 🙂
6. January 2013, 15:30
Luc B
nice! 👍
6. January 2013, 17:10
Christian Lehmann
Look´s great.
6. January 2013, 17:16
Kevin Boodts
Love the rotorblades :)
6. January 2013, 18:42
Philip De Keyser
Looking awesome this great bird, nice Job Eric
6. January 2013, 19:08
Michel Huijghe
That's a long time!🙂 That's a BIG bird. Will it receives the Belgian cocardes?
Are you coming to the contest from Willebroek?
7. January 2013, 08:57
Holger Kranich
Just one word: AWESOME!
7. January 2013, 09:00
Mike Kryza
Very remarkable! 😄
7. January 2013, 09:03
stefan natus
Nice paint job!
7. January 2013, 10:40
Günther Debiscop
looking forward to see the finished product :-p
7. January 2013, 12:50
Dirk Heyer
Holy Crab, it is a truly monster!
Pic 10 suggests how large the entire model must be!!!!
Your achieved colour contrast is superb,I like it!
I will follow this threat to the end, doesn`t matter how long this takes! 🙂
7. January 2013, 13:29
Eric Juvyns
Thx everyone.
To give an answer to a couple of you guys it's going to be a BAF (Belgian Air Force) bird. I always liked the C-130's in SEAC and I thought this one would also look better in this sceme then in the overall grey sceme that they will propably be delivered in.
So it's something as a tribute to the 80's build.
Till the next update,
7. January 2013, 15:34
Guillaume Friart
Beautiful paint job. I hope to see the real in my hangar with this color in 2019. The grey schem is nice on the C130 with the differance shade but the vietnam color is very different.
7. January 2013, 20:48
Patrick Spitaels
First Time i see this one build, great job, specially your paint !
7. January 2013, 21:44
Eric Juvyns
Thx mates. At the moment I'm preparing the wing fuselage joint in order to start the final painting of this behemoth. This thing is realy big and I'm having problems handling it in my confined working space.
An other problem I'm fasing is that I don't know where I'm going to put it once it's done. My shelve space isn't big enough to handle this beast. But first I've got to finish it of course.
12. January 2013, 09:52
Burkhard D
Man, Airbus Military should love to display that one on their stand at LeBourget 🙂
12. January 2013, 14:52
Eric Juvyns
Well, that's it folks. Done and done. I'm glad I finished this beast. Only took me 13 months :). Could have done more weathering and detailing. But then I think I would have never finished it. It's no show stopper or contest model but I'm happy with it. Now.... where am I going to put it????? Damn, why do I love those big models....
Well, on to the next one. Tamiya 1/32 Mustang..... Kinetic S-2F Tracker.... Hasegawa F-22..... so much models, so little time. The story of my life.
10. March 2013, 08:50
Philip De Keyser
Great Job, did you see no contest model? this is deffenetly a contest model Eric! I love it, thanks for sharing this beast with us😉
greetz Phil
10. March 2013, 09:26
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Wow ,great color shades 👍
Did you the color rack in the background yourself ??.Iam searching for a rack like this.
10. March 2013, 09:43
Günther Debiscop
nice build :) mine will be the normal grey version and with the markings it will get...
10. March 2013, 11:55
congrats Eric! great camo scheme 🙂
10. March 2013, 11:58
Sebastijan Videc
Beautiful work! It's a shame we will probably only see them in boring gray
10. March 2013, 12:28
Michel Huijghe
Stunning A-400M. I'm glad you've finished it. When will it be displayed at a contest? And the SEA colors are great. Much better than the standard grey sheme which will be applied I think once delivered at BAF.
10. March 2013, 16:00
Dirk Heyer
A truly huge model!
I hope I can see this model in Mol! Would be great!
Clean skilful built, smooth paint job and a fine weathering that catch the interest of all viewer!
Thumb up!
10. March 2013, 19:08
Christian Lehmann
Amazing result. Congratz.
11. March 2013, 07:23
Eric Juvyns
Thx everyone :)
Markus, I build that rack many moons ago (must be 20 years old by now). I'm thinking of building a new and bigger one in the near future.
Dirk, I don't think you will see it at any contest. How do you transport such a beast??
11. March 2013, 10:16
Michel Huijghe
That's a pitty that you won't place it in contest. 🙂
11. March 2013, 11:52
stefan natus
Lovely work.
11. March 2013, 17:48
Dirk Heyer
@ Eric:
You asked me
How do you transport such a beast??

Easily answer: You sit down onto the wingcenter start the engines, take in the target next highway and drive to the expo!!! So easy it is.....
11. March 2013, 18:37
nice! 👍
11. March 2013, 20:25
Ray Seppala
Great built with a fabulous colour scheme!
1. October 2013, 05:38
Es-haq Khosravi
Well Done!!!
1. October 2013, 10:28
Dave Flitton
Just found this! What an inspiration for building my own.
9. June 2019, 19:46


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1:72 Airbus A400M "Grizzly" (Revell 04800)

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