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Ronald Rozema (ronald1903)

Tu-95MS Bear

Trumpeter 1/72 Tu-95ms Bear straight out of the box on behalf of the decals, from Linden Hill "Heraldic Bears".
The bare metal is applied with Alclad. All other colors with Gunze acrillics.


6 | 3. January 2014, 20:16
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Paul Tomczak
Great paint job on that aircraft. It must be huge in 1/72 scale!
3. January 2014, 20:37
Roland Sachsenhofer
Wonderful work and in every sense very impressiv!
3. January 2014, 20:42
Ronald Rozema
Thanks! It's a nice kit to build and yes, it's quite big... The paintjob was a lot of work but turned out very nice in my opinion.
3. January 2014, 20:51
Wim van der Luijt
Something to be proud of!
3. January 2014, 20:53
damn, Superb!!
3. January 2014, 21:03
Albi Hitz
Wow! I agree with my other mates ... very impressive!
3. January 2014, 21:47
Christian Lehmann
Great paint job on this huge model.
3. January 2014, 22:09
3. January 2014, 23:03
Barry Lloyd
Nice metal finish, it looks great.
3. January 2014, 23:28
Bill Gilman
Very impressive - superb work! 👍
3. January 2014, 23:56
Eduardo Arguijo
excellent work, how was your model in the join points of the motor booms and the wings? I havent finished mine, half way there, but the work on that area was hell. It was not about filling... but chopping plastick chunks out of the motors... 🙁
4. January 2014, 00:06
Clifford Keesler
Beatifull Work.
4. January 2014, 00:09
Bill Davis
Impressive natural metal finish.
4. January 2014, 03:14
Gordon Sørensen
Fantastic! Great metal finish!
4. January 2014, 03:17
Vorya hidaryan
Excellent build.👍👍👍
4. January 2014, 07:55
4. January 2014, 09:25
Laurent GUTT
Great natural metal finish!! 😛
4. January 2014, 09:34
Ronald Rozema
Wow, thank you guys. @Eduardo: The wings are terrible indeed. The fit of the engines is very poor and the thickness of the wings doesn't match with the engines. I filled up the whole leading edge with with plastic card to meet the difference. When the engines were placed I smoothed the whole area and rescribed a lot of panellines because of all the sanding in that area.
4. January 2014, 09:58
Marc Schimmler
Really great work .. 1/72 Wooow
4. January 2014, 10:04
Michel Huijghe
Ronald WOW! I hope to see this one at a modeling contest!
4. January 2014, 10:55
Aghis Barberopoulos
Most impressive build!
4. January 2014, 12:33
Glenn Hancock
Fantastic work - you definitely have the patience to create a most realistic metal finish. She is a beauty! 🙂
4. January 2014, 12:54
Dirk Heyer
Looks great!
It`s a nice paintjob you did.
Very good requirements for the Pat Beentjes Award of the IPMS Netherland in Nijwejgen. 🙂
4. January 2014, 17:04
Francisco Colaço
Great work Ronald. 👍
4. January 2014, 18:58
Lionel Marco

After reading the problems you had with the kit, I understand why i is so seldom seen. And so it's not only because it's a big and expensive kit.

Congratulation for finishing it in such a beautifull way

5. January 2014, 06:16
Ronald Beelen
Very nice model! Impressive paintworK I have the same on my workbench. can't live up to these standards i think.
5. January 2014, 12:08
Eduardo Arguijo
Yes in deed, mine has been on the making for more than 5 years, that problem really slow me down. Plus the fuselage plastic is so thin that you have to reinforce a lot. It make you wonder about all other kits you don't see that often, like the b-1 or b-2, etc. @ronald: you took the other way on the cross road, whe I was faced in that particular choice of the placing of the motors, I decided to make them even by removing all the excess from the upper part of the motor to met the upper part of the wing because I felt adding plastic would misalign the motors, so I had to sand and sand and rescribe and rescribe.... It really got the mood out of building the model. Finally whe I wot it fairly to keep up the project I focused on the fuselage, but that's another story, I will start a project of it and explain all in there.... Great job again! It Gage's me strength to keep up mine.
5. January 2014, 12:19
Christian Bruer
big bird and a very clean and nice finish. Very very nice!
5. January 2014, 14:15
Kevin Foureman
Beautifully done!
5. January 2014, 14:46
Gerald Willing
nice work i like this great modell 👍
5. January 2014, 18:41
Christian Meyerhoff
Perfect metal finish on this beast! Outstanding work! Like every bit of it!
5. January 2014, 18:53
Ronald Rozema
Thank you all for your kind replies. For those who are interested, here is the complete building proces step by step, including the paintjob: http://www.opschaal.net/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=313
It's all in Dutch language...
Again, thanks for all the comments!
5. January 2014, 21:12
Christian Lehmann
I do not understand dutch but the photos are really impresive and display the poor fit as well as the painting procedure very well. Did I understand correct that you sprayed one alclad over the other? This build must have been a torture. Congratz that you finished this challenge.
5. January 2014, 22:02
Ronald Rozema
@Christian Lehman: I started with a black coat Gunze gloss black. Applied the Alclad on the whole model with polished aluminium. All the detail work is done without spraying a new coat of black, so yes, I sprayed one Alclad over the other. No problem.
12. January 2014, 11:03
Duncan Cook
Nice work Ronald.
12. January 2014, 12:45
Patrick Hagelstein
Ronald, de WIP link werkt niet meer. Kun je nog eens een link sturen waar dit beest in zijn ruwe vorm te zien is? 😉
16. June 2019, 04:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
A great and wonderful model! That is a real beauty- congratulations!
16. June 2019, 06:55
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Bear.
16. June 2019, 17:55
I agree with Roland and Clifford!
16. June 2019, 19:36
I would like to see some photos with natural lighting, at daytime, or a little brighter at least.
16. June 2019, 20:02
Urban Gardini
Now this is a beautiful Bear! Good work mate!
17. June 2019, 17:26
Gary Victory
Lovely Bear Ronald. Fantastic finish.
31. August, 07:32
Simon Nagorsnik
Big Thing and a Good work 👍
31. August, 08:02


1:72 Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H (Trumpeter 01601)

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