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Christian Lehmann (Lemmy)

"Pit Stop", Stab I./SG2, Hungary, Winter 1945


2 | 28. July 2012, 18:17
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Christian Lehmann
Thanks Guido
28. July 2012, 21:17
Philip De Keyser
this is looking very well Christian, I'm tuned, looking forward to the next pix, greetz Phil
28. July 2012, 22:11
Sweet... love the weathering
28. July 2012, 22:15
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s but I think I will rework the weathering a little bit. At the moment it displays the skills I had 10 to 15 years ago. But this will happen at the end of this project when I have to adapt it to the dio.
28. July 2012, 22:30
Dirk Heyer
Hi Chris,
well done winter camo and a smooth paint-job. I like Dio`s with an cold winter atmosphere and muddy accessories! Great stuff!
28. July 2012, 23:07
Christian Lehmann
Pics of the figures which are intended to be used added. Also a pic of the Kettenkrad that has been built some years ago to be used on this dio. It will be reworked by using some parts of the Hauler Photo etch fred ( Mr. Tamiya forgot the the shifting levers for exymple). The driver ghas been built by using the original Tamiya figure. It will also be created a mechanic that enters the cockpit ( driver of the old SMA Kettenkrad)
29. July 2012, 14:39
Philip De Keyser
The figures are looking great Christian, did you have some surgery on one of them? ,)
Greetz Phil
29. July 2012, 14:59
Christian Lehmann
The mechanic on the last 3 pics is not ready yet. I changed position of his arms and one leg . He also get a new hat. Tomorrow I will have to do some sculpture work on it.
29. July 2012, 15:03
Christian Lehmann
@Phil🤔urgery completed ( see pics 13 to 15)
30. July 2012, 15:10
Philip De Keyser
Hi Christian, the mechanic looks great, well done, greetz Phil
30. July 2012, 15:25
stefan natus
Hey chris maybe you can throw in some cats instead of a dog 🙂.
31. July 2012, 09:42
Christian Lehmann
a frozen cat or a (duffy) duck 🙂 :_)
31. July 2012, 10:44
Christian Lehmann
Built the starter car today, 4 pics added
31. July 2012, 19:15
Wilfried Bogaerts
Looks very yummy, Lemmy, keep goin' ! 🙂
31. July 2012, 19:26
Mike Kryza
The starter car looks like a real one -
1. August 2012, 07:02
Philip De Keyser
The starter car looks great Christian, what's next? greetz Phil
1. August 2012, 07:56
Holger Kranich
Lemmy, i dont know how you do this, but it looks absolute fantastic to me!!!
1. August 2012, 09:38
Vitor Costa
Hi Christian amazing job! 🙂
1. August 2012, 09:43
Dirk Heyer
Ho Chris,
do you really use the Reheat figure together with the Hecker & Goros figure??
And your weathering of the starter trolley looks great!!
1. August 2012, 10:34
Christian Lehmann
Thanks for the kind comments mates.
@ Dirk: No Reheat figures; the barrel roling are CMK, the driver is the modified Tamiya driver, the other two mechanis are from SMA. Maybe you remember that there was a time when nearly no 1/48 figures or cars but the old Bandai where available. At that time (15 to 20 years ago) SMA produce a Kettenkrad ( resin/lead) which I did not fished when the Tamyia was available. The strong modified mechanic ( he will enter the cockpit) was the driver for this SMA Kettenkrad. The pilot is the well known H&G figure.
1. August 2012, 11:12
Christian Lehmann
@ Phil: next will be to modify the nearly finished Kettenkrad by using some parts of the Hauler photoetch fred.
1. August 2012, 11:13
Christian Lehmann
Some pics of the Kettenkrad added; Two show the PE parts used for improvement, the rest show the improved and wheatered KK ( mud and snow are sill missing)
3. August 2012, 14:08
Norman Gruss
Very nice Fw 190, amazing paint job!
3. August 2012, 14:14
Philip De Keyser
Looks great Christian the improvement of your KK, it will be great with the mud and snow on it, looking forward to it, greetz Phil
3. August 2012, 15:31
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s guys
3. August 2012, 16:18
Christian Lehmann
Finished the bomb trolley today. Will start withe the landscape today
10. August 2012, 16:21
Holger Kranich
The trolley looks really good, great job!
