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Saurabh (Foxbats)

Russian Air Force Su-27m (early Su-35)

1/72 Scale Su-27M (early Su-35) "Flanker-E" in fictional colours of the Russian Air Force. This is from a very crude and dated kit by Zvezda which I ordered at the start of the Corona pandemic about two years ago when I restarted model making after almost 20 years. It was the first model I ordered from abroad from eBay and I was unsure if it would actually be delivered so picked the cheapest one. It finally arrived after 10+ follow ups after 9 months and I never opened the packet after reading the reviews of the kit online. After numerous attempts to sell it or even gift it failed I decided to try making it.

I almost gave up at the beginning after seeing the lack of detail and crude shapes of the missiles and landing gear. However I realised my Zvezda Su-30sm kit came with a lot of spare parts and I ended up using the landing gear, exhausts, pylons, decals, missiles and bombs from the kit. Overall happy with the results despite the basic kit.


10 5 June, 04:57


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