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RIP RexTN, we miss you
Rex (RexTN)

Part of my stash on 5/26/16

Just a quick photo album to show the Insurance company that I am telling the truth when I claim my stash list with them, if I ever need to. I am hoping that when they see the Skyhawks, Phantoms, Crusaders, and Paints, that they will just believe me about the things that I have less of.


26 May 2016, 17:36
This is just an album to show to the Insurance Company, if I ever need to. I'm doing this because they know that I can just "click anything" at all on here, this should show that I really have this stuff. I'm hoping that when they see these, they will just believe me when I list kits that I have less of than these three types.
26 May 2016, 17:42
Sebastian Meyner
Wow! The Airfix A-4 seems to be a really good kit 😉
26 May 2016, 18:16
Nice paint rack. How did you do it? DIY or bought it somewhere?
26 May 2016, 18:31
Rex, Your interests mirror mine pretty well. Except I've had to move up into 1/48 scale for my eyes' sake. R/ Dutch
26 May 2016, 19:08
I thought we might, Dutch. Just going by your posts on here, that is.
Ekki, I made that out of a 1x12 board frame, and added plastic compartment boxes sold for other purposes. the boxes that hold two paints per compartment are Hot Wheels diacast car collector's cases, with one lid removed. The long boxes that hold 10 paints per row are sold in the sports department of stores, they have inserts to make waterproof boxes for fishing tackle. I just arranged the boxes out in the pattern I wanted, and screwed them to the boards. All of the other paints are in plastic lidded boxes, so that I can just replace a bottle in this "ready rack" when I use one up.
26 May 2016, 20:41
Great idea. I still have major house renovations to do before I can make my hobby room. But I like yours.
26 May 2016, 21:47
David Thor
That`s an impressive amount of kits! 🙂
26 May 2016, 22:20
Thanks for the reply. Just goes to show: we modelers can improvise and create something beautiful and/or practical out of virtually nothing. Well done.
27 May 2016, 16:54
I just noticed a couple of things about my paint rack. One is the Winston carton showing in the picture,,,be assured, I only do that outside on the porch. The other is to mention that if any of you do this, remember to put some sort of backing on the top area,,,,,,one of our cats has decided that that shelf is her own private runway, she walks back and forth up there almost all day. That shelf is intended to be for large bottles, such as Thinners, Future, Primers, etc. I will have to add a wall to that rack before I can take control of that area back from her. (or get used to picking up bottles that she doesn't want on "her shelf")
27 May 2016, 17:15
Burkhard D
Cool! 😎
My insurance provider asked me to do the same. A list alone won't suffice. 😄
27 May 2016, 18:33
I will take photos of the rest of the stash, and add them to this album. Then, after that, list the stash in the usual Scalemates way, for my own use mostly, if I have to try and reconstruct the stash. Before that convo, it never occurred to me that I could just click stuff and not actually have it. I guess they are used to people trying to rip them off.
27 May 2016, 18:57
Christian Ristits
Holy Sh** - you have your own hobby shop!
27 May 2016, 18:59
Yes, Rex's A-4, F-4, F-8 Hobbies!
27 May 2016, 21:33
Eugen P.
It looks like a store, not like a stash 🙂
27 May 2016, 21:49
Lucas C.
Great idea, I'm going to document my stash the same way. I've already uploaded it here, but the pictures will definitely help if anything goes wrong.
27 May 2016, 21:50
My stash is all stuck in 4 rooms at 2 houses! I can't even get into the rooms to photograph them unless i unstack half of them! Oh plus a 12 foot long section of hallway, Funny but i know where 95% of them are! 🙁
28 May 2016, 04:31
haha, Glenn, makes me want to call her over to the computer, "see, Hun, I told you that 550 kits is not that many"
28 May 2016, 06:07
Your right Rex! Your only starting out! 🙂 But that's a impressive collection of A-4's and F-4's. I thought my 30+ F-4's was a little over the top, But with so many great schemes it hard to stop at a couple.
28 May 2016, 06:25
Glenn, a guy has to be very careful with F-4 models. They are sneaky. Everyone knows that I am a Navair kind of guy. So, how do I explain all of those F-4D, F-4E and etc types of kits in the stash? It is easy, I like the USAF and British ones too. How does a guy pass up a chance to do Pave Knife F-4D or E, or Pave Spike F-4D,,,,,,,,or Wild Weasels? Add in Aussie, JMSDF, Israeli, German, etc,,,,,,,,,and the stash just grows and drifts farther and farther "off topic", lol
28 May 2016, 06:40
Burkhard D
LOL - second that 😄
28 May 2016, 08:09
Urban Gardini
That's a good line-up of A-4, F-8 & F-4 kits. It's a little over one year since I last took a photo of my stash together with my whole apartment. I've got a different system of order for my stash (it's all in my head just where just that kit is) that looks like a total chaos. Have a look here: Return of the Stash: The Stash strikes back part 33½ | Album by McCoy
28 May 2016, 08:37
Urban Gardini
As for taking back the shelf from the cat. Try sprinkle some wineagar all over the shelf and see if the monster still want to stroll there...
28 May 2016, 08:41
Okay, rest of the photos uploaded. Since this shows more than the insurance coverage value, there is no need to upload anything more
28 May 2016, 19:00
Burkhard D
The only kit missing is a Flat Top in 1/72 to house all those F-4, A-4, A-7, A-8, F-14 🙂
28 May 2016, 20:12
Any naval Modeler's willing to give it a try? I think there is a 1:72 scale Nimitz carrier in the aviation museum in Hampton VA. To quote a famous American, HUGE!
28 May 2016, 20:32
I remember the ads for that thing, back in the days that Jim Shirley had the 1/350 Midway and such. I do have plans for a large flat surface with Carrier details on the deck. But I'm not going to do the Hull and all of the details. Just "deck sections" that would look like a large display shelf.
28 May 2016, 20:38
Burkhard D
IIRC a modeler club in Bremen, Germany had a Nimitz carrier deck in 72 scale. Saw it with a full complement of aircraft at PMCL Lúbeck in the 1980s. Was in three or four sections for easy transportation. Really impressive. I must have some fotos somwhere...
The aviation museum in downtown Berlin has a Nimitz-class carrier in progress, also in 72 scale. Plan to see it next week.
29 May 2016, 09:03
Urban Gardini
Good order and a cute colour inventory inspector!
29 May 2016, 10:15
hah, I didn't even notice her in the photo,,,,,,,good eye

