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Gatow 2012

Internationale Modellbauausstellung


9. September 2012, 19:10
Frank Krause
Interesting dios. Thanks for sharing, Acki! I guess the passengers entering the Haribo jets haven't survided the event...?
9. September 2012, 19:24
Took only a few pics. Only a few modelers there. The guy with this dioramas made an phantastic work.
9. September 2012, 19:24
Hi Frank, you´re right. Killed in action. 🙂
9. September 2012, 19:28
Gerald Willing
Schöne Bilder
10. September 2012, 01:32
Holger Kranich
Very nice pictures! The dio´s are outstanding from that guy!

Some of the real aircraft´s are very heavily weathered!

Thanks for showing that to us!🙂
7. November 2012, 10:18
Hi Holger, I think you have it seen on your own. 🙂

7. November 2012, 11:44
Holger Kranich
Unfortunately not!

I had to head back to Wangerooge due to problems at work.
Wenn ich da gewesen wäre, dann würdest Du jetzt noch einen Hangover haben!;););)
7. November 2012, 12:13
Patrick Boogie
Schade, das zeigt sehr wenig von dem was dort war. Trotzdem danke.
7. November 2012, 16:16

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