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6. November 2015, 22:41
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Christian Lehmann
After some sporadical work within the last weeks the last 3 days off from work gave the chance for some more intensive work on this project.
6. November 2015, 22:55
Stefan Schneider
Good job so far! 👍
7. November 2015, 06:58
Christian Lehmann
Thank you both. Today will be no progress. I have to renovate a room in the house
7. November 2015, 08:12
Philip De Keyser
Looks fantastic Christian. Great job on the cockpit and wheel base. 👍
7. November 2015, 10:59
Stefan Schneider
Some feedback on the quality of the kit and the fit of the associated aftermarket sets would be highly appreciated as I have most of them in my stash too. Happy renovation! 😉
7. November 2015, 12:10
Christian Lehmann
Well Stefan,
for the weel wells as well as for the cockpit it needs some adjustment work on the plastic parts. I used the original plastic parts as guidiance. Because I used the resin instrument panel the PE ones are not necessary to be used . Same is with the photo film for the instrument panel. But this doesnt matter because it includes no readable gauges. So a black painted gauge on thenresin part is o.k.. That is all I used of the additonal parts till now.
7. November 2015, 13:57
Christian Lehmann
Renovation is done. Two walls painted and TV as well asmsome relating furniture mounted at the wall. Will watch some hockey now.
7. November 2015, 18:00
Christian Lehmann
@ Stefan: Mittlerweile habe ich das Resincockpit eingebaut. Damit die Wanne vernünftig reinpasst, habe ich Seiten- und Rückwand soweit abgeschliffen, daß beide fast transparent waren . Das Hauptproblem ist aber, das Instrumentenbrett mit dem Teil, der unter der Windschutzscheibe liegt.Damit man dieses Teil einbauen kann, muß man ziemlich viel des Rumpfes wegschnitzen, weil sonst die Mittelkonsole den Platz für den Steuerknüppel verbaut und der Bereich unter der Windschutzscheibe zu hoch kommt, sodaß die Scheibe nicht mehr draufpasst. Abhilfe wäre eine Vacuscheibe, da die eine geringere Materialstärke aufweist oder tiefersetzen des entsprechenden Bereiches, was allerdings zu großen Spalten führt, die verspachtelt werden müssen. Mangels Vacuhaube habe ich mich für letzteres entschieden. Wenn ich das nochmal machen würde, würde ich das PE Teil des Amaturenbeettes verwenden.
28. November 2015, 21:12
Dave Flitton
29. November 2015, 00:34
Stefan Fraundorfer
Wheel wells and cockpit are very nice. I'm in and looking forward to see your progess. The best wishes for the contest.
29. November 2015, 08:44
Stefan Schneider
Danke für das feedback! Wenn ich mir die Bilder so ansehe denke ich aber, dass sich der Aufwand lohnen wird! Sieht toll aus bislang. Bin weiter gerne dabei 👍
29. November 2015, 08:58
Christian Ristits
Oh Yes, I am definitely in!
29. November 2015, 10:20
Christian Lehmann
After some weeks with less motivation I did some work on it; especially for the landing gear the instruction is unclear and the build needs a lot of research to avoid mistakes
30. December 2015, 17:04
Christian Lehmann
Thank's Guido!
30. December 2015, 21:25
Christian Lehmann
@all Mig experts: Does somebody of yoj know if the lower air brakes fall down because a loss of hydraulic preasure when the plane is parked or not?
30. December 2015, 21:29
It has been known, depends on how long its been standing.. a look on airliners.net might find you a picture to prove it.
31. December 2015, 00:13
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Augie is right, lower airbrakes drop when the aircraft is parked for some time.... But most of the times are dropped just a bit, are seldom seen fully deployed ,,,, don't overdue it ,,,,,
Lower petals of exhaust also drop ,,, buts that's more tricky to represent.

Nice work so far, congrats!!!!
1. January 2016, 12:01
Stephan Ryll
This is a n awsome build - had a 23 back in the early 80th.- saw one once with a big stream of smokte from the engine
5. January 2016, 21:48
Christian Lehmann
@Stephan: This meas you were a pilot at the NVA\LSK?
The build is especially awesome because of the fitting and quality problems of this kit which needs a lot of sanding.
6. January 2016, 10:18
Melf Boyens
I admire your work taking into consideration that all is in 1:72 scale which means f..ing small , i would not even hav the interest to detail landing gear and wheel bay you did it, i Salute you my friend!
