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34 6 May, 07:55
Kyle DeHart
Been working on this but as usual I'm terrible about remembering pictures. My first attempt at an Eduard kit with the extra photo etch and resin bells and whistles. This kit uses Hasegawa plastic, with Eduards extras and the astronomical decal selection. Haven't decided which plane this one will be yet.
6 May, 08:00
Kyle DeHart
Finally getting a handle on the obscene amount of photo etch included with this thing. Screwed some of it up, but that was to be expected. Not something I do alot of. Either way, still kind of cool to add some dimension to the cockpit. Unfortunately most of it won't be visible. This is getting close to the closing up stage. If I get some time, perhaps even tonight.
15 May, 02:28
Guy Rump
Looking good Kyle 👍
19 May, 20:42
Kyle DeHart
Thanks Guy! Evidently all three of my photos didn't upload. But got it closed up and ready for canopies and masking. Just trying to decide which airplane to build. LOL!
20 May, 02:47
Kyle DeHart
The Eduard-egawa build continues. Glazing in, some of it temporarily. Masking to begin soon. Engines with Photo etch assembled and dry fit onto nacelles. Brassin Wheels and tires painted up. Getting close to getting some primer on it. Fit is pretty solid overall but a little filling and sanding will be necessary.
21 May, 06:38
Bas Tonn
I'll take a seat
21 May, 08:06
Kyle DeHart
Welcome Bas! I have no idea what I'm doing but we soldier on. Lol
21 May, 08:15
James C
Looking great Kyle. The B-25 is such a cool looking bomber. I love twin tail designs for some reason. 👍
21 May, 18:11
Kyle DeHart
Thank you James! I do as well, as you may be able to tell from my build choices. Lol I also love the wing shape of the B-25.
21 May, 19:16
James C
Hell yeah, I've got another Ventura planned as well as a C-45, Me-110, Lancaster and B-25. All twin tails and in 1/48 scale 😉
21 May, 19:32
Kyle DeHart
Excellent lineup!! Look forward to seeing them built!
21 May, 22:46
Chan Li
I'm fan of this plane, I'm in.
27 May, 14:26
Watching with interest Kyle, I have the Airfix Pacific version on my stash.
27 May, 14:30
Kyle DeHart
Thanks guys! Out of town this week but looking forward to getting back to it.
27 May, 21:26
Kyle DeHart
Sometimes the cat dictates which project gets worked on. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Evidently it won't be this one today.
10 July, 02:57
Christian W
Cats *lol*
21 July, 04:24
Chris Ubing
love the cat
21 July, 04:25
Kyle DeHart
I love her too, but I swear she hasn't moved off that box since I've taken this photo. 😂 I've been busy at work but at some point I'm going to need the masks that are in that box! LOL!
21 July, 09:45
they have their own ideas, no doubt about it. both the B-25 and her look really good
21 July, 09:53
Kyle DeHart
Thanks Spanjaard!!
21 July, 19:08
Michael Kohl
Count me in.
21 July, 20:37
Daniel Klink
me too....
What a lovely saboteur btw...👍
21 July, 20:44
Kyle DeHart
Welcome! And thank you Daniel, she is certainly very regal. It's their house, we're just living in it. Lol
22 July, 04:15
Chris Ubing
I think the cat is claiming the model as her own.
22 July, 05:50
Kyle DeHart
I think you're right Chris!!
22 July, 20:45
Kyle DeHart
Anyway I forgot to add photos during taping and painting and all that. Added a photo of what the Eduard manual says it should look like. This eduard kit has so many great options with a nice history paragraph on each airplane. I chose the one I did because Joseph Heller flew in it and I liked the unique drab over aluminum camo with the ID markings left in bare metal. Thought it looked cool, but all of the decal options are great.
1 August, 20:35
Kyle DeHart
Now we have the paint down. Just a few spots to touch up and then I'll gloss coat for decals.
4 August, 06:09


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