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Kyle DeHart (kyledehart5)

Canon Porsche 956

Built box stock, plus some ignition wiring and that's about it. Fun, quick little kit.


15 8 April, 22:48
Kyle DeHart
Quick and dirty build I completed whilst also working on other things. I normally have a few builds going in case I need to let paint, decals, or glue dry and I still want to continue modelling. This one went pretty smooth other than you'll notice a missing #14 decal. Stuck my finger on it or something and didn't notice in time to salvage it so it had to come off. Oh well, I'm still happy with it and maybe I'll find a 14 to stick on there sometime.
8 April, 23:00
24 April, 10:48
Kyle DeHart
Thanks! Fun kit to build, pretty car to have on the shelf.
24 April, 19:48
Phil M
26 April, 08:52
Michael Kohl
I like it.
26 April, 09:08
superbe kit tamiya , mais dur a trouver dans le commerce
26 April, 09:09
Kyle DeHart
Picked up online for next to nothing!! I was lucky
26 April, 12:15
Roy McKay
Next to nothing? Where?! Lol seriously lovely model. And indycals do an "oops protection" so maybe your OK. Check this out.
26 April, 16:08
Kyle DeHart
Roy. Thank you. Michael from Indycals has kindly sent me a replacement for my 14. Even though I actually purchased the decals over a year ago he still honored it. Great customer service. The kit was just a lucky eBay find a few years back! Must've caught everyone else napping on that particular day. Lol
26 April, 19:48
Kerry COX
Kyle. Your so called 'mediocre' skills are not evident here in this beauty. 😉 This is one of the better builds I have seen on Scalemates and your a most talented scale modeller. And now, I am off to look at your other masterpieces. SALUTE. !
28 April, 01:59
Kyle DeHart
Kerry, thank you for those incredibly kind words, however, I can only thank Tamiya for engineering such lovely kits. This one couldn't have gone more smoothly. And this pales in comparison to your Mazda! The scratch building and extra details are where I need to hone my skills. Thank you again
28 April, 11:29
Kerry COX
Of all the car kits I have tackeled over the year, the Tamiya C9 Mercedes was the one I enjoyed the most. Tamiya's Sauber Mercedes C9. | Album by RedRoo
28 April, 12:40
Kyle DeHart
I have the re-release of the C9 in my stash as well, and it may be one of the ones I tackle next. It came with some photo etch and I have a carbon fiber decal sheet for it, so I may dive into those waters. Never worked with carbon decals before. Beautiful car. It's just the plain silver livery, not the intricate one that you replicated, but one I'll be happy to get up on my shelf.
28 April, 20:00
Kerry COX
The carbon fibre decals respond well to heaps of microscale sol solution and some gentle persuasion with either a pig bristle brush or cotton buds.
The stainless steel photo etched fits perfectly with no extra effort to get it to sit where it should.
Have fun when the time comes. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Cheers. 👍
29 April, 00:26
Kyle DeHart
Thank you for the tips and I always do have fun. That's the one thing I can guarantee with all my builds!
29 April, 00:53
Kerry COX
Good to know. 🙂 👍
29 April, 01:09


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1:24 Porsche 956 "Rothmans" (Tamiya 24047)1:24 Porsche 956 #106B "Canon" (Indycals )

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