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Christian Bruer
Christian Bruer (Christian Bruer)


HMT Sir Gareth - finished

A long awaited kit of one of the Trawlers used by the Royal Navy extensively in both world wars. The Round Table Class was a Military designed trawler and it's main purpose was mine hunting. The nice little resin kit is well designed and castedt. It contains a one piece hull, upperworks, PE, brass and decals. I can highly recoomend the kit!

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1:350 HMS Sir Gareth (Starling Models STK06)


6. August 2019, 12:10
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Christian Bruer
A long awaited kit of one of the Trawlers used by the Royal Navy extensively in both world wars. The Round Table Class was a Military designed trawler and it's main purpose was mine hunting. The nice little resin kit was manufactured by my modeling friend Mike McCabe from Starling Models. He knows exactly what modelers want, as to be seen on the well designed and castedt kit. Next to resin parts the kit contain PE, brass and decals.
The main parts were cleaned and fitted in place except the forward super structure and bridge. I also started the base. I hope this will be a nice in between built I can finish soon.
Cheers, Christian
6. August 2019, 12:16
Holger Kranich
Awesome and neat Little Trawler! The cast Looks very good!
6. August 2019, 12:26
Christian Bruer
Thx Holger :)
6. August 2019, 16:57
Ingmar Stöhr
Looks very nice indeed. Your water also looks very promising already. Have a lot of fun with your "in between" build.
11. August 2019, 19:40
Christian Bruer
Thank you Ingmar :)

The build isn't that complex and easy to do. A good part of the work ist done, just the boat and mine deck and some bits and pieces to do.

Cheers, Christian
11. August 2019, 19:43
Michael Hickey
So tiny and yet the details re beautiful.
11. August 2019, 19:51
looking good already
11. August 2019, 22:46
Christian Bruer
Thank you Michael and Spanjaard :)
12. August 2019, 05:49
Martin Oostrom
A Super Special Ship CB build. I'm in.
It's almost a shame to hide shat hull in water.
Looks good
12. August 2019, 06:41
Stephan Ryll
Very nice work on all those details Christian :)
12. August 2019, 15:25
Christian Bruer
Thank you Martin and Stephan :)

Well Martin I much like this type of ships and I will definetely build another one ;)

Cheers, Christian
12. August 2019, 18:08
Thomas Bischoff
what a cutie!
12. August 2019, 19:18
Christian Bruer
Thank you Thomas :)
14. August 2019, 19:25
Christian Bruer
Paint is on.
Cheers Christian
2. October 2019, 08:31
Christian Lehmann
Interesting subject.
2. October 2019, 08:35
Christian Bruer
Indeed it is :)
2. October 2019, 09:59
Kerry COX
This is why scale modelling is so interesting these days.
The diversity of subject matter, so beautifully produced with the finest of detail. :)
From 'fish 'n' chips' to a three course dinner under the Eiffel tower.
Yes. ??? ;)
I am waiting for the 'pencil'. hehehehehe :)
2. October 2019, 10:14
Such a fun little boat. :) I like it a lot. Has a lot of charm to it. I wish they made more steam ship kits in styrene (in a relevant scale like 1:350, 1:144 or 1:72).
2. October 2019, 10:48
Christian Bruer
Thank you Kerry and Treegugger. Well the pencil, stay tuned Kerry. A photo with the pencil will follow when finished.
Treehugger, unfortunately there is not a market for plastic kits like this. Designing the kit, the tooling etc. for injection moulding is much more expensiv than to make a resin kit. But take a look to the older Revell North Sea Fishing Trawler in scale 1:142. You can make a nice model out of the kit.
Cheers Christian
2. October 2019, 15:07
Stephan Ryll
Comming along nicely Christian :) greatbwork on that small boat
2. October 2019, 19:54
2. October 2019, 20:34
Christian Bruer
Thank you Stephan and Tim :)
3. October 2019, 17:11
Christian Bruer
On the finish line, painting and weathering is done. Just a few bits an pieces, rigging ang figures to do. Well, it seems to me I can present the little Trawler first at SMC 19th and 20th of October in Veldhoven NL :)
Cheers, Christian
10. October 2019, 19:20
Very charming diorama! :) And nice work with the waves rising up and down against the ship's hull.
10. October 2019, 19:40
Martin Oostrom
Where can I sign up for a peek at Veldhoven? There should be a long line at your table
Another example of true craftmanship!
10. October 2019, 19:41
Stephan Ryll
What a nice little gem Christian :) I like it a lot
10. October 2019, 19:54
Kerry COX
Thank you for the pure pleasure you give us all when we see your masterpieces Christian.
Simply wonderful my friend. :)
10. October 2019, 20:23
Stefan Schacht
very nice
10. October 2019, 20:47
Thomas Bischoff
looks fantastic!
10. October 2019, 21:15
Joerg R.
Cool geworden, Christian
10. October 2019, 21:34
i will not miss it :)
10. October 2019, 23:32
Lovely piece of modelling, congrats!
11. October 2019, 04:21
Ingmar Stöhr
Very nice!
11. October 2019, 07:20
Norbert Steffens
Wow, again a great model. Perfect finish. How did you create the water scape? Wall paint on foam?
11. October 2019, 08:23
This is just wonderful!
11. October 2019, 18:57
Christian Bruer
Wow, thank you mates for all your very kind comments.
@Norbert, my usual method using a styrofoam plate, a brass brush, a motor tool, wall paint and high gloss varnish.
Cheers Christian
12. October 2019, 06:36
Norbert Steffens
Thanks. will try that next time....
12. October 2019, 10:27
Christian Bruer
Cut the styrofoam board, shape the water surface with the brass brush (much dust and dirt), make a cutout for the hull, than sand and clean the surface and start applying several layers of wall paint in a stippling motion. Avoid thick layers of wall paint because it will crack. Make three or four thinn layers. Next paint the surface in different shades of the colour of your choice. Once dry add several layers of high gloss varnish (I use acrylic based varnish from my local DIY)
Cheers Christian
12. October 2019, 11:55
Thanks for sharing that interesting How-to, cheers mate
12. October 2019, 12:38
Christian Bruer
You're welcome coporado :)
Well, I call it done and ready for SMC 2019 in Veldhoven NL. It was pure modelling fun to built this little kit.

