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Holger Kranich (Booze)

Phantom Pharewell 29.06.2013

These are my images from the "Pantom Pharewell" in Wittmund at JG 71 "Richthofen".
It was a great day with many different planes. I had a tough moment as the played "time to say goodbye" and the last F-4 was phinally on the ground...


30. June 2013, 09:09
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Frank Krause
Strange! When I click on the album or the photos, the page is empty...
30. June 2013, 09:26
30. June 2013, 09:43
Holger Kranich
Damn! What happened? The page is empty... #'*+*;;&%$§🙁
30. June 2013, 09:57
Gerald Willing
Was ist los ??
30. June 2013, 10:16
Album was deleted, shall I restore?
30. June 2013, 10:22
Holger Kranich
Oh yes please!
30. June 2013, 10:55
Dirk Heyer
it was very foggy in Wittmund 🙂 🙂 🙂
It seems you made only pictures from the white tablecloth there??
How many dark beer did you drink before the air-show started???
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 : )
30. June 2013, 11:32
Dirk Heyer
Tim keep on!!!
I need my full dosis!!!! 🙂
30. June 2013, 11:33
fixed 🙂
30. June 2013, 11:34
Gerald Willing
Phantom Ade schnüff...
30. June 2013, 11:37
Dirk Heyer
many many thx for this album!!!
Wonderful pictures!
And the close up piccis of the grey Rhino, the Tornado and the Spanish F-18 show exactly what I need for my weathering!!!!
They looks like an aircraft looks like! Dirty, filthy, full of character!!!
Great photo album!!
No good weather condition it seems. But as an storm proofed Islander you have adapted the outer wet conditions also in the body with a cold beer???
30. June 2013, 11:48
Frank Krause
Thanks for sharing, Holger!
On pic 30 I do see 2 Phantoms...😉
30. June 2013, 11:53
Dirk Heyer
Mmmh, one of them must be the Island hopping Phantom
30. June 2013, 11:56
Dirk Heyer
Mmmh, one of them must be the Island hopping Phantom!
The second one has more power with two exhausts
30. June 2013, 11:58
Holger Kranich
Tim, thanks for ´restoring!
Buddy´s its always a pleasure to share an album with you! But i have plenty of pix to load up! This is by far not everything!
30. June 2013, 12:28
Holger Kranich
So, i stop uploading for today! I still have about 400 pix to load up!
Wait for a lot of different planes and helo´s and some pix of a Tigermeet Tornado, who´s paint is just 3 weeks old!
30. June 2013, 12:34
Maarten Kruizenga
thanks for the pics
30. June 2013, 13:16
Marina K.
Schöne Aufnahmen - Danke dafür.
30. June 2013, 13:37
Christian Lehmann
Tolle Fotos - Danke!
30. June 2013, 13:48
Duncan Cook
Thank you for sharing.
30. June 2013, 13:53
Vorya hidaryan
nice pics👍 tnx for sharing.
30. June 2013, 14:42
Marek Swiderski
Nice pictures from great event.
30. June 2013, 14:56
stefan natus
Great pictures,thx
30. June 2013, 17:00
Michel Huijghe
Great pictures. I never knew that they still fly the F-4.
30. June 2013, 17:17
Holger Kranich
Hey Michel, it was the very last day... The F-4 has retired in Germany since yesterday!
30. June 2013, 17:38
Holger Kranich
Glad you all like it! Tomorrow I'll add some more pix!
30. June 2013, 17:39
Bill Gilman
Thanks Holger! The Phantom is one of those aircraft that should not be allowed to retire! "Don't Let Me Die, I Want To Fly!" How long before Revell re-issues their F-4F kit with those markings?
30. June 2013, 17:40
Holger Kranich
I hope yesterday, Bill!
30. June 2013, 17:42
Holger Kranich
Tomorrow I'll buy this in my local hobby store: F-4F Phantom II (Revell 04615, 1:72)

