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Christian Lehmann (Lemmy)


Argentine Dassault Super Etendard

The photos show details of the Academy and Heller lower fuslage before and after some surgery work.

I have to do a lot of boring putty and sanding work at the moment. To see a little progress I work paralell on the landing gear. The foreward landing gaer has been built upby using the upper part of the Heller and the lower part of the Academy kit. The main gear struts have beeen reworked by using some of the eduard photo etched parts.

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12. November 2011, 15:25
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Aghis Barberopoulos
Very interesting aircraft, not very good the available kits, recipe for a happy modelling project! I wish you good luck!
12. November 2011, 15:32
Christian Lehmann
Of course the kits are not so good also the references for the plane itself are not so much but I like challenges ( to build a Tamiya kit is no real challenge) :)
12. November 2011, 15:35
12. November 2011, 15:36
stefan natus
Some nice cuts that you made there. :)
12. November 2011, 17:36
Christian Lehmann
Yes and they will make necessary to use some putty.
12. November 2011, 18:16
Christian Lehmann
Three new fotos added; For details read the description above.
2. December 2011, 17:48
Christian Lehmann
The seat of the Academy and the Heller kit differed enormous. After researching on Martin Bakers web page I decided to use the Heller seat which has been upgraded by using Tamiya 2 componet putty and Eduard PE parts
3. December 2011, 14:48
Bill Gilman
Nice kitbashing! Don't you just love putting on brake lines in 1:72 scale? Good job - can't wait to see it finished.
3. December 2011, 14:56
Christian Lehmann
Hi Bill, in this case the brake lines are foto etched. In other cases I use 0,3 mm solder. It wiil be a long way to finish; sanding is so boring :)
3. December 2011, 15:27
Aghis Barberopoulos
I agree about the sanding. One thing I dislike about aircraft models is the sanding! Even the best of kits need it...
3. December 2011, 18:12
Christian Lehmann
Aghis, frustration rised because one of the PE parts needed to rework the second main landing gear strut jumped from the tweezers and got lost in the nirvana of my work shop. I have to order new PE parts now to assure that the struts look equal. I cant wait until the construction phase ends and painting starts.
3. December 2011, 18:24
Aghis Barberopoulos
Ouch! I know the feeling.
3. December 2011, 21:03
Bill Gilman
Can you use a metal detector to find photo-etched parts that have been eaten by the carpet monster? A metal detector works by finding materials that are conductive. Most photo-etch parts are brass, a mixture of copper and zinc, both of which are conductive. Has anyone ever tried a metal detector in this way?
3. December 2011, 21:08
Wilfried Bogaerts
@Bill, :) good idea ! but nope, never tried it !
4. December 2011, 11:04
Wilfried Bogaerts
You can prime the etch fret with a very bright colour (it needs a primer coat anyway so you can do this in advance) and if I remove small parts from the fret I put it in a small transparant plastic bag, so when it "pings" away it stays in the bag
4. December 2011, 11:10
Wilfried Bogaerts
It works a little difficult but it can save a lot of frustration ! :)
4. December 2011, 11:10
Wilfried Bogaerts
And should you lose the part during construction then hopefully the bright color makes it easier to recover it ...
4. December 2011, 11:11
Wilfried Bogaerts
You can use luminous paint as a primer, as used on the Revell Ghost Ship, so the lost parts will glow in the dark ... !!! :)
4. December 2011, 11:17
Christian Lehmann
May thanks for these hints guys;
@Bill: I excluded the carpet monster by using a parquet flor. The problem is that the part is realy small and I don´t know in which direction it "pinged" away.
4. December 2011, 11:40
stefan natus
My condolence with the lost of your pe part,Grtzz stefan. :)
4. December 2011, 16:22
Wilfried Bogaerts
I bet you will find that F*!*!#ING piece of PE the day after you finished this project, guess how I know ...
4. December 2011, 18:41
Bill Gilman
Been there done that myself! I'm glad that Eduard is starting to include more the small pieces than you need, cuz they know you're going to lose some!
4. December 2011, 18:44
Christian Lehmann
Tanks Stefan! :)
Wilfried I assume it will happen how you told; Thats Murphys Law
4. December 2011, 18:48
Christian Lehmann
New PE parts arrived today. It´s time to proceed
13. December 2011, 16:55
Christian Lehmann
Project set on hold; Had a bad business trip this week with a lot of flight delays: Have to install two new doors and their frames in may house now; modell work in scale 1/1 :) ; listenig my new Motörhead blue ray while doing this.
17. December 2011, 14:04
Christian Lehmann
Hello together,
does anyone know what paint has been used for the weel wells and the inside of the air brakes? Neither the Heller nor the Academy instruction give any comment about this and the fotos I know do not show this very clear. I assume aluminum like the gear struts or brigth grey.
