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Frank Spahr
Frank Spahr

Planking the deck of the Yacht America


23 September 2017, 05:33
David Thor
Amazing result!
23 September 2017, 07:53
Holger Kranich
Moin Frank,

na das sieht ja mal herrlich aus. Und Du hast ja auch noch die guten JPS Farben. 🙂
23 September 2017, 10:57
Mike Daniels
Looks great.
23 September 2017, 11:54
Frank Spahr
Thanks, gentlemen! Oh, by the way: The JPS paint is mis-labeled, it is IJN deck Tan instead of Linoleum!
23 September 2017, 12:00
Burkhard D
Klasse! 🙂
23 September 2017, 13:03

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The planks were cut to size (100 x 2.5 mm) from .25 mm sheet styrene. They were then scored lengthwise with a coarse sanding stick to add some texture. They were then primed using automotive primer. The planks were sprayed with two shades of acrylics, avoiding a uniform look and ending up with some that were a tad lighter, tohers a bit darker. The final wood effect was reached by drybrushing two shades of artist´s oils. The planks were glued to the kit deck with CA glue. The kit deck had been sprayed black, so that any seams between the planks would look dark and hint at caulking.

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1:56 U.S.S. America (Revell 05416)

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