1:72 F-4F Phantom II (Revell 04615)
30. June 2013, 17:46
Philip De Keyser
Great Pictures Holger, Bill is right about the retire of the Phantom, Yes Bill how long before Revell bring out the Phantom with these markings!
Thanks for sharing these pictures😉
Greetz Phil
30. June 2013, 18:00
Bill Gilman
It's a beautiful kit, Holger. I converted mine into an F-4EJ Kai.
McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Kai (Revell) | Album by Navy Bird (1:72)
30. June 2013, 19:08
Dirk Heyer
Holger thx again!! Great close up pictures!
Truly the right ones for modellers like those here on SM! Stunning!!!
30. June 2013, 19:12
Dennis Mathes
Revell will reissue this kit with the Last Flight Special Scheme later this year.
Search at for 04875
30. June 2013, 19:22
Vitor Costa
🙁 I love the Phantom!!!
30. June 2013, 19:25
Holger Kranich
Next set of pix is added!
1. July 2013, 08:43
Günther Debiscop
Holger,how many kits did you buy there? I bought 5 ;) I'll post my pics within e few days.
1. July 2013, 08:46
Holger Kranich
Oh, i have been brave, i didnt bought any kit. I just buyed patches and RBF tags etc...
1. July 2013, 08:55
Oliver Peissl
War echt ein geiler Tag!!
Hast Du auch Bilder vom Samstag gemacht?
1. July 2013, 09:13
Holger Kranich
Moin Oliver, ja war ein super Tag!
Die Bilder hier sind alle vom Samstag und ich habe beileibe noch nicht alles hochgeladen!
1. July 2013, 09:34
Tammy Jerrett
Oh my god -what a time you must of had.. totally jealous!! Great Pics thanks for sharing!!!(🙂
1. July 2013, 10:06
Holger Kranich
And i just made a break in adding pictures, now i head on!
1. July 2013, 11:13
Holger Kranich
Yep Mike, its an "N"! Thx!
1. July 2013, 11:28
Holger Kranich
The Scooter is even a mystery to me. Israel camo and american marking, located in germany with no national insignia´s!
1. July 2013, 11:32
Günther Debiscop
The Scooter was bought from the Israeli Air Force. The Skyhawks (civil registrations N431FS, N432FS, N434FS and N437FS) are operated by the BAE subsidiary E.I.S. Aircraft GmbH at Wittmund. They replaced the former used F-100's.
1. July 2013, 11:47
Holger Kranich
Thanks for info, Günther! Btw, where have you been on saturday? I always kept an eye out to spot you...😢
1. July 2013, 12:02
Günther Debiscop
Yep I was there, with my cap on! I left at around 19.00hrs ;)
1. July 2013, 12:04
Holger Kranich
So, my dear Scalemates, the pix are fully load up!Enjoy watching and if you need some more pix of an particular aircraft, just drop me a line! Now i have plenty at home!

