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Guy Golsteyn (sennake)


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1:43 Ferrari 500 F2 (Tron Star ST 20)1:43 Driver putting on gloves (Denizen RD118)


21. April 2013, 20:22
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Stefan Suessemilch
I'm tuned in...
21. April 2013, 20:26
Guy Golsteyn
First images of the build are online...
21. April 2013, 20:29
Es-haq Khosravi
Excellent Work! Looking for the next step!
21. April 2013, 22:33
Steve Wilson
Watching this, great stuff... Nice work so far Guy.
22. April 2013, 05:23
Guy Golsteyn
Well, there is one thing which bothers me... if you look at the reference pic you'll notice that the front radiator opening is perfectly oval, while the model shows a more asymetric shape, oval at the top but with quite sharp corners at the bottom. Correcting this however would lead me too far from what I want to achieve here, and that is to make a decent 1:43 model of a Ferrari 500 F2. If I want to build a perectly shaped model, I'd better buy me a more recent kit, because this Tron kit is at least 25 years old... So for this WIP-thread I'll concentrate on the build itself, if you guys don't mind ;)
22. April 2013, 11:54
Stefan Suessemilch
Well Guy, that's what I call perfectionism :) I just want to see any build out of your hands ;)
22. April 2013, 12:12
Stefan Suessemilch
I guess I have to train for next year Wangerooge, so I bring the beer ;)
22. April 2013, 13:35
Steve Wilson
Hi Guy.
At that time Ferrari used different configurations of bodywork on basically the same car, one theory as to why, was it was easier for the Team to recognize a drivers position in a race. You could tell from quite a distance who's car was coming towards you, if they have different shaped Radiator openings. Here are two Ferrari 500 F2's showing two different openings:
22. April 2013, 14:37
Steve Wilson
I also now notice.
Image one I posted, is the car in your first picture Chassis 5.
My other pic, the car is Chassis 0188F.
22. April 2013, 14:45
Guy Golsteyn
Oh, but that's a whole different ballgame! I thought that the model sculptor did a poor job, but the configuration I have in my kit actually existed as well! So that means I will be forced to do a conversion from the '0188F' chassis configuration to the 'chassis 5' configuration, especially since the Tron kit only has 1 single decal option: the 1953 Silverstone GP winner! So I just have to find a way to shape the oval shaped radiator opening...
22. April 2013, 17:40
Steve Wilson
If it's any consolation, if any one can do, it you can!!!
Plenty of filler, sanding, patience and copious cups of Tea, a pinch of swearing, you now have a recipe to do it, good luck Guy :) :) :)
22. April 2013, 17:58
Guy Golsteyn
It worked out quite well I think ;)
23. April 2013, 12:32
23. April 2013, 13:08
Steve Wilson
Wow!!! Guy.
Top notch I did say if anyone can do it you can and you certainly did :)
23. April 2013, 15:24
Guy Golsteyn
Guido, making it thinner would increase the risk of breaking easily. So i chose a compromise solution...
23. April 2013, 17:14
Steve Wilson
Also Guido.
Guy can always give it the illusion of being thinner, by painting the inside of the opening a darker red as shading, making body work appear thinner. 1:43 is the ideal scale to get away with it...
23. April 2013, 17:26
Guy Golsteyn
I found some time to continue building the Ferrari...
3. May 2013, 15:41
Stefan Suessemilch
By the way Guy, I tried to find something about the green/blue wheels... unfortunately without success. There's a lot to find about that special Grand Prix but nothing explicit about the wheels. :S Great job so far Guy... as always
3. May 2013, 20:49
Maarten Kruizenga
this looks really nice
3. May 2013, 21:11
Steve Wilson
Brilliant Guy.
The choice of black on the exhaust is excellent, little details like that really make a model stand out... 8)
I still can't find that reference to the wheels, but I'm still looking...
5. May 2013, 08:43
Guy Golsteyn
I did some more work on the Ferrari...
10. May 2013, 13:56
Alexander Aristides Cronvall
Beautiful work Guy !
10. May 2013, 13:59
Maarten Kruizenga
holy smokes, those are some fantastic looking wheels!!!!!!!!
11. May 2013, 07:10
Roland Roth
A great job, Guy! You are an artist!
11. May 2013, 07:42
Steve Wilson
Your coming on a lot better than I am as I'm still looking for the reference to the wheels. Your progress is fantastic, it looks awesome so far, well done Guy
11. May 2013, 08:00
Philip De Keyser
Looks really great Guy
11. May 2013, 09:07
11. May 2013, 10:32
Dirk Heyer
Hi Guy,
it`s every time an absolutely pleasure to examine your models!!!
Each time I am encouraged to build an F1 model... I swear to you, this year I must meet you in Mol!! Wanna see some of your 1:20 F 1 machines in real!!
I explored last days the weppage Modelers Site! And I was really surprised to see some several articles from you there.
I will think about to order your building article about the Ebbro Lotus 72E !!! But about 8 British Pounds for one pdf is not cheap.. :) :) :)
Nevertheless there are a lot of fantastic articles!
11. May 2013, 10:47
Guy Golsteyn
I made some more progress...
12. May 2013, 16:55
12. May 2013, 18:13
Es-haq Khosravi
Can't wait anymore to see the final result!
12. May 2013, 18:24
Guy Golsteyn
Last progress pictures for today; I finally could dryfit the wheels.
12. May 2013, 20:42
Steve Wilson
Excellent :o
14. May 2013, 07:19
15. May 2013, 15:51
Guy Golsteyn
Almost there; but not quite yet...
15. May 2013, 18:05

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