6. January 2016, 10:31
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Melf. This was planned when I started with the idea to build this plane. It was only possible because I had the oportunity to take some close up pictures when I visited the Junkers Museum in Dessau 3 years ago. Nevertheless I took not all necessary details and have to thank a modeller in Vienna who provided me some pic of the nose landing gear.
6. January 2016, 11:48
Bart Goesaert
nice build so far... an excellent eye for detail
6. January 2016, 11:58
Stephan Ryll

No I wasn't a pilot
I saw that bird up in the sky when I was travelling to Berlin in the early 80th
After that "meeting" I had to get a model of it 🙂
6. January 2016, 16:19
Christian Lehmann
Some progress pics added. Lot of sanding and putty work around the air intakes
10. January 2016, 17:04
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Ouffff ,,, it seems that this bird needs a lot of filler ,,,,,
10. January 2016, 19:39
Christian Lehmann
Indeed it does, especially at the connection between the intakes and the fuselage as well as at the rear joints of the fuselage. The joint of the fin needs also some filler, but this is no problem. I used Mr. Surfacer 500 which can be whipped off with the thinner.
10. January 2016, 20:02
Christian Lehmann
Exactly Guido. You know how it works.😄 You have to do different filling and sanding loops until it is o.k.
Also it has to be taken care not to ruin all the pannellines and rivets.
10. January 2016, 21:27
Bill Gilman
Excellent work so far, Christian! I have one of the RV MiG-23 kits in my stash, now I know what to look forward to! 🙂
10. January 2016, 23:12
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Bill. They look good in the box but need a lot of attention .
11. January 2016, 06:20
Christian Lehmann
Demotivated by the bad quality I decided today tonput the project "on hold"
23. January 2016, 14:35
Burkhard D
Awww, I was just about to follow. 🙁
23. January 2016, 14:56
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Ohhhhh,,,, sad to hear that
23. January 2016, 18:51
Stefan Fraundorfer
Schade Christian! Auf den Fotos schaut es so aus, als ob die meiste Spachtel- und Schleifarbeit schon getan wäre.
23. January 2016, 22:49
Christian Lehmann
No problemo Julian. Voy a terminar lo una otra vez.
23. January 2016, 22:51
Christian Lehmann
@Stefan: Bin aber mit dem Resultat noch nicht zu frieden. Brauche mal wiedef ein Erfolgserlebnis. Werde erst mal mein Comming Home Diorama etwas pimpen. Habe auch noch ne Idee für ein Star Wars Dio. Vieleicht ziehe ich das erst Mal vor. Seit dem Film und mit den ganzen neuen, tollen Bandai kits bin ich heiß darauf was aus diesem Sujet zu bauen.
23. January 2016, 22:58
Bart Goesaert
too bad, but maybe some time off will get this kit with all the effort you've done so far out of the freezer...
25. January 2016, 10:36
Christian Lehmann
I´ll do this for sure.
25. January 2016, 11:44
Soeren .
Really nice progress so far! Count me in 🙂
25. January 2016, 12:07
Christian Lehmann
I started a try today in order to finish this project
17. August 2019, 16:11
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Good news ... Go for it ,,, I'm in
17. August 2019, 16:19
Bart Goesaert
nice work so far, hope to see it finished
28. August 2019, 12:44
Christian Lehmann
@ Bart: It will be finished. It is only a Question of time. Last week it slipped off my hand and impacted at the desk with the result that the fuselage cone broke off. It is repaired now and the horizontal stabilizers are glued. I hope to get it finished for painting this weekend.
28. August 2019, 21:22
Sergej I
Watching, nice little bird!
28. August 2019, 22:13
Bart Goesaert
Little bummer, but when it can be repaired...
3. September 2019, 15:22
Łukasz Gliński
Bit late, but joining too.
3. September 2019, 19:27
Christian Lehmann
I started painting; some new pics added
28. September 2019, 22:33
Stephan Ryll
Looking very good Christian 👍
8. October 2019, 17:20
Oleg Bogolei
Nice progress for the not easy model
8. October 2019, 17:54
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Stephan.
8. October 2019, 17:59
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Oleg. You´re Right! The unassembled kit looks very nice in the box but the build is really a challenge.
8. October 2019, 18:03
Andy Ball
you're building a classic here, lovely super detailing and a great subject too!
8. October 2019, 21:48
I need to know the finish. Well done so far.