Anyone that has a cat gets so used to moving them out of the way to do things, that sometimes we don't even see them in a photo. The other cat is a "keyboard finger swatter", it is almost as if these two team up to keep me from doing anything. When I work on a plane, and put them in the booth to keep the dust off, the cats will walk up and look in on the plane now and then,,,,,,almost as if they are trying to "break him out so he can play too"
29 May 2016, 14:24
Eduardo Arguijo
impresive, how many build models you have?
29 May 2016, 18:14
Urban Gardini
I'm a former cat slave that can't have a cat at the moment but I can't pass a cat when I'm encountering one without greeting it...
29 May 2016, 18:36
By my count, there are about 600 aircraft and 75-100 trucks and tractors. Anne counts the actual boxes, so she doesn't count as many trucks as I do, but, she counts the weapons sets as models, even though I tell her those are "supplies", lol. I will know exactly after I get them all up on Scalemates,,,,,but, it is about 700 models. (less than a third of what Glenn has, hah)

ps, some aren't to build, I just found getting the kit to be cheaper than trying to buy aftermarket for some things,,,,,like the two Genie missiles in the F-89 that will go on an early USAF Phantom.
29 May 2016, 19:35
Thanks Rex... Click on the link at the top right of the homepage that says "facts" then go down to where it says "Modelers" Largest Stash you'll see I'm not the craziest on here!!! 🙂 I have 5 cats too! so it's real hard to do any model building around here, As they steal little parts if i leave anything lying around! I make things at my girlfriends place now she only has 1 cat, and she has no interest in modelling!
29 May 2016, 22:54
This will make you laugh, Glenn. Because I buy so many duplicates,,,,,,,my stash won't ever show as 700 kits, because it is nowhere near that many "different items".

I click that "facts" button every few months,,,,,,,just to see how big some of the other stashes get. (just for the heck of it, it doesn't matter to me)

I'm going to go quiet on this thread now, our talk keeps bumping it to the top of the Newsfeed. And that momentarily bumps the excellent built models down the page, which isn't very fair to those guys.

Thanks for the back and forth, though, it has been fun chatting with you all.
30 May 2016, 01:49
Okay, all of the "models" are entered in. Scalemates sees 574 different items, Anne sees 752 models,,,,,,,,and I see 591 aircraft and 137 vehicles and the details and conversions to build them. That is caused by Anne and I seeing all 17 Airfix A-4B models, etc. And by Anne and Scalemates seeing the Skyhawk upgraded wheels for them as being kits, while I see them as supplies. Same thing with the weapons sets.

