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Hans Zwetsloot (hzet32)

HC-7 Kaman UH-2A Seasprite


4. January 2014, 20:02
Lionel Marco

May i take a seat? I'ld like to follow your build of this cool-looking helo...
5. January 2014, 06:14
Roman Gmünder
Hi, could you please post some closeup shots of your conversion set, since i plan to backdate my 1/48 seasprite to an A-Model as well. I know about the obvious differences of the engine and wheels, put in the rotorcraft conversion seems to be more than that. Thanks for your help!
Regards Roman
5. January 2014, 11:05
Hans Zwetsloot
Hi Roman, the set contains a new engine housing, new tail fin, two external tanks and a piece of rod to fashion the "fishpole" for the rescue hoist. Not included is a new LH side door. The instructions suggest to fashion this door from sheet, using the -2F LH side window. However, this window is too big. Instead I plug formed a new door from clear sheet. I do not need the external tanks for the version I will be modelling, nor will I use the tail fin. Comparing with the kit tail fin there is little difference in surface detail. Removing the -2F tailfin extension is easier than grafting on the new tail fin.
5. January 2014, 12:59
Roman Gmünder
Thanks for your help. I'm anxious to see your furhter progress with this model.
7. January 2014, 17:03
hzet32, Can I watch too? I have this same project planned for the future. I have both the Airfix(MPC) and Fujimi SH-2F kits. I know Colin designed the conversion for the Airfix kit, but I want to see if it will work on the Fujimi kit as well. I like your tail rotor jig and your interior details are terrific! What are you going to use for decals? R/ Dutch
7. January 2014, 17:39
Hans Zwetsloot
Sure :) Just have patience, I am a slow modeler... Can't say if the conversion will work on the Fujimi kit, but since it replaces the entire engine/transmission housing it should be doable. At least it saves you cutting out the LH door. As for decals these will mostly come from the spares box. I will be making an all-grey HC-7, which doesn't have many markings.
7. January 2014, 20:05
7. January 2014, 20:33
Hans Zwetsloot
More progress. Interior finished and installed, fuselage assembled. Attention now shifted to exterior.
21. January 2014, 19:45
Roman Gmünder
Has there been more progress lately? I'm looking forward to some new pictures...
13. March 2014, 19:20
Burkhard D
Nice work on the interior 👍
13. March 2014, 19:51
Hans Zwetsloot
Indeed progressing slowly. Fuselage assembly completed and sprayed engine gray all-over. Doors installed to mask interior. Painting of the rotor also in progress. Got to start on the decals soon...
14. March 2014, 19:14


1:72 Kaman SH-2F Seasprite (Airfix 03041)1:72 Kaman HUK2-1/UH-2A Seasprite (ROTORcraft RC7201)

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