10. August 2012, 16:36
10. August 2012, 19:46
Philip De Keyser
Nice trolly Christian, I see that the next will be the landscape, I'm tuned, can't wait to see some pix of the landscape, greetz Phil😉
10. August 2012, 21:33
Vitor Costa
Every think is very good, waiting for more 🙂
10. August 2012, 21:37
Christian Lehmann
Started to build the landscape; It was snowing today. tis is just the start. Needs some fine tuning.
15. August 2012, 20:48
Dirk Heyer
Poor guys there in Bavaria! Snow in the midsummer..... :/
Here in Hessen it is sunny and warm 🙂
15. August 2012, 20:50
Wilfried Bogaerts
Beautiful ! This is going to become another masterpiece Lemmy !
15. August 2012, 20:50
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s wilfried.
@ Dirk: Here we also had more than 30° today and a labour free day in some regions. So building a winter dio is like an air condition 🙂
15. August 2012, 20:54
Kurt Van Breda
me wanna have too
15. August 2012, 20:58
Dirk Heyer
🙂 🙂 🙂
I agree with Willy!
Another masterpiece out of Lemmys workshop!
10 of 10 points from Hessenland! 🙂
15. August 2012, 20:59
Christian Lehmann
Dirk please do no understate your skills 😉
15. August 2012, 21:00
Philip De Keyser
Great start Lemmy, I'm agree with Dirk, another masterpiece from lemmy, I need some aircontion to ,)
Greetz Phil
15. August 2012, 21:02
Dirk Heyer
I don`t do so...
Really not!!!!
I do only a Hobby as all of you and with the same passion as you and all other mates here.

15. August 2012, 21:03
Christian Lehmann
@ Phil: Is as hot in belgium?
@Dirk:I agree 100%
15. August 2012, 21:09
Philip De Keyser
Hi Christian, 30°, I'm melthing away 🙁
15. August 2012, 21:12
Wilfried Bogaerts
Waaaaay to hot for me 🙁 And forecast for the weekend: BAKING AND ROASTING
15. August 2012, 21:14
Aghis Barberopoulos
Nice little kettenkrad! I like the dynamic look of the scene.
15. August 2012, 21:15
Christian Lehmann
The last hot days of the year. I also don´t have an air condition but fans on the ceiling in most of the rooms; somthing I adopted from Cuba
15. August 2012, 21:17
Dirk Heyer
I was the last 20 minutes in the Botanical Garden. A loud Wammmm and a 30 m Oak is fallen down!! We will have a lot of work tomorrow!!
15. August 2012, 21:24
Wilfried Bogaerts
any damage on your models ???
15. August 2012, 21:28
Dirk Heyer
Nope.. 🙂

15. August 2012, 21:29
Dirk Heyer
The garden is beside my home but the oak is about 100m away!
15. August 2012, 21:31
Wilfried Bogaerts
ah ok, so you will have plenty of quality wood for the fireplace during winter 🙂
15. August 2012, 21:33
Dirk Heyer
Oh yes, I have a fireplace in my bureau. But I sell normally about 80 % of our wood!
15. August 2012, 21:37
Vitor Costa
That is going to be a very nice diorama 🙂 are you going to put some "snow" on the vehicles?
15. August 2012, 22:57
Christian Lehmann
@ Guido:Thank´s for the kind coment. Yes in deed, I alwas try to build up dios to tell something like a story. Tis dio will have the same size as the UHU dio ( so I can transport both in one box)
@ Wilfried: No damaged vehicles but the sleigh in front is broken apart
@Vitor: On the vehicles yes but not on the plane because nobody will use a plane full of snow. So mabe I need some removed canvas or someting like this but this will be part of the fine tuning
16. August 2012, 10:30
Vitor Costa
Ok, i think i will like it even if there is no snow on the aircraft 🙂
16. August 2012, 11:38
Christian Lehmann
I started Fine tuning today; 4 new pics added
16. August 2012, 15:58
stefan natus
Great work chris,forget about the cats you need to get a mule.... 🙂
16. August 2012, 16:25
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi Lemmy !
Very fine dio.Snow looks great an the rest too!
16. August 2012, 16:28
Christian Lehmann
And still under construction
16. August 2012, 16:30
Steve Wilson
I'm particularly impressed with your snow, not to take away praise for your builds, which are all excellent. But I'd love to know how you achieved that snow...
