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2022 - Dreaming of Summertime - WIP

Happy new year!!! Let's hope we can get somewhere this year. Working on my first dio of 2022. Was dreaming of childhood when finding your own little swimming spot could keep you occupied all summer long. Going to have a go at making my own personal swimming spot.


Ben M
13 January, 04:36
Bobby Thumbs
Update: my first attempt at making a tree. It turned out ok I think?... I welcome any helpful tips
26 January, 05:13
Ben M
Looks like a tree to me!
26 January, 13:00
The tree looks good to me.
29 January, 16:30
Bobby Thumbs
Thanks guys. I added grass and bits - still needs a lot of work and funds to get all the neccessary bits to detail the dio.
30 January, 01:26
Bobby Thumbs
Hey folks, added ground cover and started work on one side of bush area. It turned out ok.
6 February, 07:50
Greg Baker
This is awesome and totally different. Love it!
6 February, 08:24
Ben M
Yeah that's starting to look real good
6 February, 13:09
Bobby Thumbs
Hey folks finished other side I think I'm done with the bushes?? Please convince me to put more. I think I will start working on what ladies will be hanging out here and if the figures will be in the water or not. Suggestions anyone?
10 February, 09:33
Bobby Thumbs
Help me out guys and girls !!.. which kit should I get for this dio?

1: "Girl Fight 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Skull Clan - New Amazons (Master Box MB35202, 1:35)


2: "Toto - we're not in Kansas anymore"

Where am I? Splinter (Master Box MB35215, 1:35)


3: "Panzergruppe Pink 2"

17 February, 01:36
perhaps the Panzergruppe Pink 2 #YFWW-2065 ? 👀
17 February, 02:56
Simon Nagorsnik
Very convincing setting!
Looks really lifelike and comes really close to your templates.
Keep it up👍
17 February, 05:18
Skull Clan!
17 February, 08:31
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Looks very convincing and realistic.
17 February, 08:50
Simon Nagorsnik
Fure sure- skull clan!
I think this could be a nice ambush scenario
17 February, 08:57
Bobby Thumbs
hey all - thanks for the props - my 1st try at a proper green bush floor, i'm pretty happy with it so far but I reckon it needs more bush!!

As for figures, your choices has made it even harder to decide lol. Initially the idea came from a happy place, a nice dream but JD and Simon want to turn it into a violent summer nightmare - I'm cool with that..

I'm going to throw one more into the mix

US and German paratroopers (Master Box MB35157, 1:35)

18 February, 12:04
Michael Kohl
you have all the reason to be happy with your bush floor as it turned out very convincingly so far. Anxious to see which of the suggested roads you take.
18 February, 12:17
Simon Nagorsnik
Your new idea has something🤔
I think I'll change my mind again- take the paratroopers!😁!
This set fits much better in this setting!
18 February, 12:34
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Yeah, paratroopers. 😄
18 February, 14:51
Bobby Thumbs
Thank you Michael for the positive feedback. I am enjoying making forest / bush scenes. I may try something harder next time - maybe with a lot of mud or snow, maybe a city-scene next. There's still a bit to do on this one so I should just concentrate on this one before thinking about the next project.

Just ordered the paratroopers, looks like I will be having to chop one of the girls legs up to her thigh to make it look like shes deep in the water.
22 February, 22:51
Simon Nagorsnik
23 February, 04:23
Bobby Thumbs
Hey all received the paraperverts this week and started working on the figures. I think I can get away without chopping legs coz they can stand on the rocks. It's the easy way out and I'm taking it. I can work on the water without having to worry about a figure.
27 February, 03:52
I think it looks like i nice place I have good memories from
Sure most will think of good times
Here we had more days over 40+ for many years
So I'm looking forward to winter now lol
27 February, 06:13
Bobby Thumbs
Update: put down the water, turned out browner than I wanted - oh well. Im calling the dio done. Onto the figs next
6 March, 21:05
don't be discouraged ..Try ,try again ..even the "best" have a failure here and there , its how you recover from it ,everything has a learning curve, otherwise experiment first before hand ,then apply what worked best to your diorama .👍 positive mindset Bobby ..What you've done looks great!
6 March, 21:30
Bobby Thumbs
Hey Mona - thanks for the words of encouragement - I'm not discouraged - just gives me an excuse to make another river / water scene. It turned out OK - I think I need to be more patient when laying down layers of resin - theres a few bubbles in the water but its cool - the water does look like slow moving water so I'm at least pleased with that part.
6 March, 22:25
Looks great Bobby! Tell me you decided to go with the much more unusual Skull Clan girls.. 🧐
6 March, 23:08
Bobby Thumbs
Im sorry to disappoint you JD but I got the paratrooper set with the bathing girls instead. HOWEVER I do want to mash-up this kit:

Friendly boxing match. Briti..s (Master Box MB35150, 1:35)


with the Skull clan girls.. Maybe a girl fight in a seedy WW2 bar? lol or maybe a UFC fight with a cage and all the men looking on...

9 March, 12:24
Bobby Thumbs
scratch that - I would not even know how to begin to build a 1:35 scale UFC octagon
9 March, 12:25
Bobby its your model
I liked it for the memories
And the good work you have done

At the end of the day uts your model
I enjoyed it and its upto you were you like to take it
Sometimes to make a big elaborate thing take away from what really has meaning
9 March, 13:19
Jus5 think about what you like to look at and
Were your life matters
Like me there will be plenty that will apriciate it
9 March, 13:26
Bobby Thumbs
Update: the girls are on the dio.. its nearly finish.. Still struggling to paint skin smoothly as well as facial detail but I must say I was impressed by how the stream of water from the jug turned out.
15 March, 07:09
Ben M
Looking great!
15 March, 12:13
John Thomas
15 March, 12:36
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Wow, the water coming from the jug looks great 👍
Did you use acrylic products for said water?
15 March, 12:50
Bobby Thumbs
Thanks for the love everyone. @WhiteGlint - yea man I was surprised at how well the water stream turned out too. I used AK 8008 for the stream - I spread some out on a piece of glass and scraped it off when it was dry. I then cut the blob into a strip, glued it to the jug and used AK 8002 to make it more rounded as well as giving it some shape - it worked a treat but Im sure theres other water products that do the same. I think theres a Vallejo set out there as well thats probably the same shit in a different bottle.
15 March, 22:33


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