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Holger Kranich (Booze)


He-219 "Uhu" Groupbuild

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In progress
1:32 He 219 A-7 (A-5 / A-2 late) "Uhu" (Revell 04666)1:32 He 219 Wheels (Eduard 632016)2+
Heinkel He 219 A-7
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
1./NJG 1 W.Nr.310213/G9+FK | World War 2 - Westerland-Sylt April 1945 | RLM75 RLM76


23. October 2015, 07:01
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Christian Meyerhoff Na prima!
Das sieht doch schon sehr gut aus!
23. October 2015, 07:08
Holger Kranich Well es sind halt nur Anfänge... Aber der Revellkit baut sich soweit ganz gut!
23. October 2015, 07:17
Christian Meyerhoff Na dann hau mal rein!
23. October 2015, 07:19
Holger Kranich Time, what is time... ;)
23. October 2015, 07:30
Holger Kranich Naja, ich hoffe ja insgeheim das ich heute Abend vllt. mal ein Stündchen...:8
23. October 2015, 14:13
Holger Kranich Finished the paintjob of the seats last night, so its time for the HGW Seatbelts! A kit in a kit, i´m looking forward to get driven crazy when assembling them :D

28. October 2015, 06:43
Hanno Kleinecke Sach mal, kriegst Du nicht langsam ganz schöne Kopfschmerzen vom ewigen Kopfstehen ? :)
Good start on that owl !
28. October 2015, 13:32
Jonns Pfeiffenberger Holger ist der Weltmeister des aufgeräumten Basteltisches! Da muss man nichts suchen und wir bekommen schneller Ergebnisse zu sehen ;)
28. October 2015, 13:37
Holger Kranich Thx! :D
Manchmal steht hier eben alles Kopf ;)
Die Geschichte meines Basteltisches -ist eine Geschichte voller Mißverständnisse. Entweder er ist klinisch (meißt nur zu Anfang eines Projektes) oder es sieht aus wie Sau...
28. October 2015, 14:11
Holger Kranich Just worked on the HGW seatbelts. Nice detail but hard to work with when it's your first time... ;)
2. November 2015, 19:30
Christian Meyerhoff Holger das sieht richtig gut aus!
2. November 2015, 19:57
Holger Kranich Thanks a Lot! Looking forward to give it a wasch to bring out the textile structure
2. November 2015, 20:08
Christian Meyerhoff Well, I don`t think that a wash is needed. If this was mine I would leave it like it is. There were no old UHU`s But the choice is Your`s for sure.
2. November 2015, 20:12
Holger Kranich Thanks Mike! Very fiddely and i was cursing a lot because of my fat fingers and the small pe. I only recommend those Belts for 1:32 not smaller!
3. November 2015, 07:52
Holger Kranich This fabric is an interesting material. Ist very flexible and there is no comparison to pe´s!
What i dont like are the instructions. They are way not clear! You still Need to check your references ;)
3. November 2015, 13:27
Acki At last you made it mate! ;)
Well done Holly!
3. November 2015, 15:33
Holger Kranich Yeah Acki, and i´m actually making the rest of the belts. But it cost some nerves... ;)
3. November 2015, 15:43
Es-haq Khosravi Is your bench untidy?!! You should see mine! LOL
4. November 2015, 20:35
Christian Meyerhoff Well Holger... As I can see you are struggeling with small details and it looks very nice so far. It all starts small. but will become big when finished. Good luck Mate! Excellent work so far!
4. November 2015, 20:47
4. November 2015, 23:27
Holger Kranich Panel is finished so far, im one step further :)
4. November 2015, 23:30
Holger Kranich Now some drybrushing is required...
4. November 2015, 23:31
5. November 2015, 21:17
Chris Parsons Looking good, keep it up
6. November 2015, 01:02
Es-haq Khosravi Great job! The seat belts look great!
6. November 2015, 02:05
Holger Kranich Thx mates! It's fiddely but in the end it's rewarding ;)!
6. November 2015, 06:47
Soeren . The cockpit looks beautiful! :)
11. November 2015, 20:16
Holger Kranich Soeren, thx a lot! :)
11. November 2015, 21:04
Chris Parsons Better than having the kagero book, I'm just going to copy your model, how can I go wrong
Looks great, you have much patience installing individual instrument decals, ok I'll try that too
11. November 2015, 21:18
Chris Parsons By the way, are you, and if so, how are you dealing with the props? I'm hoping to just load them with filler and sand them to shape.
11. November 2015, 21:21
Holger Kranich Hi Chris!
Thank ya very much! The Instrument decals are quite nice to deal with. Some Future under and Set & Sol over them and they obey, so far! ;)
Regarding the props, i'm confused. On some pix, the kit props look decent, on some reference they do not. I'll decide what to do when i work on them...
I am graceful that you like my work, so far! :D
11. November 2015, 21:40
Holger Kranich Hi Mike! I´m glad you like the Pit! :)

