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Guess what I'm building


7 23 September, 08:45
Just putting things together today
Don't worry it's not all glued yet
Paint tomorrow
For this build spray cans and brush only
23 September, 11:32
Thanks for the like Villiers
23 September, 17:38
23 September, 19:08
Thanks mona
24 September, 01:35
Kyle DeHart
Nice Jv!!
5 November, 23:47
Thanks kyle and Lt.Schaefer
Unfortunately I had a part flying
I started building this one whed your inspiration kyle
After I have seen you just build kits even if you don't have all the tools we could wish for
Thanks kyle
6 November, 00:08
Today I will go get some more kits agen lol
So airbrush put of agen lol
6 November, 00:10
Its still a kit that is very much affordable to get from the shop
And I must say as a beginner its a great kit
I will have to do some more work on it sune
6 November, 00:40
That is a good idea thanks
6 November, 01:54
I got a compressor in a lot I got a few months ago
And also an iwata airbrush
The compressor needed a new regulator I got that sorted now
Its a compressor as you say whed a 3 l air tank
The airbrush was not looked after and was in a shed for a longtime
I gave it a clean but don't have the tools to strip it completely down
So air is coming up in the cup I believe its a matter of cleaning
I will give it a go at some point
I also got a few cans that I will have some fun whed
6 November, 02:07
Kyle DeHart
Absolutely Jv. It's supposed to be fun! That's what I try to keep in mind.
6 November, 03:39
Yes I see that for a long term I was scared to ruin more kits
So I completely stopped building
After following your builds this was the first one I got into
I also started another one but things are very slow for me
But its great to look at all the great builds here
And get ideas
6 November, 03:51
Kyle DeHart
Nothing wrong with slow. I'm going extremely slow on my Camaro build. I just whittle away a bit at a time.
6 November, 07:02
Yes I know but your always building something
I stopped completely
But people like you inspire others like me thanks mate
6 November, 07:36
Kyle DeHart
Appreciate the kind words my friend!
6 November, 09:06
Your most welcome Ient it all
6 November, 09:51
Just touching base, gents.
First, air in the cup, is a blocked nozzle. I suggest a soak of the nozzle components, in cellulose thinner, for an hour or so? Then, a front end clean. Please don't use metal objects for this, just tightly rolled up tissue paper.
I built the Hasagawa kit, of this 1/24 jeep. Awesome plastic and moulding! Loved every minute of the build
6 November, 16:25
Thanks bozzer this one is a tamiya
6 November, 17:20
And yes bozzer that is what I suspected to I have cleaned what I could the way you say soaked parts in gun cleaner
2 times that be the parts I could cos I don't have the tools for this airbrush
But I will eventually get around to it
I probably will get another airbrush or 2
But it all takes a bit of money lol
And there is always a new kit I need
Bob just offered me a great kit I will have to get lol
6 November, 20:25

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