16. August 2012, 17:04
Bill Gilman
How did I miss this one? This is a gold medal winner! 🙂
16. August 2012, 17:44
Aghis Barberopoulos
I like the snow too! What is it ?
16. August 2012, 18:34
Kurt Van Breda
OK, listen carfully. A tip for all you guys: snow is frozen water 🙂 😉
No serious, how did you do this, very nice dio
16. August 2012, 18:37
Bill Gilman
Kurt, I thought ice was frozen water. Now I'm all confused!! 🙂
16. August 2012, 20:23
16. August 2012, 20:26
Christian Lehmann
Thanks for your kind comments mates. I have to state that it is the first time that I try to build something with snow. I used a product called "Rast Deranauo" as base and artifical snow from "Woodland Scenics"
16. August 2012, 21:03
Steve Wilson
Thanks for that Christian, such an obvious simple answer, which is normally the way with these situations. I've noted this technique. Thanks again Christian...
16. August 2012, 21:51
Christian Lehmann
Youre welcome 🙂
16. August 2012, 21:55
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Pic 31
Du weisst wie man es machen muss!Die Rundung in der oberen Hälfte(Schneeverwehung)bricht das ganze auf.Gutes Auge!!
16. August 2012, 22:01
Christian Lehmann
Hi Markus: 🙂 🙂 Ich weis nicht genau was du meinst🙂 🙂; Die Idee war, daß in der Ebene Schnee zu einer Schutzbox geschoben wurde und es darüber Neuschnee gab; aber auf einer weißen Fläche ist es sehr schwer Kontrast zu erzeugen ( in Realität und beim Fotografieren)
16. August 2012, 22:09
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Ich würde dem habkettenfahzeug noch en bischen mehr drive in richtung Focke geben .
Nur en bischen mehr !
16. August 2012, 22:25
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Pic 33
Versteh mich nicht falsch,aber es sieht so aus als würd das halbkettenfahrzeug die jungs mit den benzinfässern rammen.En tick weiter in einer leichten kurve nach links in diesem bild!
Nix für ungut!
16. August 2012, 22:29
Christian Lehmann
Zu späät. Kann bestenfalls noch den Lenker drehen. Darf ja auch nicht direkt drauf zu fahren, da die Ladung davor geliefert werden muß - also eine Kurve gefahren werden muß. Mal schauen was ich noch machen kann ohne alles zu ruinieren. Von Vorne gesehen sieht ers irgendwie anders aus als von oben 🙂 🙂
16. August 2012, 22:30
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
No Problem ,man!
So wie ich dich kenne wirst du das allerbeste daraus machen!🙂
16. August 2012, 22:33
Christian Lehmann
Der stärkere gibt nach und bremst oder der schwächer gibt Gas 🙂
16. August 2012, 22:34
Christian Lehmann
@ Markus: Just cecked that the handle bar can be turned to the left.
@ Guido: Good idea 🙂 but the driver has both hands on the handle bar
16. August 2012, 22:43
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
cool idea @guido
or like the rapper slogan "Everybody Jump"🙂
16. August 2012, 22:44
Christian Lehmann
Sorry Markus. I dont know this slogan. Real music needs two guitars one base guitar and drumms => Metal or how Lemmy always says: We are M..... and we play Rock´n Roll 😉
16. August 2012, 22:54
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Ich bin mit dir einer meinung.Doch der "Crossover "hat viel versaut im Metal!!😉
666 the Number of the Beast only rules
16. August 2012, 23:06
Christian Lehmann
You can see the driver on pic 6; Meanwhile it is ready for painting. But meanwhile I turned the I turned the handle bar to the left ( I hope the driver still fits 🙂)
17. August 2012, 13:28
Holger Kranich
@Guido, Markus and Lemmy: Would be great to visit an Maiden concert with you all! Preband could be Metallica or AC/DC but thats not sooo important. I imagine us, hanging yell together: Aces High or Flight of the Icarus😢😢
17. August 2012, 13:39
Dave Flitton
Awesome vignette. Can't wait to see it completed!
17. August 2012, 13:43
Christian Lehmann
I´ll start painting the figures today
17. August 2012, 13:45
Dave Flitton
Well, don't hurry on my my account......wait...go ahead and hurry. I want to see what other masterpieces you come up with.
