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Thorsten Drescher (Thorsten)

Pz.IV Ausf.H Pz.Lehr.Div. Normandy 1944 Op Cobra


a new Project at a new workbench. 🙂 Dragon´s perfect P IV out of the box with Bison Decals, Atak Zimmerit and an a RB Tank MG. I used also some Zimmeritparts from the StuG.IV Early Production w/Zimmerit.


27. March 2013, 22:48
Mike K
Lookin good Thor. I'm a big fan of Pz IV's.
28. March 2013, 03:50
Thorsten Drescher
Hi Mike, mee too... new pic´s add. Last stand yesterday evening.
28. March 2013, 15:42
Frank Krause
Great, Thorsten! I do love the worn road-wheels. Looking really real!
28. March 2013, 17:09
Mike Kryza
very interesting - looks quiet good so far...👍
28. March 2013, 17:43
Thorsten Drescher
Thx mike and frank. The road wheels....terrible work. I hate it. But now...🙂 Thx
28. March 2013, 21:06
Roy McKenzie
Awesome work. Those wheels look great. How did you do them?
28. March 2013, 21:27
Thorsten Drescher
Hi Roy,
every Modeller had this tools.😎 Scalpell, Resin Saw, Sandpaper and a Square file. And time... I worked one week on it. Wheel for wheel... 😠
28. March 2013, 22:53
Roy McKenzie
I have all that stuff. The hard part is just doing it. After all if I mess it up just get another set of wheels 🙂

29. March 2013, 01:31
Mike K
Why spend the cash when damaged rubber is so easy to do?
1. April 2013, 02:05
Just got this kit and was thinking of using the Atak Zimm as well...probably for a 12 SS HJ Pzw.IV
2. December 2014, 01:41


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