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Christian Abraham (ch hoeltge)

IJA Sado Maru and Sub Chaser CH-7 during Operation L


17 23 December 2021, 20:09
Martin von Schreckenstein
nice work on that paintjob!
7 January, 09:40
Christian Abraham
Thanks Martin. The camo was handpainted, not easy when you need to paint white 😄
7 January, 09:47
Martin von Schreckenstein
on closer inspection, I can see that. It actually helps the look imo, even in this scale. hey, it was probably hand painted in real life too haha
7 January, 14:47
Martin von Schreckenstein
I wish there were more models of non combat ships. it is just titanic everywhere..
7 January, 14:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
8 January, 15:41
Christian Abraham
Thanks Roland
@Martin yes there are not many options out there.
8 January, 16:12
Christian Abraham
The Sub Chaser is ready for painting
9 January, 10:41
Christian Abraham
I started with the first 4 AA guns. Also the sub chaser is painted
20 January, 16:33
Simon Nagorsnik
looks so fantastic!
my respect mate!!
20 January, 16:56
Michael Kohl
fine. following
20 January, 18:35
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Very nice 👍 Wood effects, camo and weathering are great.
20 January, 19:00
Rui S
Beautiful work and paintjob 👍
22 January, 18:17
Christian Abraham
Thanks guys
23 January, 05:50


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1:700 WWII IJN Type No.4 Submarine Chaser (Five Star Model FS720005)1:700 Japanese Merchant Ships (Tom's Modelworks 796)6+

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