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Wilfried Bogaerts (Wolfpack)

My Workshop

Hi S-Mates, here some pics of my workshop. I must admit I cleaned everything a couple of days ago. I try to keep my workbench as tidy as possible and normally after a building session I store my used tools etc back in the toolbox and closet. This has 2 reasons, I hate working on a cluttered workbench and second, every Friday is club night so I take my tools with me so everything needs to be packed anyway. Don't think this is a recipe for a good result, it's the modeller at the workbench who gets the result, NOT the workbench, as my output and building quality's are way inferior to the quality of my bench 😉

Some pics of the surrounding area and the garden are also included

Best regards to all of you !


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Stefan Schneider
Looks almost too clean 🙂
28. March 2012, 20:23
28. March 2012, 20:23
28. March 2012, 21:05
Patrick Duve
I like the trash can. Did you paint it? I also like the outdoor pics. It's nice to see where people work on models and where they live as well. We should all post some pics like this.
29. March 2012, 00:20
Bill Gilman
Very nice! You need to buy a surplus Martin-Baker ejection seat to sit on while you're modelling. 🙂
29. March 2012, 00:37
Petri Manninen
Nice workshop Wilfried. Makes me a bit envious to see so much room dedicated to modelling, since currently my modelling is done at the kitchen table =) (my 18 months old daughter hogged my modelling corner for her bed...)
29. March 2012, 04:38
Christian Lehmann
Hi Wilfried,
nice and spacy workshop. But where are the completed model kits? 🙂
29. March 2012, 05:54
Holger Kranich
Looks like a place i´d like to relax. Very clean and the trash-can it the burner!😢 Nice backyard though!!!
29. March 2012, 06:34
very nice workplace Wilfried, don't dare to show mine, it's a complete mess 🙂
29. March 2012, 07:29
Philip De Keyser
Nice workplace Wilfried, great place to relax, greetz Phil
29. March 2012, 08:58
This beautiful work place makes me really jealous 🙂 But I also miss the completed kits😉
29. March 2012, 17:59
Jan Goormans
and i can't see that big pile off kits you must have 😉
another room that serves a s a warehouse ?
29. March 2012, 18:05
29. March 2012, 18:07
Holger Kranich
Would be nice to add a "Workplace" to a particular profile, would´nt it?
29. March 2012, 18:14
Holger I will not show my MESS 🙂
29. March 2012, 18:30
Holger Kranich
Zimmi, you dont need to do that!😢
29. March 2012, 18:53
Bill Gilman
@Holger, I think that would be a great idea to add a workplace to our individual profile. Tim, what do you think?
29. March 2012, 21:29
Holger Kranich
I would like to do that...!
30. March 2012, 06:58
nice Idea, I added it to my todo list
30. March 2012, 06:59
stefan natus
Love your hobby room.
I stand at the same level as guido,computer and workspace at the same desk.
30. March 2012, 17:17
very nice work bench. very tidy 🙂
19. March 2017, 16:13
Rui S
Nice space 👍
Did you self made the all round stand or you bought it?
20. March 2017, 18:40
Wilfried Bogaerts
Thx Spanjaard & Rui S 🙂 @ Rui S The all round stand is selfmade to measure from wood bought in the DIY, firmly attached to the wall with big shelf supports. The computer desk and cabinets are IKEA. The computer desk is also attached to the wall with the same shelf supports as the all round stand and not with the IKEA supplied ground supports, to ease cleaning.
20. March 2017, 19:14
Rui S
Thanks mate.
Nicely done 👍
20. March 2017, 19:52
That looks a lot cleaner than my (work) office 🙂
20. March 2017, 20:01
Martin Oostrom
Couldn't resist adding my album with my workshop. Can't get a link though
20. March 2017, 20:10
just copy and paste from the browser😉 Redecorating My Workshop | Album by Mahoo76;
20. March 2017, 23:17

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