Books, Decals and Paints to go, then I will have all that Scalemates recognizes put up on here. Then I will go back and add the things that I have that aren't in Scalemates database yet.
20 June 2016, 18:37
John Thomas
Just outstanding collection of kits. I do have many of the same kit as you but not as organize as you. You can see my stash in my album section. I dont have all of the A-4 kits that you have I do have the Italeri A-4E/F and the OA-4M and the rebox Testor/Italeri A-4E/F Topgun kit and one Fujimi and Esci Ertl A-4E Blue Angels. I find it hard to find any Fujimi or Esci kits with out going to ebay or may be an model show.
20 July 2016, 13:15
Just a quick upload to show the current paint rack configuration, as of July 2017
22 July 2017, 17:50
Arash Zakeri
22 July 2017, 20:43
Scott Hastings
Impressive stash and paint racks. Do you consider yourself a collector or builder or a bit of both??
22 July 2017, 23:34
I am a builder with 52 years of experience. The Acrylic Paint thing is the result of finding out that Anne can't tolerate Enamels or Lacquers inside the house, and me having to stay inside near her to watch over her. So, I either had to get out the FS booklet, and start over with paint matches from scratch, or quit the hobby. The only reason for having 600 different colors is that a lot of the "matches" from online charts don't actually match. I needed about 240 colors,,,so, you can see that 360, the ones with the white labels, are either backups,,,,,or miss-matches.

The large number of kits and decals are both because I cut out hundreds of models, developed a themed collection to build to,,,,,,and then bought what I need to build and display the collection.

I have one last decal scheme that I "want, rather than need",,,,,otherwise I have every single thing I need for the next 10 years of building.

Ps, oh, for the "collector" part of this,,,,,I am a collector,,,,,,of my built models,,,,to me, plastic kits are just supplies,,,,,,not a single one of my kits has shrinkwrap on them, in fact the decals are in a storage system (not in the kit boxes) and the instructions are in vertical file cabinets.
22 July 2017, 23:43
Jay Nakasone
Very impressive collection!! nicely organized. I use to store mine on shelves (like yours), but I'm running out if space. Now, only a few hundred on shelves in the modeling den, the rest are in inventoried 18x18x18 shipper boxed. Not as visually pleasing as your stash. The big problem having the time to build them all 🙂
23 July 2017, 01:07
Scott Hastings
Good response. I find I am collecting an ever growing stash, supplies and tools myself. I seem to add more kits to the stash and the wish list of things to build much faster than actually completing builds. I even have a hard time tossing out the beautiful box art of the completed kits! Such is the life of a modeller
23 July 2017, 01:33
Jay Nakasone
Scott talking about box art, eduard has released high quality prints of recent box art (ie eduart line). I acquired some to line my man cave. As to the ever growing stash my wife says you should enjoy your hobby (just don''t make us poor)
a very understanding woman.
23 July 2017, 04:15
lol, Jay,,,,,,,she is. My own Anne has to be constantly reined in, she keeps seeing deal prices at shows, and asking "do you have one of these?" She doesn't always seem to understand that a nice, low priced Spitfire or Bf-109 would cost us a lot more than just that bargain price for the plastic model she sees. Since it is off topic for me, I don't have paints or decals for those sorts of kits, and the decals are very often ruined in 1975 vintage models that she sees for $1 or so in some sale bin.
23 July 2017, 05:07
Rex, Well just counting from the pics, I'd say you have a gazillion kits. You had better get busy! R/ Dutch
23 July 2017, 10:52
heh, Dutch,,,,,,,,,,,good thing I cut it down, eh?
23 July 2017, 17:32
by the way, no one believes me,,,,,,,but, all of this saved me money. Go ahead and check,,if I had plans for 10 F-4B/N models in my collection,,,,and bought them "as I need one", instead of paying the "blue box and early re-release prices" for them, I would be paying 2017, 2018, etc, etc prices for each as I get to it. (and 10 doesn't cover my needs, it is just a number I am using for an example) Same with the Skyhawks,,,,,if I wanted to buy and build an A-4C today, I would have to search for OOP Airfix and Fujimi kits and conversion noses,,,,,,but, I won't have to, because I bought enough already.

Since I have all the kits I "need" for my theme,,,,,,,,,I can walk right past a kit that many would think I have an interest in,,,,,,,only buying something unique or eye-catching,,,,or a trainer aircraft that I might not have already. (last time in Newport News, I browsed the entire hobby shop, and only bought two old tired, used Stearman kits from the estate sales table)
23 July 2017, 18:19
Scott Hastings
A big stash does make 'The Next Build' hard to choose. You are right though, it is nice to a
Ready have the kit, the PE, the aftermarket etc etc all ready to roll when you decide it is next.
24 July 2017, 00:30
Clifford Keesler
I'm speechless, awesome collection.
24 July 2017, 00:41

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