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Sid de Koning
Sid de Koning

Macky macht As uber das Meer



16 | 24. October 2020, 07:33
Erik Leijdens
Promising work so far. Following closely
4. November 2020, 22:56
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
10. November 2020, 02:36
that 1/4 panel makes a nice model to replicate in 1/48 🙂
30. December 2020, 21:44
Sid de Koning
It's very nice indeed! I wish there would be more of those.. only the 109 & 110 I know of.
31. December 2020, 07:37
4. January, 01:38
John G
Love you work on this Emil - very nice! I have a few Eduard 109s in the stash and almost bought a Royal Class, but on the aftermarket, they were just too expensive. If Eduard releases another one in the future, would you recommend buying one based on your experience with this?
15. July, 20:48
Sid de Koning
You can buy all the goodies (except for the present which is mostly not related to building) separately nowadays. The resin parts, photo-etch and masks for sure. Maybe even the decals. Or HGW even makes them! There is only the collectability that differs for their Royal boxings. Usually they don't release them again.
16. July, 05:50
Super clean and detailed build! 👍
16. July, 09:51
John G
Thanks for the additional information.
16. July, 19:20


1:48 Bf-109E (Eduard R0007)1:4 Bf 109E Instrument Panel Mask (Eduard BFC004)1:48 Johannes "Macky" Steinhoff (Possum Werks )

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