And yes, i heard about Megadeth´s new release :D And do you know that they are going to re-record "Killing is my Business.." with the actual line up? ;) ;)
12. November 2015, 07:14
Holger Kranich I´m really looking Forward!
12. November 2015, 12:43
Es-haq Khosravi Great job Holy! Was Uhu getting benefit of ejection seats?
12. November 2015, 13:23
Holger Kranich Jep Essi, the first, in series build aircraft with bang seats!
12. November 2015, 14:34
Chris Parsons Or in this case whoosh seats?
12. November 2015, 14:37
Holger Kranich Whoosh seats? You mean a toilet? LOL :D
12. November 2015, 14:44
Kerry COX Wonderful attention to your detail Holger, and I was thinking that the rest will be just as stunning. :)
Congratz mate.
12. November 2015, 15:07
Christian Meyerhoff Holger dat ward watt! Moi!
12. November 2015, 18:39
Sebastian Schl. Wuuhuuuu du uhuuuuu. Denk dran das Du auf einer Insel lebst auf der begrenzt Platz ist. Uhu in 32... Naja hast ja nen großen Schuppen (-;
12. November 2015, 19:47
Holger Kranich I´m very pleased to read that dudes! THX! :D
13. November 2015, 13:19
Chris Parsons I read it too... Just didn't understand it, dam my unilanguage
13. November 2015, 13:25
Holger Kranich What do you mean, Chris? Maybe i can translate it for you?
13. November 2015, 13:29
Holger Kranich Christian M. wrote in a Special North german Accent called "Plattdeutsch" (Flatgerman). He said that the Uhu will become nice.
And Sebastian Schl. wrote me that i should be Aware that i´m living on a small Island in the North sea and my Uhu is in a big scale. He is afraid that i dont have so much space to Display it. But he meant it ironic ;)
13. November 2015, 13:32
13. November 2015, 13:47
Chris Parsons Ha ha ha... Was the uhu carrier qualified?
13. November 2015, 14:41
Holger Kranich LOL, he had to be to land here ;)
13. November 2015, 14:43
Christian Meyerhoff Well Chris... From time to time I use this language when talking to people who are living in the same area of Germany as me. I like to use it because You can say much without using too many words and it's simpel.
@ Holger: Will You translate this please:
Se wulden de Bullen de Büddel afbinden, se kunnen so gau dat Tau nech finden ;)
13. November 2015, 16:41
Acki Wat de een sien Uhl, is de anner sien Nachtigall.
13. November 2015, 16:47
13. November 2015, 20:09
Sebastian Schl. What is ones eagle uwl, is the nightingale of the others?

That is on perfekt example. This is a german "Spruch" haha. i dont know if it is possible to say this in english. My personal englisch is sowieso under all pig. That makes me so fast nobody after...

Sorry. when did the next pictures arrive??
kind regards
13. November 2015, 20:11
Chris Parsons Your english is 100% better than my German
14. November 2015, 03:49
Roland Sachsenhofer Quite nice cockpit, Holger- especially the seat belts are really stunning!
14. November 2015, 13:45
Rui S Looking Great, Holger.
Keep it coming...
14. November 2015, 13:52
Holger Kranich Guys You are all so kind! You push my Motivation and that feels quite good! :)
No Christian, i dont translate it, it's against the good taste :D
Today i made a BIG step, look at the comparison of the Beer and the fuselage halve ;)
14. November 2015, 19:25
Christian Meyerhoff Well Holger I can understand this, it's hard to translate... :) Everage modellers like me use fishing weights to prevent their model from being a tailsitter. Did You use bullets? ;) Nice cockpit btw.
14. November 2015, 20:18
Kerry COX Stunning progress Holger, just as I would expect from you and the fuselage/beer image is a graphic way of making the comparison.
But the bullets worry me, as I am wondering if there will be that much room to get the weight you need, or I will suggest getting some 12 gauge shotgun ammo and use the pellets with some superglue and fill the space with that. :-O maybe. ??
14. November 2015, 20:40
Stephan Ryll looks like 9x19 ammo - like the UZI had
14. November 2015, 21:07
Chris Parsons Thats one heavily armed owl...Oh come on somebody had to say it
14. November 2015, 21:51
Kerry COX I was going to mention "calibre", but the calibre of his work speaks for it's self. LOL (( :))
14. November 2015, 23:28
Holger Kranich @ Christian: If i had fishing weight´s, i would have yoused them but in this case only bullets where available...