17. August 2012, 13:48
Christian Lehmann
It was scheduled to start with it today. Vacation will end on moinday and ime for modelling will be less 😉
17. August 2012, 13:56
Christian Lehmann
First figure finished. It seems that I have to lighten the color of the neck. The foto shows that it stayed darker than the face.
19. August 2012, 18:02
Christian Lehmann
The rest of the figures need only the belts and boots to be painted. this will need some time because I prefer oil paint for this.
19. August 2012, 18:05
Mike Kryza
The Dio looks very fine again - and tomorrow we had to work again very hard 🙂
Vacation is over...😉
19. August 2012, 18:30
Christian Lehmann
Unfortunately yes
19. August 2012, 18:37
Christian Lehmann
Painting of the figures is finished
21. August 2012, 18:29
Christian Lehmann
Pic of the figures added
21. August 2012, 18:32
Aghis Barberopoulos
Great figures! Home made ?
21. August 2012, 18:57
Christian Lehmann
All are bought but two are modified . Please watch pic 7, 10 and 12
21. August 2012, 19:04
Philip De Keyser
This is gone be a great looking dio Lemmy, the figures are great, greetz Phil
22. August 2012, 11:17
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s mates
22. August 2012, 11:41
Bill Gilman
Very nice indeed!
22. August 2012, 12:36
Vitor Costa
Hi Christian, it was snowing when you did this? 🙂 Getting better and better. Awaiting for more 🙂
22. August 2012, 13:01
Christian Lehmann
Hi Vitor it was only snowing on the dio base. Outside were approx 30 °C
22. August 2012, 15:47
Frank Krause
Wow, Christian! So many details nicely executed and painted. Top!
22. August 2012, 15:54
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s for your kind comment Frank.
22. August 2012, 16:46
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Great ,Lemmy !
Looking forward to the final result.Again,the snow looks very "cool" 🙂
22. August 2012, 17:26
Christian Lehmann
Hi Mates, today I put all components on the base together for the first time to get an impression of the whole scene. 3 new pics added
22. August 2012, 19:02
stefan natus
Great work chris,its gonna be beautiful when finished.
23. August 2012, 17:02
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Stefan, I also hope so
23. August 2012, 17:38
Christian Lehmann
It is finished. New pics added
26. August 2012, 11:38
Dirk Heyer
Impressive, and in that case finished in short time! Wow! And the result is stunning. The atmosphere is closely and coherent.
Furthermore a brilliant aircraft diorama out of Bavaria! 🙂
26. August 2012, 11:48
Jan Goormans
cool 🙂
excellent dio !!
26. August 2012, 11:55
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Jan and Dirk for your kind comments.
@ Dirk: high speed build was possible because i kept in mind to build this kind of diorama when I built the FW 10 to 15 years ago. The half track was also build 2 or 3 years ago with the intention to use it for this dio. So effective work now was to build the bomb handling trolley, the starter car, building and painting the figures as well as building the "landscape".
26. August 2012, 12:07
Vitor Costa
Very good diorama, congratulations.
26. August 2012, 13:57
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Vitor
26. August 2012, 19:52
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Guido. I am pleased that you like it. I looks better in reality than on the photos. Alll the bright surfaces do not make it easy to take significant photos.
Greetz Lemmy
26. August 2012, 21:50
Christian Lehmann
Thank you Michael
27. August 2012, 16:21
stefan natus
Great job chris!
27. August 2012, 18:20
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s but without duck 🙂
27. August 2012, 19:11
28. August 2012, 17:18
Juergen Klueser
Great job! (Mann ist die cool 🙂
28. August 2012, 18:37
Christian Lehmann
Danke Juergen. Bist du im Oktober in Erding?
28. August 2012, 19:53
Juergen Klueser
Das klappt leider nicht. Aber in Bühl. Da stellen wir "100 Jahre Geschichte der türkischen Luftfahrt" aus.
1. September 2012, 08:59
Christian Lehmann
Schade, da hätten wir uns mal kennenlernen können.
1. September 2012, 11:29
Christian Lehmann
I am always thinking about improvements on my dios. Today I built a wooden amunition box. It will be placed on the backseat of the half track. First paint on this box has been done. The paint has to dry overnight.