Any hint is welcome.
5. January 2012, 17:59
Christian Lehmann
Hello mates,
some fotos have been added to show the progress of this project. The Academy fuselage and the Heller gun bay area have been unified successfully and after some grinding and and controll painting loops everything looks good now. The landing gears are finished and ready to mount. For the underwing tank will be used academy part together with the Heller pylon which meets the shape of the original better than the Academy part. It is the same situation for the Exocet missile ( Academy part) and it´s pylon (Heller part).
14. January 2012, 22:16
Philip De Keyser
You are doing a great job Christian, It's a lot of work but it will be a plain that's gone looks great and that I till now not have seen on a display in that scale, I'm tuned, keep on the good work man, greetings Phil
15. January 2012, 08:53
Christian Lehmann
Hi Phil,
it is always the same story. Whether a project is finished I always resolve to build the next model out of the box, but I never do. This is why I only build one or two rarely three models per year .
15. January 2012, 14:51
Aghis Barberopoulos
I know exactly what you mean Christian ;) Same here...
15. January 2012, 21:10
Christian Lehmann
what is the project you are working for at the moment?
15. January 2012, 21:20
Christian Lehmann
what is the staus of the Fw 189 you are working at? How does it fit ? My grandfather flew with this plane as observer. This plane is somethig I have to add to my stash.
15. January 2012, 21:23
Aghis Barberopoulos
As you may see in my profile, the 109K, but also various others. I just had some misfortune with my Peggy, so I had to slow it down. I have also just picked up my old Yamato kit. Quite a busy workbench!
15. January 2012, 21:24
Christian Lehmann
just took a look. Looks great the work and the size :). What markings do you plan to use?
15. January 2012, 21:28
Aghis Barberopoulos
If you refer to the Kurfurst, I am painting the markings of Gelbe 10, JG77, mount of Heinrich Hackler.
15. January 2012, 21:31
Christian Lehmann
@ aghis,
when did he use this plane? Just took a look in my library. Heinrich Hackler was killed during "Bodenplatte" belonging to 11/JG 77 this time, flying gelbe 1, Bf 109 WNr. 330196 on 01.01.1945
15. January 2012, 21:53
Aghis Barberopoulos
Correct, but I have WNr 330196 as Gelbe 10. I will double check.
15. January 2012, 21:56
15. January 2012, 21:58
Christian Lehmann
I took a look into " History of JG77, pt. 4" by Jochen Prien and into " Bodenplatte, Luftwaffes Last Hope" by John Manrho and Ron puetz. Both statet the same.
15. January 2012, 22:01
Aghis Barberopoulos
Yeah, interesting - I will do some more research on this one.
15. January 2012, 22:08
Christian Lehmann
In my galery you can take a look at 330207 of JG77 - a sister of 330196-
which was lost during "Bodenplatte " too.
15. January 2012, 22:17
Aghis Barberopoulos
Bingo! I thought I had seen it! In Japo Bf109K publication there are two photos clearly showing Hackler in the cockpit of gelbe 10. What you cannot see on these photos is the tail with the WNr... What do you think ? ( I will put the photo in the project album shortly, you may have a look.
15. January 2012, 22:19
Christian Lehmann
let me take a look int Japo
15. January 2012, 22:20
Christian Lehmann
Found the fotos on page 48. Fotos show gelbe 10 but belonging to 11. staffel. In other books- I dont remember in which - I read the stafel leaders had two planes at their disposal maybe he " owened gelbe 1 and gelbe 10. But nobody knows exactelyIt is a long time ago and sources are rare.
15. January 2012, 22:29
Aghis Barberopoulos
Maybe gelbe 10 was not the regular mount of Hackler, from what is written in Japo, and it is more regular for officers to have the numeral "1" rather than "10" I think. Gelbe 10 is a nice one, anyway :)
15. January 2012, 22:34
15. January 2012, 22:36
Christian Lehmann
Hello together,
I started painting some days ago. Lower fuselage, fin and elevators are painted. Next step will be to mask all white and white -blue areas and paint the upper fuselage this weekend.
27. January 2012, 18:47
Christian Lehmann
New pics added. They show the painted upper fuselage and grey areas of the wings. The white area of the wheel well doors will be reworked separately.
29. January 2012, 16:06
stefan natus
Nice paint job,looking out to see the finished model.
29. January 2012, 16:26
Christian Lehmann
Stefan, me too. But this will take one or two additional weeks because I do not so much modell work during the week. I hope to start applying the decals within the following week. They are not so much but especially the anchors have to be threatened carefully.
29. January 2012, 16:33
stefan natus
Don't rush it,i am a slow builder to.In my mind it goes fast and there stops it,can't do it in reality :)
30. January 2012, 16:49
Christian Lehmann
