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Kyle DeHart (kyledehart5)

GTO Super stocker

Figured I’d get some pictures up now that I’m almost done with it. Just used a mix of extra decals and kit decals.


9 18 April, 12:10
Kyle DeHart
Basically out of the box. Just used some spare decals I had and the kit decals. Decals drying and then I'll do some more weathering. I also envisioned it more as a dirt car so I left the windows out and added a Little Rock screen for the driver.
18 April, 12:13
Bob Hall
That is awesome ! I was contemplating getting the Stocker series but was on the fence, seeing this awesome work of art has influenced my decision to a definite yes 👍 !
18 April, 17:08
Kyle DeHart
Thanks Bob!! Honestly just a really fun little kit. And the new ones come with great decals and super nice pad printed tires. The old molds seem to have hold up relatively well for MPC work. Light flash but no real fitment issues. I also have the 64 Galaxie and 65 Impala from older releases of the same series. Nice to be able to take a build 0% seriously
18 April, 19:34
Villiers de Vos
Very nice.
9 May, 10:13
Kyle DeHart
Thanks Villiers. This one was a lot of fun
9 May, 11:40


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1:25 1970 Pontiac GTO Super Stocker (MPC MPC939M)

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