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The Butcher
Bobby Thumbs (The Butcher)

Zombie Huner and XLR 250

Work in Progress

Edit: I'm calling it on this one. I just need to frame and paint the sides and it's done. Been a quick fun build. First time doing a grassy diorama, had fun experimenting, I want to try water next.


15 14 October 2021, 11:41
I like it!
30 October 2021, 23:43
Bobby Thumbs
Thanks @JD - diorama is entitled: "That time when the Covid Epsilon Variant turned people into zombies" - nothing?
31 October 2021, 00:58
I'm waiting ....for the Zombies to appear .At the rate we're going if this virus doesn't cause it , the next super bug just may ?
5 November 2021, 21:32
Bobby Thumbs
Let's hope not and keep Zombies to the TV. Can you imagine the smell of rotting flesh all the time and bits falling off bodies? no thanks
6 November 2021, 02:27
I quite agree ,leave the t-virus for project Alice to deal with, and the post apocalyptic world to Mad Max and Furiousa
6 November 2021, 03:23


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1:35 Motorcycle Reconnaissance Set (Tamiya 35245)1:35 "Zombie Hunter - Road to Freedom" (Master Box MB35175)No Tufts of grass 2-7mm long <Dry> (Fredericus-Rex GL-012)

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