1. July 2013, 17:37
Aghis Barberopoulos
Wow, looks like you had a feast Holger! The jets are nice, but the Stieglitz is so beautiful 😄
1. July 2013, 18:29
Holger Kranich
As i saw the Stieglitz, I knew I had to take this pix for you! These images are dedicated to you, just as the 109G6😢!
1. July 2013, 18:41
Aghis Barberopoulos
Thank you Holger, I really like them!
1. July 2013, 18:44
James Emery
This looks like it was a great day out! (Phantoms Phorever 🙂 )
2. July 2013, 17:29
Holger Kranich
Oh yes it was! This was the best airshow I've seen yet! Phabulous Phantoms!😢
2. July 2013, 17:40
I really like the F-4 phantom,it's phabulous,but my favorite plane has to be the E-2C Hawkeye,I don't know why but it is.
2. July 2013, 17:43
Holger Kranich
Hey, every plane modelers maybe has "his" favorite aircraft! You saw it and fell in love! To me it's the Tomcat😢
2. July 2013, 17:48
James Emery
I'm quite partial to the A-7 Corsair. I'm weird I know... 🙂
2. July 2013, 17:55
No you're not weird,the A-7 is a cool plane. ( with its huge intake it looks like it has a mouth)
2. July 2013, 17:57
Clifford Keesler
F-4s Forever.
2. July 2013, 23:40
F-4s Phorever lol
2. July 2013, 23:56
Duncan Cook
Long live the mighty Spitfire😉
BUt the Phantom is also a very interessting plane.
And loud. 🙂
3. July 2013, 11:00
Holger Kranich
Moin Stefan!
Hab den Kit grad frisch angelegt und zur Wishlist hinzugefügt! Danke für den Tipp!
3. July 2013, 14:02
Vorya hidaryan
great, thanks for sharing the pics.
3. July 2013, 14:54
Today 38+62 did a PharewellFlight over ex-RAF Gütersloh, the town where I was born. Video: 🙂 🙂 🙁
4. July 2013, 15:09
Holger Kranich
Nice link!
4. July 2013, 17:17
Mathias Carl
Schöne Fotos.
Und nun darf die Phantom in ihren wohlverdienten Ruhestand gehen.
Pharewell 🙂
4. July 2013, 19:42
Es-haq Khosravi
Aufwiedersehen Deutscher Phantoms! 🙁
4. July 2013, 19:53
Es-haq Khosravi
Thanks for great photos!
4. July 2013, 19:53
Sebastijan Videc
Thanks for sharing!
5. July 2013, 09:41
Holger Kranich
Always a pleasure, guy´s! Glad you like it!
5. July 2013, 12:27
Holger Kranich
I found some pix on my harddrive, i didnt added... But now they are up!😢
8. April 2014, 14:23
8. April 2014, 15:04
Michel Huijghe
Great to see some pictures from the A-4 in Israëli colors.👍
8. April 2014, 17:25
John Thomas
Some really nice photos and paint schemes
9. April 2014, 11:54
Aghis Barberopoulos
Very cool afterburner shots!
10. April 2014, 17:59
Kerry COX
Some serious hardware there Holger, great pics mate. Thanx !! :)
3. November 2014, 09:49
soheil moghisi
Phantom in Iran is hero.
3. November 2014, 10:27
Kerry COX
The General Electric J79 is the loudest/noisiest jet I have ever heard but that's the best sound I have ever heard. And they produce enough power to get an aircraft with the aerodynamics of a brick to do amazing things. Oh! Oh! Oh! . :)
3. November 2014, 10:50
Bart Goesaert
think you've never heard a B-1 cruising by at low levell... that was deafening, but awesome... Too bad the phanthom has retired.. really cool aircraft...
3. November 2014, 10:54
Holger Kranich
Wise words guy´s!
I love the feeling of an afterburner on full thrust passing by on the taxiway to take off!
3. November 2014, 10:58
Bill Gilman
Which brings up an interesting question - what is the loudest military jet? We need data (as in decibels) to answer that question, not opinions! I've read that it was the XF-84H Thunderscreech, but I've not seen any data that backs that up. The loudest that I've personally experienced (and this is subjective) was a hovering AV-8 Harrier about 50m away, but that may have been due to proximity. Most often I am not that close to military hardware! 🙂
3. November 2014, 12:54
Soeren .
Great pics Holger! Thx a lot for sharing!
3. November 2014, 13:02
3. November 2014, 13:03
Sebastijan Videc
Volvo R8M in full afterburner, installed in Saab Viggen, makes a very impresive roar. Unfortunately I don't have dB data, but one pilot admited, that in full afterburner, the roar is so deafening, that they couldn't hear radios set to max volume.
3. November 2014, 15:28
Glenn .
I always amazed by the amount of noise the BAe Hawk makes, A little single engine aircraft with no afterburner! The RAAF Mk.127 ones sure make a bloody lot of noise!!!
3. November 2014, 15:58
Bill Gilman
Many of us know how loud a Phantom equipped with two J79 engines in full burner is - now imagine a B-58 Hustler with four of them!
3. November 2014, 16:37
Holger Kranich
at the show featuring this album i heard a A-4 starting and passing by! They where more loud than the F-4!
3. November 2014, 17:29
Choppa Nutta
Cool Album, great to see all that engine detail, especially the intricate workings of the nozzle vane adjusters in pic 79 !
love the Tiger Tornado too 🙂

3. August 2016, 15:47
Joerg R.
One of the cutest airplanes I know, thx Holgi ;) ;) ;)
3. August 2016, 22:47
Clifford Keesler
R.I.P. Old smoke and Thunder F-4 Phantom, I loved them.
5. August 2016, 20:16
Holger Kranich
The good´ol Phantom. I miss her...
18. April 2019, 06:20
Konrad Limmer
Very very nice!!!
18. April 2019, 09:33
Es-haq Khosravi
Phantom is a legend!
18. April 2019, 09:57
Holger Kranich
18. April 2019, 12:26
Patrick Hagelstein
Yep, my jealousy form is now officially accepted.... ;) Great pictures Holger! 👍
18. April 2019, 14:20
Maciej Bellos
There are still some of them phlying here in Greece. There are two occasions where you can see them in action, Iniohos International exercise held each April and Athens Flying week held in September.
18. April 2019, 14:41
Bryn Crandell
Phantoms are bad ass. Loud that is for sure.
18. April 2019, 17:38
Stephan Ryll
Oh yes the good old NATO diesel 🙂 no Softwareupdate required😉
18. April 2019, 17:41
Holger Kranich
I always enjoyed when they zipped over, coming from Wittmundhaven. J79, louder than my girlfriend...😉
20. April 2019, 08:56
Patrick Hagelstein
Is that positive or negative? ;)
20. April 2019, 15:37
Clifford Keesler
There is no better sound in the jet world than the "Howl" of the old J-79,be it in a F-104, F-4, or B-58, yes some of us old enough to remember the B-58. LOL.
21. April 2019, 22:23


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