Cheers, Christian
13. October 2019, 18:45
Wow absolutely convincing result! The crewman fit excellent to the scene. Look forward seeing that next weekend :)
14. October 2019, 03:51
Patrick Hagelstein
Too bad I have to miss this one this year in Veldhoven... Have fun there and untill another time Christian!
14. October 2019, 05:46
Udo Browarczik
As always: Fascinating!
14. October 2019, 08:00
it looks really terrific!!!
14. October 2019, 18:54
some are even better than terrific :)
14. October 2019, 21:01
Peter Hardy
Lunatic with a microscope! Nobody has a right to be that good AND have 20/20 vision!
15. October 2019, 07:23
Thomas Hopfensperger
Hello Christian,
this little gem is not only great for "SMC 2019". would be Bombe in "MF 2020"!! :)
15. October 2019, 07:46
Holger Kranich
Moin Chrischan, dat is ´n heel moij werk! What a sweet one! And think about the offering from Thomas. ;)
15. October 2019, 07:49
Dominik Weitzer
can't imagine, that it is so small - fascinating!
15. October 2019, 08:42
Christian Bruer
Wow, thank you all for all your kind comments on interest. Not common for models of such small vessels.
@Thomas, MF article is in progress ;)

Thx again! I#m looking forward to meet you the next weekend at SMC in Veldhoven NL. You will find me and my German Gamblers and Modellschmiede Hämelerwald modeling friends at our Clubstand field H8!

Cheers, Christian
15. October 2019, 20:11
very close to where you were last year, I will find you there :)
15. October 2019, 21:23
Norbert Steffens
Great, than I also will look around on saturday......
16. October 2019, 05:58
Peter Hardy
Don't worry about me, I'll just sit here quietly waiting for the beer to arrive.
16. October 2019, 08:27
Holger Kranich
Ah Peter, i am right next to you... ;)
16. October 2019, 11:32
Peter Hardy
Bloody hell! You just mention a beer and there is a German in your pocket!
16. October 2019, 11:41
Holger Kranich
A totally normal and common reaction in Germany. Go on the street and say beer. You instantly are surrounded with smiling and friendly germans.
16. October 2019, 11:43
16. October 2019, 17:48
Christian Bruer
@Spanjaard it is the same place :)
@ Lode, yeah looking forward to meet you :)
@Norbert, that would be great :)
@Peter, indeed but don't panic, I'll take some photos, so enjoy the beer so far ;)
@Holger, absolutely right with the beer :)

Cheers Christian
16. October 2019, 18:04

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