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Mike Grant (Migrant)

Revell/Monogram B-17G

I built this over a decade ago, and there are many things I'd do differently now if I tackled this same project. At the time though I was really happy with it. It was the first major re-scribing job I did, and I added a lot of aftermarket, including True Details resin wheels, Squadron vac clear parts, Karaya metal gun barrels and a couple of Eduard photo-etch sets. Markings are my own.


1 | 16. January 2016, 21:43
Mats Bengtsson
This is a pure joy to watch (as all your models are). Excellent work Mike.
16. January 2016, 21:48
Ray Seppala
Looks great Mike, your models always look nicely finished, very 'tidy' if I must say 👍
16. January 2016, 22:43
16. January 2016, 23:43
John Thomas
Very nice work
16. January 2016, 23:54
Mike, once again an outstanding job! As Mats said, I love to watch you work, or at least to see your work! Keep on! R/ Dutch
16. January 2016, 23:57
Pascal GARAT
Stunning once again.
Well done Mike 👍
17. January 2016, 00:04
Soeren .
Amazing work Mike!
Can I ask you ve achieved the wood structure for the table? That is looking awesome! 🙂
17. January 2016, 00:10
17. January 2016, 00:14
Choppa Nutta
all round great
one to use as a building guide 🙂
17. January 2016, 01:48
Martyn Fox
Lovely job as usual Mike 👍
17. January 2016, 06:50
Bernhard Schrock
Very impressive!
17. January 2016, 11:37
Thomas Bischoff
This is great! The clear parts are incredible.
17. January 2016, 18:34
That's a master piece Sir, my hat down! That repaired wing gives a life-drive to whole model! 👍 👍 👍
17. January 2016, 19:13
Erik Leijdens
Again a masterpiece. Like it very much Mike 👍
17. January 2016, 20:53
Nice chipping and good enough to fly!
17. January 2016, 21:24
Rob van Dodewaard
Just one word Mike WOOOOOOOW. what a great build of a great plane
17. January 2016, 21:35
Mike Grant
Thanks a lot guys! 🙂
@Soeren I made a decal for the wood texture.
18. January 2016, 15:03
Holger Kranich
Hi Mike,

not the scale we normally see from you but great! The repaired wing gives some drama to it and i´m just a B-17G nerd😢 Love that plane and your work on it!
18. January 2016, 15:22
Marcel Klemmer
Mike, very impressiv!!! 🙂
18. January 2016, 20:22
Congratulations for this masterpiece Mike....Outstanding Work!!
11. April 2020, 02:06
Stunning work, Mike
11. April 2020, 03:15
Alex Rodionov

Great job.
11. April 2020, 08:03
Jos Jansen
Iam a jet builder....but what a great model, superb!
11. April 2020, 10:02
Impressive build!
11. April 2020, 18:36


1:48 B-17G Flying Fortress (Monogram 5600)1:48 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - PE exterior (Eduard 48533)1:48 B-17 E-G main wheel set (True Details 48010)1+

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