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Jan Goormans
Jan Goormans


Here some pictures (need to take better ones) of the P-47 almost done

I used Ad Astra masks (with the minor details in decals)
And for the first time Xtracolor matt varnish , i am really impressed, it gives a dead matt finish
so from now on that will be my standard matt finish


21. December 2012, 09:00
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Burkhard D
Really conveys that 'heavy metal' impression. Weathering looks great, very consistent, not easy to achieve. 👍
21. December 2012, 09:10
Holger Kranich
Hey Jan!
Great job on your Jug! And you are right, the varnish looks very realistic!
21. December 2012, 09:15
Wilfried Bogaerts
Very nice job you did there Jan !! 👍 👍
21. December 2012, 09:44
Frank Krause
Congratulations, Jan! Another beauty out of your workshop! Would like to see it live!
21. December 2012, 11:22
Dirk Heyer
What a nice, huge Thunderbolt!
Top applied decals, smooth paintjob and clean assembling!
That`s what I`ll call "Pleasure for my eyes"
I have one in scale 48 and if I compare it with a 109 it is like David vs. Goliath, must be a large model in scale32?!
What do you mean? A dead matt varnish? What is about the white dusty coating often seen with Acrylic matt varnish??
What`s about the smell??
Another nice "Beauty Roll Out" out of "Jan`s Garage"!!
21. December 2012, 11:26
Luc B
one word: splendid!
21. December 2012, 13:13
Mike Kryza
...and again a gem!!! :-D
21. December 2012, 17:45
Jan Goormans
thanks guys !!
@ Dirk , this is an Enamel matt varnish, the smell is not to strong, and it does take longer that the acrylic varnishes to dry completely (the red nose part is the satin version of that varnish)
22. December 2012, 10:26
Christian Mundt
The Jug looks excellent! And I´ll definitely give the Xtracolor varnish a try
22. December 2012, 10:42
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi ,Jan
Absolutly wonderful. TOP ! ! !
23. December 2012, 09:24
Rob van Driel
Wonderful Jan!
23. December 2012, 10:13
Respectfully, painted very clean, the building also perfect, very nice model, thanks for the imagination
23. December 2012, 11:17
Christian Bruer
Nice bird, very well done!
23. December 2012, 16:10
as always...great job
23. December 2012, 17:53
Michel Huijghe
Good job. 🙂
23. December 2012, 19:02
Jan Goormans
Calling it done and took new pictures
5. January 2013, 18:39
mark de bruyn
Great work very nice result
5. January 2013, 18:48
Frank Krause
Hi Jan, make sure to bring it with you next time in Mol! I must see this one live! Great job! Love the camo!
5. January 2013, 19:39
stefan natus
Looks great to me,nice job on the cammo.
7. January 2013, 10:53
Dirk Heyer
Pretty nice result in all as previously wrote!
Jan, is this scheme one of the Wolvepack Juggernauts?????
Would you tell me more about the Astra Masks? I know only Astra Decals! Didn`t hear before about Astra Masks!
7. January 2013, 13:34
Oliver Peissl
Hi Jan,
looks very nice your Jugbird!
7. January 2013, 13:58
Jan Goormans
thanks !!

@ Dirk , yes , this is a Wolfpack bird

and for the masks : Ian from Ad Astra makes whatever you want
so mail him some pictures and he will the make masks (for the smaller items decals)
you have a unique model then
the link: http://www.adastramasks.com/index.html
i also have a few of his more standard masks sets for my Spitfire in the stash
but he has lots of work, so it takes a while

another possibility is to contact Mal from Miracle Masks
link: http://www.freewebs.com/miraclemasks/
same story here, also Mal has lots of work
Mal is doing the masks for the Dauntless that i am building

hope this helps
7. January 2013, 14:27
Dirk Heyer
Thx, for your reply!
It helps well!!
So now I habe a solution to get my own decals for my "Cicogne" Mirage III as seen in the movies " Les aventures du M. Tanguy et E. Laverdure!
7. January 2013, 14:43
Jan Goormans
yep 🙂
and i am using this solution more and more,
i can build the plane i want without being limited by what's available on decals
7. January 2013, 15:54
Alberto Bianchi
My sincere congratulations...Wonderful camouflage!
7. January 2013, 15:59
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi Jan
Top Warbird.Superb. 👍
7. January 2013, 18:51
Michel Huijghe
That's what I need to make my own decals.🙂
8. January 2013, 08:42
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Jan, your Thunderbolt looks really great! Very subtile and convincing weathering; it´s a pleasure to study your work. Congratulations to this!
20. January 2013, 16:20


1:32 P-47D Thunderbolt (Hasegawa 08077)

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