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Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21

I mainly use Instagram for my models, so there is a bit more info and updates there. However I will update my projects here from time to time!


61 24 May, 17:38
Jose Freire
Awesome work
24 May, 19:34
Rui S
An eyecatcher 👍
24 May, 21:13
I agree!!
25 May, 08:04
Thank you! The color is AK RC303 IJN Amber Grey. It did get a bit darker than I anticipated also the brown oils may have shifted the tone a bit. Ill go with a bit more white in the mix for another build 🙂
25 May, 08:23
Villiers de Vos
A very realistic finish. Well done.
25 May, 14:49
Artem Burkin
Very nicely done👍🏻
25 May, 17:51
Very well done!
26 May, 07:17
Antoine Meylan
Quel magnifique Zero! Bravo!
26 May, 08:30
The zero is simply magnificent!!! Amazing weathering
But the carrier deck is a modern US one, not a WWWII Japanese, right?
26 May, 08:50
I see it is the one you used for the (fantastic ) F-4B build
26 May, 08:57
Thank you!

Haha yeah its the only base I have @Spanjaard. Its from the Tamiya F-14A late kit.
Just something with a dark base that make the colors of the plane easier on the eye 🙂
26 May, 10:07
Derek Huggett
Don't be too concerned by the deck - remember the movie 'The Final Countdown' 😄 - great build & finish 👍
26 May, 10:27
Predrag Ivanovic
Great paintjob and color modification.So vivid. My S.Sakai's Zero landed in my stash just recently.
26 May, 17:36
Thanks AngryJazz. When I do my 1/48 zero, if it looks a third as good as this one, I will be really happy 🙂
26 May, 19:34
Bernhard Schrock
Top! I'm very glad to see your IMO very well matched candy-grey colour🙂.
1 August, 17:42
Excellent build
2 August, 17:02
Jim J
Nice build! This is one of the first I've seen. How did you like the kit?
2 August, 17:27
Thank you for the kind words!
@Jim J - it was an excellent kit! Very easy to build and all parts fit well together. With the PE in the profipack you get just the right amount of details.
Only issue was some rivets on the very top and bottom of the main fuselage that were poor and needed to fixed.
3 August, 09:55
Björn Svedberg
Simply, beautiful! 👍
3 August, 15:37


13 images
1:48 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 (Eduard 82212)
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Model 21
JP 日本帝國海軍航空隊 (Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service 1912-1945)
Tainan Kōkūtai V-128 (P01c Saburō Sakai)
August 1942 - Lakunai Airfield, Rabaul, New Britain Island PG

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