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Tim van Dooremalen (TvD)

Mclaren F1 GTR 24h du Mans 1995 winner


4 | 26. June 2015, 17:03
Tim van Dooremalen
Correct! Will add explaination to the pics later:-p
26. June 2015, 19:38
Great pictures!
27. June 2015, 07:29
Tim van Dooremalen
Added a bit of comment to the pictures!
27. June 2015, 14:42
Tim van Dooremalen
Added a couple of pictures with major cutting and rebuilding works! :)
19. July 2015, 11:44
Kerry COX
Tim, awsome work and I am wondering just how much will remain visible mate.
I thought a lot about my SauberC9 and doing all the under skin work, but I went after the engine compartment instead.
What you are achieving here is quite impressive. I like what you have done. :) 👍
19. July 2015, 11:51
Tim van Dooremalen
Thanks Kerry! Because I opened the gaps on the rear deck AND most of rear gaps will be (almost) uncovered there will be quite a bit visible (in my opinion ;)). Also, I'm not going to fatefully replicate the entire engine bay, just enough to make it look like a proper one.
19. July 2015, 12:00
Kerry COX
It certainly will look a stunning build Tim. Your attention to detail is really good to see. :)
19. July 2015, 12:04
Steve Wilson
Great start Tim, the added comments do help with understanding the photo's better👍🙂
19. July 2015, 14:55
Tim van Dooremalen
A bit more progress with scratch-build exhausts and some cooling ducts.
9. August 2015, 11:58
Roberto Rocat
Great work so far! I'm following ;)
9. August 2015, 12:17
Tim van Dooremalen
Bit of progress on this one so added a couple of new pictures!
19. November 2015, 18:58
Adam Gudynowski
Any progress here?
19. March 2018, 12:49
19. March 2018, 18:46
amazing job so far.
20. March 2018, 07:07
Kees Kleijwegt
Following, great build so far!
20. March 2018, 07:14
Adam Gudynowski
Finally some progress 🙂 Dashboard looks great 👍
23. March 2018, 12:48
What are you using for the belts? They look simply excellent
23. March 2018, 14:07
Tim van Dooremalen
@Spanjaard: It's basically stuff to repair outdoor-clothing. A friend found it at the "Veritas" in Belgium years ago. I don't have the package anymore, but I think it was from a brand called "Prym".
28. March 2018, 06:01
thanks a lot Tim, really appreciated.
28. March 2018, 09:59
James Koziuk
Thanks for the step by step photos and explanations on fixing the problem areas of this kit. Great work and inspiration. Is the final results available?
23. October 2020, 00:35
Brandon H
Impressive scratchbuilding! Following the rest of this build for sure!
23. October 2020, 13:30
Tim van Dooremalen
I completed this one not too long ago. I still have to take some final pictures.
23. October 2020, 15:06
Adam Gudynowski
We're waiting. Great model. Would be wonderfull to see it completed.
23. October 2020, 19:35


1:24 McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail (Fujimi 12599)1:24 McLaren F1 GTR (Tabu Design TABU24046)1:24 Mclaren F1 GTR Short Tail LM 1995 #59 (Hobby Design HD02-0299)
McLaren F1 GTR
Racing Non championship race
Kokusai Aihatsu Racing 59 (Yannick Dalmas/Masanori Sekiya/J.J. Lehto)
June 1995 24 Heures du Mans - Le Mans FR (Result: 1st)
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