8. October 2019, 22:05
Christian Lehmann
Thank you mates.
9. October 2019, 08:58
Bart Goesaert
bit of a bummer with the decals, but will turn ok. Nice camouflage by the way...
9. October 2019, 14:16
Christian Lehmann
@ Bart: The decal issue is fixed meanwhile but I have not taken a Foto yet. I also like the comouflage. I have an Eduard 1:48 scale mig 21 in my stash that will get the same camo.
9. October 2019, 20:13
Christian Lehmann
I declare it finished!
15. October 2019, 20:14
Andy Ball
Terrific work! Love the scheme too!
16. October 2019, 07:14
Holger Kranich
Hey Lemmy, and again a superb build comes from your bench! I immedeately fell in love with the cockpit!
16. October 2019, 07:19
Harry Eder
Super Christian! 👍 Cool to see it finished! Maybe live in Ried? 😉
16. October 2019, 09:47
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Andy and Holger for your Kind comments.
16. October 2019, 10:06
Christian Lehmann
@ Harry: you will see it in Ried next Weekend.
16. October 2019, 10:07
Holger Kranich
Dann mußt Du aber noch mal an das rechte Hauptfahrwerk ran. Das Rad steht nicht in Flucht.😉
16. October 2019, 11:26
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Looks cool ! Fidel approved :-D
16. October 2019, 11:32
Harry Eder
So looking forward to Ried! And: Holly is right! The right main landing gear is tilted. 😉
16. October 2019, 11:45
Christian Lehmann
@Holger & Harry: Das täuscht durch die Fotoperspektive ( keine Ahnung, wie man das auf englisch schreibt) 😄
16. October 2019, 19:42
Łukasz Gliński
That's a real high Fidelity result, Christian 👍
16. October 2019, 19:45
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Lukasz 👍
16. October 2019, 20:29
Bart Goesaert
17. October 2019, 06:26
Hello Christian, what should one write there, Klein Fein extra class 👍 👍 👍 the Cuban scheme and the colors make of each MiG something special, but what you do again and again from the models is absolute creative art
17. October 2019, 06:40
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Bart.
17. October 2019, 07:55
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Jens. This will definitly not be the last Cuban plane to be build (L-39, Mig-21, Mustang, ... 😄).
17. October 2019, 07:56
Christian Lehmann
@Harry and Holger: I checked it today and indeed there was a little misalignment. But it is fixed yet.
17. October 2019, 16:17
Dave Flitton
Well done! I like it a lot!!
17. October 2019, 17:28
Sebastijan Videc
Really nice Flogger!
17. October 2019, 19:03
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Dave.
17. October 2019, 20:40
Christian Lehmann
Thank you Sebastijan but it is a hell of a kit. Not easy to build.
17. October 2019, 20:42
Sebastijan Videc
Yeah, I've heard so. Have one in my stash waiting for "better" times.
18. October 2019, 06:54
Oleg Smilyk
Amazing Mig!
18. October 2019, 16:01
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Oleg.
19. October 2019, 08:54
Christian Lehmann
The Mig get a bronce medal at Euromodel Ried this weekend
20. October 2019, 22:01
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Congrats Christian !
21. October 2019, 02:01
Harry Eder
Congratulation Christian! 👍
21. October 2019, 06:10
Andy Ball
Well deserved!
21. October 2019, 07:12
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s mates
21. October 2019, 07:15
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, congratulations 👍
21. October 2019, 07:55
Congratulations! Wonderful colours and details.
21. October 2019, 15:05
Thomas Bischoff
Congrats to bronze! Well deseved It's a great buköd
21. October 2019, 15:13
Stephan Ryll
Congrats Christian 👍
21. October 2019, 15:24
Oleg Smilyk
It's incredible work, Christian!
21. October 2019, 18:11
Christian Lehmann
Thank you all for your kind words
21. October 2019, 18:29
Fantastic job. Well deseved medal. Congrats!
21. October 2019, 21:11
Patrick Hagelstein
Wow! Congratulations! 👍
21. October 2019, 23:21
Bill Gilman
Very nicely done! Congrats on the award.
28. October 2019, 22:25
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Bill
29. October 2019, 05:33


1:72 MiG-23MF Flogger-B (R.V.Aircraft 72026)1:72 MiG-23 (Flogger) - Pitot Tube (Master AM-72-040)1:72 MiG-23 (R.V.Aircraft RVD 72007)6+

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