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What if Summer 46

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19 | 13. September 2019, 22:13
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Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here are the first pictures of a new what if project. Cheers Stefan
13. September 2019, 22:15
Norbert Steffens
Very nice. I'm in. Reminds me of wolfenstein
14. September 2019, 05:28
Stefan Schacht
Thx Norbert, today I start to assemble the hydraulic cylinders. Cheers Stefan
14. September 2019, 21:58
Nathan Dempsey
Another interesting build Stefan. I will follow 🙂
15. September 2019, 01:29
Stefan Schacht
Thank you Nathan for your interest. Here is a picture of today's work. Cheers Stefan
18. September 2019, 21:55
Holger Kranich
Oh, thats becoming a hard core "What if" ´46! I am in!👍
19. September 2019, 06:26
Stefan Schacht
Thx Holger, you're most welcome
19. September 2019, 11:09
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates here are the next pic´s. The Goliath is done, the head and the gun are not yet glued so I can paint them separately. The Liesel is a 3d printed model, so I have to do a little bit work on the surface. Cheers Stefan
19. September 2019, 22:11
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, today I start to build the E-50. Cheers Stefan
21. September 2019, 16:03
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is a picture of the current work. Instead of the vinyl tracks I use the tracks of a Hobbyboss Tiger II. Cheers Stefan
25. September 2019, 21:49
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is a little up-date. The first track is done. Cheers Stefan
5. October 2019, 22:37
Stefan Schacht
Hi Mates, today I start to build the base. The baseplates form MiniArt are very good, but the road is not wide enough for the E-50, so I made a new one from Styrodur. Cheers Stefan
7. October 2019, 21:25
Norbert Steffens
Great, I like it.
11. October 2019, 09:13
Nice start Stefan! What tool did you used for sculpting the road?
11. October 2019, 09:18
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Norbert and coporado. First, I use sandpaper to get a slightly rough surface and then I use a pencil to sculpt the cobblestones. Cheers Stefan
11. October 2019, 15:18
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the next pic. I continued with the ruins for the base. Cheers Stefan
11. October 2019, 22:53
Dirk Scheffler
Hi Stefan, I think there must be a place for a russian Kugelpanzer.
12. October 2019, 14:10
Stefan Schacht
Hallo Dirk, maybe later I change the E-50 against a Kugeltank 🙂 Cheers Stefan
13. October 2019, 15:50
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, Today I continued working on the base. I start built a plywood frame and I sealed the surface with epoxy resin. Cheers Stefan
13. October 2019, 19:45
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is a little up-date. The plywood frame for the base is done. Cheers Stefan
16. October 2019, 20:28
Norbert Steffens
step by step....looking good
17. October 2019, 04:16
Stefan Schacht
Thank you Norbert for your interest and kind comment
17. October 2019, 10:52
Stefan Schacht
Hallo mates, the picture shows the progress on the buildings. Cheers Stefan
22. October 2019, 22:15
Nathan Dempsey
Coming along nicely. Getting close to my favorite part, the painting & weathering.
23. October 2019, 04:12
It´s taking shape, looking forward to the paintjob
23. October 2019, 04:15
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I'm in! Looking forward to seeing the end result!
23. October 2019, 06:14
Stefan Schacht
Thank you all for your interest. It may be take some time, before I can start the painting of the buildings 🙂 Cheers Stefan
23. October 2019, 11:01
interesting 🙂
23. October 2019, 11:03
Stefan Schacht
You're welcome Spanjaard
23. October 2019, 20:20
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is a little up-date. I still have to fill and sand the buildings a lot, but I glued the first window frames. Cheers Stefan
27. October 2019, 21:55
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, in the last time I saw a lot of interesting SF-models on scalemates. So I put this longrun project back on workbench and start to paint the Liesel. Cheers Stefan
30. January, 21:25
Interesting, will risk a look😉
31. January, 08:22
Norbert Steffens
great. I like the idea with the cammo
31. January, 08:24
Stefan Schacht
Thx Torsten and Norbert
31. January, 21:30
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in!
31. January, 21:42
Woah! 👍
31. January, 23:52
Stefan Schacht
Nice to have you here Roland, thx JD
2. February, 21:12
Great this one is making progress
3. February, 05:06
Stefan Schacht
thx coporado
3. February, 20:00
Stefan Schacht
Hi mates, here is the next picture. I painted the details like the eyes and applied a few decals. Now I can start the washing with oil paints. Cheers Stefan
19. February, 23:31
Roland Gunslinger
Great painting, looks very dangerous 👍
19. February, 23:32
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Roland for your kind words.
19. February, 23:36
Tini Hendriks
Wow, Liesel! Sooo cool! Youtube Video

20. February, 00:00
I get it now.. Liesel rocks! 👍
20. February, 01:33
Nice process and results 👍
20. February, 08:56
Stefan Schacht
Thx Tini, JD and TWN for your kind words and the video. I don't know it before. Here are the next pic´s. The Liesel got a washing with oil-paint and a layer of matt varnish. Now it is almost ready. Maybe I use the Liesel also in a 1:72 Dio. Cheers Stefan
26. February, 21:05
Interesting ot see it in comparison to 1:72,😎 idea 👍
27. February, 07:19
3. March, 06:36
Stefan Schacht
thx TWN and Dirk. I had a lot of pleasure to paint the model 🙂
4. March, 23:47
Rui S
Interesting result. Well done 👍
5. March, 22:16
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Rui, it was just a spontan idea, to put the Liesel on a 1:72 dioram. I want to see how it works 🙂 Cheers Stefan
6. March, 22:39
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice 👍
6. March, 22:41
Fantastic build Stefan!
7. March, 08:13
Stefan Schacht
thanks Roland and coporado
8. March, 10:25


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1:35 A.K.E. Goliath - Autonome Kampfeinheit -Front46- (MAiM MAIM35319)1:35 Liesel G.I.H - Germany Infantry Hunter -Front46- (MAiM MAIM35490)1:35 T.R.W. ~Unke~ (Taktischer Raketenwerfer) open Version -Schwabenland Army- (MAiM MAIM35295)2+

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