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Wilfried Bogaerts (Wolfpack)

WIP Heinkel He 111 H-6


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Wilfried Bogaerts
Yipee, new project on the workbench, Luftwaffe subject this time. More specifically a Heinkel He111 H-6 in 72nd scale from Hasegawa. First job is to prepare all parts needed for this specific variant, all parts look clean and detailed so let's start with the build. Most aircraft builds start with the cockpit and this one is no exception. We pimped the cockpit a bit with the door to the bomb bay, safety belts from Tamiya tape, 2 throttle levers and a small fire extinguisher. The cockpit assembly fits like a glove between the fuselage halves, so far no stress. The main wings, wheel bays and engine nacelles were treated next. The nacelles needed a slight amount of putty but maybe that's due to my own clumsyness. The seat for the dorsal gunner (just an ordinary lumb of plastic) was surgically removed and replaced by something a little more pleasing for the eye, plastic rod and Tamiya tape did the job here. Simple but effective. To conclude we fixed the tail wings, props and bombs, uneventful but the bombs needed a little more care compared to other subassemblies. That's it for now, see ya next time!
31. July 2018, 15:19
Watching !
31. July 2018, 17:14
Alec K
Looking excellent 👍
3. August 2018, 14:08
Wilfried Bogaerts
9 pics added. Despite the extreme heat some progress on the Heinkel 111. Interior airbrushed, some detail painting, some decals etc... Not much to say, let the images do the talking ...
7. August 2018, 09:23
Well done so far 👍
7. August 2018, 11:25
Dave Flitton
Excellent work so far! Watching with interest
7. August 2018, 11:52
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thank you Cuajete & Dave 🙂
7. August 2018, 18:18
Guy Rump
Lovely work so far, definitely watching.
7. August 2018, 20:10
Christian Lehmann
A bit late but I am in.
7. August 2018, 21:04
great interior 🙂
7. August 2018, 22:20
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Mates ! 🙂
8. August 2018, 07:57
Bryn Crandell
Super work so far. Watching this one for sure.
8. August 2018, 11:42
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Bryn 🙂
9. August 2018, 09:37
Wilfried Bogaerts
All major parts, fuselage halves, wings, tailplanes and canopy's are assembled permanently and cleaned up, the whole starts to look like an airplane! All transparant parts were masked with an Eduard masking set. The fit of these masks is amazing and makes this horror job almost enjoyable. I would never build an He111 without this masking set, that's for sure! Now a quick swipe with an (unused) paper tissue and pure alcohol to remove my greasy fingerprints and we are ready for the spray booth!
25. August 2018, 13:52
Nice updates!
25. August 2018, 17:03
Wilfried Bogaerts
8 pics added, paint works started. First came the canopy's. They received a coat of RLM66 Schwartzgrau, Gunze 416, after the masking job that is. Then the airbrush was loaded with RLM70 Schwartzgrün, Gunze H65, to paint props and spinners. The leftover paint was used for preshading the belly. Next colour was Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown (needed for another project) but once again the remainder of the paint in the airbrushcup was used for preshading the Heinkel's belly somewhat more. Next RLM65 Hellblau, Tamiya XF-23, enlightened with plain white and heavily thinned with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner, was misted over the complete underside. For more tonal variety some Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan was added and a marble coat was sprayed. After that a mist with pure RLM65 Hellblau was misted and the panel lines got some extra attention. Finally (sigh) RLM65 enlightened with white was sprayed on the center of the panels and the belly was considered done, fortunately cause I was getting convulsions in my right index finger...
2. September 2018, 09:44
2. September 2018, 10:00
Alec K
Great progress Wilfried. The lower surfaces look really nice 👍
2. September 2018, 12:16
Soeren .
Looking good and interesting pre shading technique
2. September 2018, 12:23
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Mates 🙂
2. September 2018, 18:12
Guy Rump
Very impressive progress. 🙂
3. September 2018, 16:01
Bart Goesaert
looks good so far...
4. September 2018, 07:21
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Guy & Bart 🙂
4. September 2018, 09:32
Wilfried Bogaerts
4 pics added. Did "some" masking, 2 minutes of airbrushing, removed the tape et voila, landing gear/wheelbays puffed with RLM02, Gunze H70. Now let's tackle the topside ...
30. September 2018, 19:39
Daniel Klink
looks perfect so far 👍
30. September 2018, 19:41
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Daniel, it's a great help that this kit is almost perfect, fit and panel lines are beautiful 🙂
30. September 2018, 19:52
Łukasz Gliński
Somehow I missed it till now, but it looks great 👍
1. October 2018, 07:16
It is coming along fine.
1. October 2018, 07:36
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Łukasz & Olly 🙂
1. October 2018, 11:06
Wilfried Bogaerts
After masking the belly, the upper surfaces received a coat of Tamiya XF-61 Dark Green (RLM71 Dunkelgrün) enlightened with approx 20% Gunze H311. Hereafter the Dark green was mixed with about 30% Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green and sprayed in the center of the panels, but without the effect I was after. More Yellow Green was added (60-70%) and again sprayed in patches, a little over the top but the effect will become (hopefully) more subtle after further weathering. After drying it was time for the Tamiya masking tape and the splinter camo was masked according to the Xtradecal decal sheet layout. The airbrush was loaded with Gunze H65 Black Green (RLM70 Schwartzgrün), once again enlightened with approx 20% Gunze H311, and sprayed. This mixture was now mixed with about 40% Yellow Green and sprayed randomly in the panels, followed by a very light mist of heavily thinned Tamiya XF-55 Deck Tan. The masking tape was removed and I was pleasantly surprised how it came out (except 1 nasty fingerprint but that will be easily fixed).
9. November 2018, 14:04
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Good work , following
10. November 2018, 06:33
Alec K
Excellent airbrush work 👍
10. November 2018, 12:38
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking Airbrush work, Wilfried! Looking forward to seeing it finished!
10. November 2018, 12:54
Roberto Rocat
Following 👍
10. November 2018, 13:39
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx a lot Mates ! 😳
10. November 2018, 13:51


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