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Christian Lehmann (Lemmy)

Count Dooku


21 March 2014, 22:44
Jermaine Hoskin
Very good, I love that cape!
21 March 2014, 23:37
Steve Wilson
Did you set out intending it to look like Christopher Lee the actor???
Because it most certainly does!!! Excellent I really do like it🙂
I can see your deep in concentration so I'll let you get on with it😄👍
22 March 2014, 07:51
Philip De Keyser
Wonderfull Christian 👍
22 March 2014, 07:58
Christian Lehmann
Thank's mates. I am pleased that you like it.
@Steve:I am not realy a figure painter but I have to agree. It realy does but this result is only possible becase this figure is sculptured in a very impressive way. This made it more easy to get this result.
Next step will be to look for an adequate base.
22 March 2014, 08:06
Steve Wilson
I agree sculpting helps😢
But the the overall outcome/effect is down to you the artist...
I've seen a beautifully sculpted figure turn out looking like the back end of a Bus smacked by a truck, just because the painter couldn't paint.
Never demean your work Christian😄👍 75% is down to you being able to paint!!!8)
22 March 2014, 08:47
Outstanding !!
22 March 2014, 10:28
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Augie
22 March 2014, 21:44
Christian Lehmann
Meanwhile I get a base for it. Now it is realy finished.
20 April 2014, 17:00
Mike Kryza
👍 No more words😉
20 April 2014, 17:12
Marina K.
Lemmy - ich bin stolz auf Dich😉 (I'm proud of you)
20 April 2014, 17:22
Stefan Fraundorfer
Great! I like it.
20 April 2014, 17:28
Christopher Bowling
Wonderful job Christian.
20 April 2014, 17:42
Fantastic ! Can I have some of your talent 😄
20 April 2014, 18:07
Christian Lehmann
Thank you all.
@Marina: A good teacher helps a lot 😉 The next figure (Anakin) is under construction
20 April 2014, 18:26
Jonns Pfeiffenberger
da bin ich ja froh, das er doch noch ein gutes Ende gefunden hat 👍 🙂
20 April 2014, 21:25
Christian Meyerhoff
Lemmy, möge die Macht mit Dir sein! Top Arbeit!
20 April 2014, 21:28
Christian Lehmann
Danke . Je tzt steht er sicher verwahrt in der Vitrine
20 April 2014, 21:36
Christian Meyerhoff
That`s nice! 🙂
20 April 2014, 21:43

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This ths second project I built during the 2 nd Anual Scalemate Meeting at Wangerooge

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70mm Count Dooku (Knight Models KST009)

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