Decals have been applied. It is a mix of the decals from "Condor Decals" and Academy. I started pin washing now and hope to proceed tomorow with adding the small photo etched details on the fuslage and the landing gear..
4. February 2012, 18:12
Philip De Keyser
Hi Christian, it looks great with the decals on, great paintjob, I like your Pre-shade, nicelly done, Greetz Phil
4. February 2012, 19:10
Christian Lehmann
Guido and Philip, many thanks for your kind coments. @ philip,
I am unsure if the preshading is still too much or not. Maybe I will reduce it a little bit.
Greetz Christian
4. February 2012, 21:11
Philip De Keyser
I like the pre-shade, when the pannellines are colord in it will thurns out great, but it is a point of teaste, cheers Phil
4. February 2012, 22:03
stefan natus
Almost done christian,like phil says a wash and then the flat cote can also dull down the preshade.Grtz stefan.
5. February 2012, 08:01
Christian Lehmann
@ Phillip, you´ve been right. Looks better after the pin wash ( see new pics).
I will post new pics after aplying the flat cote.
5. February 2012, 19:20
Christian Lehmann
During the assembly process I found out that the outer wheel well doors do not fit because they collide with a part of the wing. The reason for this is that the Academy struts have been used with the Heller wheels. They have been used because the rims are better detailed compared to that of the Academy kit but they are approx. 1 mm wider. To solve this the wheel well dors have been scartch buit by using 0,2 mm copper sheet with the kit parts as templates. I hope this helps.
5. February 2012, 20:25
Christian Lehmann
Building new wheel well doors was not enough. So the wheels have been cut horizontal by means of a saw. This made the weels approx 1mm thinner. They got the same width now like the Academy wells have. Assembly of the wheel well doors and the underwing stores have been possible now. I hope to finish this project tomorrow.
11. February 2012, 20:07
Philip De Keyser
Looks great Christian, looking forward to the finishing pic's, greetz Phil
12. February 2012, 08:05
Christian Lehmann
The project is finished now. The displayed plane was flown by Capitan de Corbeta Bedacarratz during the attack against the british expidition forces. Durichg the first attack HMS Sheffield was hit and sunk becuase of the fire ignited by the missile fuel . More information by wickipedia or the link below ( sorry this web page is in german only)
12. February 2012, 14:28
Philip De Keyser
It turns out great Christian, looks really great, Greetz Phil
12. February 2012, 14:45
Aghis Barberopoulos
The final result is pleasing, very good work!
12. February 2012, 15:01
Christian Lehmann
Hi Phil and Aghis,
thanks for your kind comments. The result does not look so espectacular. The real challenge was the unification of the two different kits.
12. February 2012, 15:05
12. February 2012, 15:08
Wilfried Bogaerts
Very nice work Lemmy! A beautiful machine in attractive colours and markings, I like it. And tomorrow ... you will find that piece of PE somewhere in your workshop...
12. February 2012, 15:52
Christian Lehmann
Hi Wilfried,
according to murphys law this must happen :)
12. February 2012, 16:27
stefan natus
The shading turned out quite well,overall a nice build.Grtz stefan.
12. February 2012, 16:43
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Stefan,
how you predicted, the flat cote dulled down the preshading. I was a little bit unsure. This was the fourth model on which I used preshading. Before I always used post shading with pastell chalks.
greetz Christian
12. February 2012, 17:02
Aghis Barberopoulos
The varnish usually smooths out colour tonal differences. I have found that out after years of frustration :) Satin varnish is usually more representative of the way aircraft look while in service. I like your pre-shading Christian, do not give it up ;)
13. February 2012, 16:51
Christian Lehmann
The SE has a smooth satin shine. I used vallejos flat varnish. When thined with water it gets flat, when it is thinned with the original vallejo thinner it gets a slight satin shine. ( with my equipment( Revel " Master Plus" airbrush and a compressor from a fridge).
With the effect of the preshading I am satisfied now. Does not look so overdone.
13. February 2012, 17:42
Aghis Barberopoulos
Sounds tricky... but I think the end result looks good!
13. February 2012, 21:11
Dirk Heyer
Christian, realy beauty! Don`t cry for argentina, have a look at this belle! Looks fine and the weathering is pleasent of course! As original and model a winner! Would be a project of interest in scale 48 for me!
14. February 2012, 09:50
Christian Lehmann
Dirk , thanks for this kind coment. I´ll wait for your SE :). Before you start you have to look for the correct daecals. I made as lot research for this but when I wanted to order they were mostly out of production. So this should be the first step before looking for the kit. Finally I used the complete decals from " Condor Decals" sheet which are thin and adhere very well supplemented by some decals from the Accademy sheet.

