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Simon Nagorsnik (s.nagorsnik)

1:76 Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F- Matchbox Group Build

Found this kit in the local toy store.
It was a spontaneous idea to join the Matchbox Group Build.
Saw, bought and built the model within 2.5 hours.
The idea was to paint the whole thing with the paint brush without using the airbrush.
I wanted try to use techniques which were always used on my fantasy tabletop miniatures.
Also want to paint the whole thing only with acrylic colors.
Hope it will work...


72 11 June, 10:22
Rui S
Interesting choice. I'm in 😎
11 June, 13:46
Simon Nagorsnik
Welcome Rui!
I`m planning to use a new painting technic for this project- I hope my idea works;)
11 June, 13:51
Rui S
Looking forward 👍
11 June, 13:52
Chan Li
This must be fun 😎
11 June, 13:55
Chan Li
Tell us your new method afterwards, I'm way curious 😁
11 June, 13:57
I am in
11 June, 14:02
Simon Nagorsnik
Chan and Spanjaard nice that you`re in!
@Chan: I just want to paint the whole thing with the brush and thus to achieve an interesting look.
But htere will be no pics before it`s finished, then I don't have to take anything back if it goes wrong 😉
11 June, 14:08
Chan Li
I see, yeah if it's 1/76, brush is for sure a trustful choice, hand painting is basic but essential of an art maker, looking forward to it.
11 June, 14:14
WOW, only paintbrush? fantastic
17 June, 07:53
Bruce Huxtable
Your end results are inspiring - clearly, patience and a gradual process are essential to achieve these results. Many thanks for showing that it can be done!! 🙂
17 June, 08:07
Michael Kohl
I like the approach
17 June, 11:10
Kaz Takei
WOW! Amazing!
17 June, 11:55
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you guys for your assistance🙂!
I think it could be something, I'm pretty happy with it.
The picture shows it not quite well but the painting tends slightly into the blue.
I thought I'd bring a little more color into the game 😀
17 June, 12:05
Neil Patrick
Bravo SImon! Looking exciting already. Can't wait to see where you take this.
17 June, 16:11
Daniel Klink
Recognisable as anything... a true Simon built.. Awesome mate 👍
23 June, 20:09
David R. Meizoso
Superb! May I ask what's going on in pic 19?
23 June, 20:18
Simon Nagorsnik
Work is done!
I think I'm satisfied with my performance.

A bit later: thanks Neil! Now you can see how it turned out🙂
Daniel: thanks for your comment, i know it's not a japanese plane, so i'm glad that you like it too😁
23 June, 20:23
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you too David!
On pic 19... i've tried to create the sag of the tracks.
I used the toothpicks to hold the tracks in place while the glue was drying.
23 June, 20:31
23 June, 20:44
David R. Meizoso
Thanks, Simon!
23 June, 22:34
Chan Li
A perfect rebirth of an old kit.
24 June, 01:56
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks all of you mates!!
Although this way of painting takes a lot of time, it was fun and it was the right decision.
Thanks again!
24 June, 04:02
Michael Kohl
Daniel said it: recognizable as anything. And again I do like the way you work with colors and how you enhance your models with simple but very effective vignettes.
24 June, 08:22
and on top of that, in such a small scale. i love it.
24 June, 08:46
Simon Nagorsnik
Your comments and your praise motivates me even more my friends! 😁
Special thanks to Michael and Spanjaard!
24 June, 12:54
Harald Besold
Very nice diorama. The vehicle is very successful and the idea with the rails on the floor is great.
24 June, 17:06
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks a lot Harald!
I saw some pictures of pz.ii in urban environment.
Wanted to keep the base simple, so I just wanted to hint the scene.
24 June, 17:22
Andy WW1
Wow amazing detail, incredible painting.
24 June, 18:05
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice to hear from You Andy and thanks for your comment!
25 June, 17:44
Neil Patrick
Wonderful inspiring work as always Simon! So pleased you've joined team Matchbox! Or COP as I call it (Crappy Old Plastic). Except it's not crappy at all in the right hands...
27 June, 00:03
Simon Nagorsnik
So mucht thanks for for nice words Neil!
It was a spontaneous idea to join but a good idea😄
I built my last Matchbox/ Revell kits about 20 years ago.
So it was nice to have one on the table again and today i see these kids from completely different aspects;)
And you've right Neil, they're not crappy for today, old kits can be a lot of fun !
27 June, 04:28
Robin (WhiteGlint)
I must have missed this one somehow.
Stunning work, Simon. A very nice little tank and vignette. 👍
An interesting idea to put a mini version of the box art on the base.
27 June, 05:50
Really nice!
27 June, 08:02
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks a lot Robin and Neuling!
And thanks for the likes!
Since I only made the kit for the group build, I wanted to do something that connects to it.
27 June, 08:10
Ralf Topeters
It looks as if the hatch opens, a warhammer marine will appear! Great work! Light effects look fantastic. 👍
28 June, 07:14
Simon Nagorsnik
You are right Ralph!
I deliberately tried to create a different style.
Was trying to be a bit creative this time😄
28 June, 08:05
Zsolt Czegle
Really awesomeness! 👍
4 July, 09:00
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you amigo😁
4 July, 10:11
Roy McKay
Stunning! Seeing models built like this maybe there should be a competition section?
22 July, 16:16
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks for your nice comment Roy!
A competition, hmmm....;)
22 July, 16:23
Stefan Fraundorfer
Painting and weathering are incredibly well done. Congratulations Simon!
31 July, 09:13
Christoph Schnarr
Wonderful model with an excellent finish 👍
31 July, 11:35
Christian Bruer
Excellent work and finish 👍
31 July, 11:47
Simon Nagorsnik
Thank you so much Stefan, Christoph and Christian!!
It was fun to build and paint this "oldie"😄
31 July, 12:56
looking great, very nice piece 👏
6 August, 15:56
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks Juskifo!
6 August, 16:24


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1:76 PzKpfw II Ausf. F (Revell 03229)
Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. F
3R Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945)
5 Le.Div., Afrika Korps 241
February 1941 World War 2»Operation Sunflower LY

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