Kerry, i was thinking about using 12 gauge slugs, but they didnt fit in the fuselage/engine nacelle. So i took what i found... ;) The bullets have a lot of grains, i hope it will be enough

Stephan, you got it ;)

Chris: Yep someone had to say it! And you will be surprised how heavy the Uhu will be armed in the end... ;)

Thank you all for the nice and helpful comments! You are the best! :D
16. November 2015, 07:55
16. November 2015, 12:32
Chris Parsons Hey Holger how's the owl progressing? No pictures/ posts in a while.
24. November 2015, 02:26
Arne Greve Dam, Holger! Great work, super painting and scratching!
24. November 2015, 07:47
Efthymios Chatzopoulos The cockpit is very realistic. Especialy the instruments panel. It is a large-scale aircraft for which I am very impatient to see it completed.
24. November 2015, 08:24
Holger Kranich Thx very much dudes! :D
I had a Lot of Party the last few days but hope to find time to carry in today!???????? ;)
25. November 2015, 08:34
Kerry COX Animal. :) :) :) (Party)
25. November 2015, 11:10
Christian Bruer Wow, very nice details and realistic paint work. Looking forward to your progress when party time is over :)
26. November 2015, 18:39
Sven Doe That's a interesting project, so I take a place.... :)
13. February 2016, 10:02
arne vd burg Stunning cockpit Holger.
13. February 2016, 11:55
Kerry COX I should be doing something about my build, as I have had some major distractions, but they are gone now. :)
Like Arne said, the cockpit is a most stunning item Holger, and the fuselage compared with the beer bottle really brings home the size of it. !!! :)
13. February 2016, 12:17
Christian Ristits absolutely fantastic cockpit!
13. February 2016, 12:55
Rui S Looking Great, Mate. I agree with Christian Ristits. Keep it coming Keep it coming :)
13. February 2016, 14:13
Holger Kranich Thank you very much dudes! It is pure fun to work on it!
And I hope I can come close to the finishing in the next meeting week here. It's sometimes of a stealth project now and you will be amazed how it will look like in the end :)
13. February 2016, 20:40
Choppa Nutta ,...... wow how did I miss this !! looking great Holly :D

and that is one big bird too, love the bullets for ballast :)
13. February 2016, 21:06
Holger Kranich Is simply had nothing else :) :)
13. February 2016, 21:07
Holger Kranich Thank Choppy!
13. February 2016, 21:07
Choppa Nutta "I simply had nothing else"

........ "Darling, can you check the ammo crates ? I've run out of ballast" haha :D

At least your model will literally be fully loaded ! :D :D :D
13. February 2016, 21:30
Kerry COX Armed to the teeth too. hehehe. :)
13. February 2016, 22:12
Rui S Hahaha great comment Choopa ((( :D)))
14. February 2016, 04:15
Holger Kranich Some progress here... Damn is it huge!
24. April 2016, 09:28
Choppa Nutta any chance you could use a banana for scale please ?
Cheers ;) :D
24. April 2016, 09:34
Holger Kranich I used bananas for a long time for comparison but no one like it, so i banned bananas from home :D
24. April 2016, 09:38
Holger Kranich What about an oyster?
24. April 2016, 09:39
Kerry COX A golf ball. ?
24. April 2016, 10:05
Choppa Nutta lol, no wonder bananas are banned in your household if you've been comparing them to your oyster !! :D

How about a "slice of toast for scale" instead ? ;) :D :D )))
24. April 2016, 10:31
Christian Meyerhoff Well Honey Bunny... this looks very nice!
24. April 2016, 18:35
Thomas Mayer Great one, Holger! I wonder where you got all those 9mm bullets from? Any leftovers from a bunker? ;)
24. April 2016, 19:57
Clifford Keesler Damn, that's nice. I finally got that one also.
24. April 2016, 21:17
Holger Kranich Thanks for your comments guys! Ist a nice kit with only small issues, nothing you cant tackle. :)
Thomas, the bullets are from last new year, i dont buy firecrackers and i had my Glock 17 brand new. The 7,65 is from my fathers Walther PPK.
25. April 2016, 06:50
Kerber Great building so far!
25. April 2016, 08:50
Holger Kranich Thanks Kerber, get yourself a kit before they are sold out. :)
25. April 2016, 11:09
Mike Kryza ...and always a clean workbench... :)
25. April 2016, 11:14
Kerber Oh I'd like it,'s too big for my flat...I should finish my 1/72 first...Old Dragon lady...grrrrr...with canopy trouble...
25. April 2016, 12:46
Christian Ristits Again - Cant stop watching pics of this superior cockpit...watching with interest!
25. April 2016, 12:53
Holger Kranich Thanks guys, i appreciate your comments very much! :)

With all the bullets added as weight, i need a crane now to work on it... But the gear seems to be stable enough to hold this big bird!
25. April 2016, 14:19

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