14. February 2012, 14:17
Dirk Heyer
Mmmh, the decals are inside. :)
See here
Dassault Super Etendard (Airfix 07108, 1:48)
and here
I believe it is hard to find the kit!

1:48 Dassault Super Etendard (Airfix 07108)
14. February 2012, 16:43
Christian Lehmann
This article is new for me. Maybe because I looked for reports of 1/72 kits. But result looks great. I bought the academy kit on the www at the beginning because it has the argentine markings. When I took a look into the box I realized that the colors of the units badge have been wrong for example. Also the sun to be applicated on the fin had nothing to do with reality. => new decals have been a must
PS: During research I organized 4 different books with fotos. No fotos of the argentine planes showed the red stripes o the air intakes. But I do notwhen these fotos have been taken and if they were present in 1982.
14. February 2012, 17:06
Dirk Heyer
Hi Christian,
Did I understand you right? The decals the Airfix kit contains are not correct? Could you explain your knowledge with the article above more precise, please?
14. February 2012, 19:28
Christian Lehmann
This is a misunderstanding because I did not use or have the Airfix kit. But this happened to me with the Academy kit. Sorry for my misunderstanding coment.
14. February 2012, 20:40
Dirk Heyer
Ah ok, I thought you was talking about both scales. I was irritated because you wrote about the red warning stripes on the intakes, and this red stripes are icluded in the 48 Airfix kit! Sry!
15. February 2012, 08:03
Christian Lehmann
These stripes are also included in the Academy kit I used but not on the "condor decals" sheet . I could not find any picture of argentine SE with these stripes => so I didnt use them (french SE show these stripes)
15. February 2012, 12:59
Holger Kranich
Lemmy, kann es sein das ich dieses Modell in einem der letzten IPMS Blätter bewundern konnte?
14. March 2012, 12:36
Christian Lehmann
Holger, ich kenne die IPMS Blätter nicht . Aber ich denke nicht, da ich es in Wien zum ersten Mal auf einer Ausstellung gezeigt habe. Sonst gab es nur die Fotos hier auf Scalemates.

br Lemmy
14. March 2012, 16:21
Holger Kranich
Kann mich auch täuschen ;)
14. March 2012, 16:55
Bernd Korte
Very nice, I like the paint job. Thanks for sharing!
29. April 2012, 17:09
Wilfried Bogaerts
Correct! It was one of the best jets on the table, and very well presented.
29. April 2012, 18:08
Christian Lehmann
Thanks for your kind comments mates.
29. April 2012, 23:12
Dirk Heyer
All your models was a pleasure and I´m happy that I could see all your treasures live.
30. April 2012, 16:21
stefan natus
+1 loved your work christian!
30. April 2012, 17:16
Christian Lehmann
Many thanks again, but your work also isn´t bad
30. April 2012, 19:41
Holger Kranich
Isn´t bad? You are both doing great models!
30. April 2012, 19:42
Christian Lehmann
o.k. replace "isn´t bad" by " are also great". It is my character to understate sometimes, sorry for this. It is a bad habbit. :)
30. April 2012, 20:00
Holger Kranich
No need to apologize, Lemmy! We all know what you mean ;)
30. April 2012, 20:03
20. April 2016, 03:06
Mike Grant
Very nice work Christian, and congratulations on the award
20. April 2016, 03:26
Ulf Petersen
Beautiful, Christian, and congratulations from me as well!
20. April 2016, 04:33
Soeren .
Congratulations and well deserved! :)
20. April 2016, 04:44
Christian Lehmann
Thanks mates.
20. April 2016, 04:54
Bernhard Pethe
20. April 2016, 06:56
20. April 2016, 07:06
Philip De Keyser
Congrats mate.
21. April 2016, 16:25
Excellent work. Congrats from me too.
21. April 2016, 19:08
Christian Lehmann
Thanks to all of you mates.
21. April 2016, 20:39
24. April, 04:51
24. April, 05:00
Scott Dutton
Superbly done, congratulations
24. April, 23:46
Matthew Stec
Fantastic job!!
25. April, 01:16
Christian Lehmann
Thank you mates
25. April, 09:51
Oleg Smilyk
Awesome done, Christian!
25. April, 13:10
Christian Lehmann
Thanks Oleg.
25. April, 18:41
Jeramy Boileau
AWesome work!
25. April, 18:46
Jose Miguel Rodriguez
27. April, 20:13
Kim Branders
Nice, congrats.
27. April, 21:18
Andy Ball
deserved citation Christian!
27. April, 21:41

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