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Type XXVII B "Seehund"


31. December 2013, 13:04
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Small project. Original Seehund at the Wilhelmshaven.
31. December 2013, 13:08
Mike Kryza
Hi Acki - der "kleine" Bastelspaß kann sich noch ganz schön hinziehen... O-Fotos gefallen mir.
LG - Mike
9. January 2014, 19:30
Arne Greve
Hey Acki,
where is the update? You´ve send me some photos via WhatsApp. Put them in here.
11. January 2014, 07:22
Wim van der Luijt
Nice subject....I'm following this!
11. January 2014, 08:55
Very kind mates! 2 pics added. Time to finish this one.
13. January 2014, 13:30
Arne Greve
I love your "Seadog"!! :)
13. January 2014, 14:15
Mike Kryza
Absolut geiles Teil...👍
13. January 2014, 17:10
Frank Krause
Small project, big progress! 👍 Like it!
13. January 2014, 17:25
Tried to build the dome with a clear part an failed. 🙁
Torpedos (nearly) ready, broke one of the propellers in the front 🙁
Slowly coming to the end. 🙂
16. January 2014, 09:44
Holger Kranich
Its looking absolute fkn great!
The torpedoes are G7, can you confirm?
16. January 2014, 09:48
Wim van der Luijt
It looks I want one too! :)
16. January 2014, 09:50
Arne Greve
Love it, love it, love it!! Thumb up, my friend!!
16. January 2014, 13:38
Thanks mates!
@Holger: looks like a G7 Torpedo. So I think you´re right.😉
16. January 2014, 15:36
Fabian D.
nice one... I´m felling with you Wim😉
@Holger: they do look like G7´s with magnetcic fuses should do, although there are some details missing, especially the rear part is simplyfied. (great what I learend while playing Silent Hunter, isn´t it? ...Must have spend hours watching those torpedos running though the endless grey of the atlantic😉 )
16. January 2014, 15:40
👍 Fabian.
I´ve learned that the 2 propellers don´t turn in one direction cause the torpedo would do the same. It was too late for me. They stuck already at the torpedo. Maybe a tip for the next builder.
16. January 2014, 15:50
Fabian D.
right, and there is even a gyroscope and a "deepth checker" in there (and not speaking of the "programmable" ones)... I´ve seen a cut open one somewhere...quite amazing what technology was needed for a not "that" complex task

sadly it´s quite hard to add detail on the rear end... those parts would be simply too small: [img1]

16. January 2014, 16:28
Pictures of the finished "Seehund". I didn´t manage to build a glas dome. Painted it silver with glas cote. The torpedo propeller is fixed. The kit was ok.
I hope you enjoy. 😄
18. January 2014, 20:47
Christian Bruer
Looks really good! Nice result, with the painted glas dome. Cheers, Christian
18. January 2014, 21:52
Ricardo Gonzalez Ramos
Looks beautifull
19. January 2014, 10:44
Mike Kryza
Acki - that's I wanna see - and the glass dome looks very good with the right painting. I like this
"Marinekleinkampfmittel" - 👍👍👍
19. January 2014, 15:25
Christian Meyerhoff
Very well done!
19. January 2014, 19:01
Fabian D.
I fully agree on the last 4 comments😉
19. January 2014, 19:09
Very kind, mates. Thank´s for the kind comments for this little project.
19. January 2014, 22:29
Arne Greve
Hi friend, it looks really good. Well done, my friend!!
20. January 2014, 10:21
Thanks Arne, I´m waiting for your Kaiten. Let the pics come.
20. January 2014, 12:10


1:72 German Submarine Type XXVII B "Seehund" (Revell 05125)

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