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Christian Bruer
Christian Bruer

Finished - Sd.Kfz. 222

ICM's scale 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 222 in a small desert scenery.


27 17 November 2019, 20:33
Christian Lehmann
17 November 2019, 20:35
Christian Bruer
Thx Christian🙂
17 November 2019, 20:36
Christian Lehmann
Wusste gar nicht, daß du auch Panzer baust
17 November 2019, 20:40
Christian Bruer
Well the paint is on. I first sprayed a full layer of German Gray, then several thinn layers of mid brown, lightened with sand and white. I use Vallejo acrylics. Next I will add a layer of Future before I start the wash and the highlights of the surface with oils.

Cheers Christian
17 November 2019, 20:43
Christian Bruer
@Christian, habe ganz früher 35er gebaut und nach vielen Schiffen und Flugzeugen macht auch ein Fahrzeug mal wieder Spaß🙂
17 November 2019, 20:45
Christian Lehmann
18 November 2019, 05:44
Holger Kranich
Na hier bin ich doch mal klar dabei!
18 November 2019, 13:57
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in Christian, a tank from your bench sounds more than interesting 👍
18 November 2019, 13:59
Christian Bruer
You're all most welcome 🙂
18 November 2019, 20:04
Dave Flitton
What are you going to do about the screen that sits atop the turret?
18 November 2019, 20:11
Christian Bruer
Hi Dave, there are PE parts for the cover provided with the kit. I will post a photo later.
Cheers Christian
18 November 2019, 21:15
Alec K
Looks excellent Christian. I love these armored cars 👍
19 November 2019, 12:32
Stephan Ryll
Christian, no water, no wings and a lot of wheels😉 looking very nice 👍
19 November 2019, 16:24
Christian Bruer
Thank you very much Alec and Stephan 🙂
19 November 2019, 16:48
Łukasz Gliński
Nice one, following
19 November 2019, 18:12
Martin Oostrom
Why do you always downscale from the 'regular' scales? Planes in 1/144 instead of 72 or 48. Roadstuff in 72 instead of 35 or 24. Is your display cabinet downsized as well? 😄
Troubling part is, your small scale stuff is just so much better then many regular stuff. #Legend 👍
19 November 2019, 21:44
Christian Bruer
Thank you Lukasz and Martin🙂

Well Martin, you know I'm coming from 1/350 scale, so it's an upscale for me 😄

Cheers Christian
20 November 2019, 05:51
Alec K
Yeah Martin, don't you know?? Christian is upscale, UPSCALE I say...😉 😄 😄 🙂
20 November 2019, 13:21
Christian Bruer
Hehe Alec, I guess you know what I mean in the context to modelmaking 😉
20 November 2019, 14:26
Martin Oostrom
I can confirm he is UPTHERE on a pedestal with the best of us. A lot of guys are good, some are great, few are legendary. CB is one of the legendaries 👍
20 November 2019, 16:04
Christian Bruer
Hey Martin, wow wow wow, to much praise IMHO. As I have seen lately at SMC in Veldhoven, there are much more talented modellers than me.
And I like it to look up to others creating wonderful models and dioramas with all their excellent ideas, skills and techniques.

Anyhow, I'm pleased that you like my work and share you impressions and that counts!

Cheers, Christian
20 November 2019, 17:15
Christian Bruer
Well, nearly one year ago I painted the tiny Sd.Kfz.222, so the paint should be dry enough now😄

I wanted to represent the peeling green brown Africa colour and the appearing basic gray colour. First I have added a oil colour wash with dark brown. Once dry I painted carefully all adges with Vallejo German Gray by hand brush. This procedure was done untill I was satisfied with the result. At last I start highlighting all upper surfaces with white Oil colour.
Some dust along ght chassies and wheels was done with pastel calks.
So I let it dry (hopefully not one year) and than the decals and some details.
Cheers, Christian
12 November 2020, 19:18
Mike Kryza
Top Arbeit Christian!
12 November 2020, 20:26
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
12 November 2020, 20:42
Christian Bruer
Dankeschön 🙂
14 November 2020, 22:16
Lode Schildermans
Top work, Christian. Your standard level at detailing
14 November 2020, 22:42
Christian Bruer
Thank you Lode 🙂 Hope you and your family are well!?