1. September 2012, 20:58
Gerald Willing
Nice Airplane , nice Work 🙂
1. September 2012, 21:08
Vitor Costa
Hi Christian, that is an very original diorama, its also very well done and realistic, congratulations. 🙂
2. September 2012, 10:50
Christian Lehmann
Gerald and Vitor, thanks for your kind coments.
2. September 2012, 15:51
Christian Lehmann
Btw, two new pics of the finished box added.
2. September 2012, 15:52
stefan natus
Great detail and paint on the ammo box.
2. September 2012, 15:55
Philip De Keyser
Great ammo box on a great diorama Christian, awesome build my friend, greetz Phil
2. September 2012, 16:46
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Stefan and Phil. Sorry for the late reply but I was on a busines trip ths week.
Built a broom meanwhile as a further improvement. A pic of this is added.
8. September 2012, 12:20
mark de bruyn
Nice built and dio.
Great paint job.
27. October 2012, 12:04
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Mark
27. October 2012, 12:36
Aghis Barberopoulos
The broom is actually a nice touch...
28. October 2012, 16:38
Christian Lehmann
Hi Aghis, this is what I use to clean my car after snowfall. What is o.k. for my car might also be o.k. to clean a plane ( only some sizes larger) 🙂
28. October 2012, 18:09
very nice
28. October 2012, 20:01
Christian Lehmann
Thank´s Martin. You also built some beauties. I followed the build of your B-2 with interest
28. October 2012, 20:20
Thanks Christian
28. October 2012, 21:23
Dirk Heyer
Overall in all parts and practised techniques an amazing diorama, Christian!
We don`t have to forget, a Diorama is always the King-class of modelling.
You have to do a good job in all categories.
Figures, Vehicles, Aircraft and landscape composition.
You have passed all of them! My congrats, Lemmy!
4. November 2012, 15:58
Christian Lehmann
Many thanks for your kind words Dirk. You know what you are talking about because your work is at minimum at the same if not on a higher level. Your ideas and work are always an inspiration for me to improve my skills.
4. November 2012, 16:15
Dirk Heyer
Thx, Lemmy!! 🙂
It`s nice to know, that the category Diorama is not a lonely club! 🙂
I remind me there was a well known modeller who said ones in the model magaine Modelfan: " I built a Diorama because I made some mistakes with my airplanes"
HaHaHa he is a real Noop! 🙂 Don`t know nothing about Diorama building!
One of my favorite books and my entry to a new world of modelling was " How to built dioramas" by Sheperd Paine and "The art of the diorama" by Ray Anderson. Two great artists!
4. November 2012, 17:44
Christian Lehmann
I also started with shepards book
4. November 2012, 18:00
Dirk Heyer
Yeah, the old wonderful man Sheperd Paine.
I`ve seen him in Montreux 2010 as I participated the World Model Expo there.
! He is really a old man now! But, there is no doubt, he is one of the big veterans!
4. November 2012, 18:14
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Got his books too! A real artist under the artists.
Thats the basic knowledge 🙂
4. November 2012, 18:52
Dirk Heyer
Yepp, the old testament of "in nomine dioramis"
4. November 2012, 18:55
Gabor Szabo
Wow! I like it very much 😠
2. February 2014, 23:23
3. February 2014, 07:53
Martyn Fox
Really well put together diorama. You can really feel the cold 🙂
3. February 2014, 19:01
Christian Lehmann
Thank's Martin
3. February 2014, 19:17
John Thomas
Very nice camo paint and base
3. February 2014, 20:24
9. February 2014, 20:17
Christian Lehmann
Thank'sJohn and Hunter
9. February 2014, 22:06
Bill Spargo
What a great diorama you have done Christian. Love it, everthing about it . I have this one put aside as I painted the white lines on the model and was not happy with what I did so it sits waiting for another day, yours makes me want to finish it off. Thanks for the inspiration!
13. April 2014, 08:49
Es-haq Khosravi
Great Job!
13. April 2014, 08:54
Christian Lehmann
Thanks mates.
@Bill: I am pleased that this inspires you to proceed with your model.
13. April 2014, 09:21
Christian Bruer
brrrr, I feel the severe cold😉 Well done Christian! Cheers, Christian
13. April 2014, 09:26
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Christian
13. April 2014, 09:33
16. April 2014, 23:54


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