To paint all the bits and pieces, including the Modern Armies in Miniatures palm tree, the Black Dog accessories and the D-Day Miniature Studio figures made a lot of fun. I use Vallejo acrylics to paint all the parts and tried to choose a wide variation of colours to get a good colour modulation when all the parts are coming together.
Happy Modelling

14 November 2020, 22:48
Christian Bruer
I call this done - first one in 2021 🙂

Happy Modelling, Christian
2 March 2021, 20:54
Stefan Schacht
Well done 👍
2 March 2021, 21:29
Christian Bruer
Many thx Stefan 🙂
2 March 2021, 22:52
Rui S
I really like 1/72 dios. Incredible work. 👍 I don't know how is it possible to paint the figure's eyes in this scale??? 😮
2 March 2021, 22:57
Peter Hardy
Big thumbs up Christian! Good start for the year! Now, what are you planning in 144 scale?
2 March 2021, 23:14
Christian Bruer
Thank you Rui and Peter 🙂
Well Rui, I paint also figures for my ship models in scale 1/350 😄
Peter, I am progressing a 144 Rafale M and a small scratch build CV section as a display. I will post some photos later the week. Otherwise I have some ships in progress.
Cheers, Christian
2 March 2021, 23:31
what a fantastic job. and i must agree with Martin and all of the above😉
2 March 2021, 23:36
Christian Bruer
Thank you for your kind comment Spanjaard 🙂
2 March 2021, 23:45
Lode Schildermans
It is indeed a fantastic diorama, Christian. Awesome real in this scale. Very nicely done
3 March 2021, 06:02
Dirk Scheffler
Great Dio, the weathering on the Sdkfz 222 for me is outstanding. Top.
3 March 2021, 06:39
Top small scale dio! Paint work on the vehicle is excellent!
3 March 2021, 10:05
Christian Lehmann
3 March 2021, 10:19
Łukasz Gliński
Outstanding. That eyes in 1/72! That umbrella! 😄
3 March 2021, 12:51
Alec K
Outstanding indeed 👍
3 March 2021, 13:30
I would have happily believed that was 1/35!
3 March 2021, 15:46
Christian Bruer
Thank you all for your very kind comments 🙂
3 March 2021, 17:33
Martin Oostrom
Another little CB gem. No amount of kind comments is enough.
3 March 2021, 17:49
Christian Bruer
Hi Martin, thank you very much 🙂
I hope to show it next to some other new CB models at SMC this year!
3 March 2021, 18:56
i will not miss it if we have one this year! 🙂
3 March 2021, 21:04
Martin Oostrom
October, dare we dream?
3 March 2021, 22:22
Peter Hardy
I hope you do! No one has raised a toast to me in a pub for 2 years!
3 March 2021, 23:18
Alec K
I am hoping the USA Nationals in Vegas will be on this summer.
4 March 2021, 02:55
Peter Hardy
If they are Alec I will be expecting a photo essay and interviews!
4 March 2021, 04:11
Alec K
I don't know about the interviews Peter, but photo essay I can do😉
4 March 2021, 15:48
Martin R.
On initial glance I didn't realize it was 1:72! Extremely impressive!
4 March 2021, 16:18
Christian Bruer
Let us all hope 👍
Thank you Martin R. 🙂
4 March 2021, 19:55
Dirk Heyer
Habe Dein sehr schönes Diorama heute auf Modelversium gesehen.
Du hast sehr schön die Lichteffekte in dem kleinen Maßstab umgesetzt und das ganze Diorama hat viel Tiefe und schöne Details. Auch die Figuren sind sehr gut bemalt. Bin wieder sehr beeindruckt von Deinem handwerklichen Fähigkeiten. Klasse gemacht.
5 March 2021, 08:51
Christian Bruer
Hallo Dirk, vielen herzlichen Dank für dein großes Lob, freut mich sehr 🙂

5 March 2021, 19:07


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