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61 1 November 2022, 17:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
First pictures show the cockpits of the two SRA-1s supported by the kit's own 3d decals; well, despite everything, not a stellar hour of model making! 🙂 But the fuselage and the exterior already look good, in my opinion. There is a lot to putty, as the pictures also reveal. Well, a start has been made!
1 November 2022, 17:45
Bernd Korte
Of course you are already building this one 😁 Following
1 November 2022, 19:54
Bernd Grün
Nice start, Roland. Following.
1 November 2022, 20:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
I say thank you!
2 November 2022, 10:49
Will follow
2 November 2022, 12:59
Robert Podkoński
Watching, of course!
2 November 2022, 13:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel welcome! As of today, putty is the order of the day...
2 November 2022, 19:41
Interesting... Taking a seat 👍
2 November 2022, 21:23
Hot of the press ! Interesting subject.
3 November 2022, 00:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm glad to hear it!
3 November 2022, 10:07
Dave Flitton
Watching this one, I have the Vacuuform kit, need some pointers.
3 November 2022, 18:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
A really interesting aircraft, worth recreating in any form!
4 November 2022, 19:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
Snapshot during a grinding break: work has to be done in stages here, a lot to do 🙂 But hopefully it will be worth it, the extremely unusual shapes of this jet flying boat are already emerging!
16 November 2022, 19:31
Tom B.
A h yes, that jet-powered flying boat... Didn´t know there was an injection kit of that flying oddity... I am taking a seat 👍
16 November 2022, 21:21
Lochsa River
...a jet seaplane...sweet build....
17 November 2022, 04:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
Yes, just released by Xtrakit- with a little filler and sanding needed, but otherwise not bad at all! Thank you both for your interest!
17 November 2022, 08:21
Michael Kohl
Weird plane, interesting build. Watching.
18 November 2022, 08:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel welcome!
18 November 2022, 19:00
Well done so far, Roland 👍
18 November 2022, 20:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks for your comment!
19 November 2022, 14:11
Nice build of an indeed weird but interesting plane.. watching👍🏻!
20 November 2022, 00:16
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Dick!
I just applied the glossy black of the primer for Alclad "White Aluminum". It's going to be exciting!
20 November 2022, 06:55
Juergen Klinglhuber
I recognized the kit the first time at the Telford model show last week - unfortunattly my budget was already overrun 🙂
After my return I found some time to update me on the SCM activites: lo and behold! Someone is already working on this interesting craft. Watching the final phase with interesst. 👍I
20 November 2022, 07:53
Michael Kohl
Overrun budget on a model show. Now that is really something unusual. 😜
20 November 2022, 09:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
Well, I am very pleased about your interest!I f now the canopy fits reasonably, I am fully satisfied - a really beautifully made and very nicely equipped kit!
20 November 2022, 17:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few new pictures: the basically good fitting accuracy has continued in these last construction steps, with shaping sanding being part of the fun, of course. But it is indeed a pleasure! I drilled out the gun mouths, otherwise there was a lot of sanding and filling. The black serves as a base for Alclad "White Aluminum".
20 November 2022, 19:56
Villiers de Vos
I am following your project.
20 November 2022, 20:10
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel very welcome!
20 November 2022, 20:23
The gloss black phase seems so cool. It is a shame there are few subjects finalized in gloss black. Well done on these. 👍
20 November 2022, 23:33
Ricardo Reis
Very ugly, definitely following! 🙂
21 November 2022, 00:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
I always particularly like the "black phase" as well. Feel both of you very welcome in this project - your interest makes me happy.
22 November 2022, 16:50
Oliver Zwiener
Wieder eine spannende Schulstunde Luftfahrtgeschichte !
26 November 2022, 08:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Oliver, that's great to hear! "White Aluminum"/ Alclad is applied- and the sanding and filling, filling and sanding goes on for another round.... 🙂 But at least the finish is in sight!
26 November 2022, 10:16
😬👍🏻Looks great Roland!
26 November 2022, 12:11
Nice metallized 👍
26 November 2022, 18:34
Łukasz Gliński
Somehow I managed to like it, but not to follow. I stand corrected hereby 😉
26 November 2022, 20:45
Very unique plane
Butiful builds as always
Just wondering why build 2 at the same time
27 November 2022, 01:34
Very nice work and interesting aircraft 👍
27 November 2022, 06:06
That's a cool plane. Kinda looks like a whale.
27 November 2022, 09:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your interest and comments! Truly a cool aircraft! I'm building two at the same time because I really want to show the SRA-1 taking off from the water, on the other hand one model should give the opportunity to study the unusual proportions at leisure- than on the beaching gear on land. Three examples were built - so a certain variety is possible.
I am confident that I will soon get to the sealing and thus the decals 🙂
27 November 2022, 09:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
Finally finished - even if only the first of two copies. This one is standing on dry ground, I have also added the vehicles and figures to illustrate the enormous size of this planned fighter plane.
The two pitot tubes were made from syringe needles, the canopy was an adventure of its own: to be able to show it open, its wall thickness had to be planed down to paper-thin- tricky! The kit does not make any preparations in terms of material thickness to show them open. Otherwise, the construction is characterised by really extensive sanding and filling, but otherwise it is rock solid, well made and well equipped. Recommendable!
Thank you for your interest and your motivating comments - and I hope you like the pictures.
5 December 2022, 06:11
Butiful diorama
5 December 2022, 06:20
Villiers de Vos
Very nice work. And a beautiful display.
5 December 2022, 08:23
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely, looks better than the real thing 😉
5 December 2022, 08:42
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for these motivating words and "likes", I'm glad you like the result!
The second SRA-1 is also finished as a model, here is still the water diorama in the making.
5 December 2022, 10:19
Juergen Klinglhuber
No worries 🙂 - we like it! We simply have to - another top job that you did.
5 December 2022, 11:47
An ugly beauty. And wonderful pictures of it.
5 December 2022, 11:49
Bas Tonn
nice comparison with the motorcycle
5 December 2022, 12:06
😬👍🏻What a great build and diorama, my compliments!
I really like this plane also.
5 December 2022, 12:26
Really great.
5 December 2022, 12:36
Very nice metallized 👍
Great (hard) job. Congrats!
5 December 2022, 18:16
Ricardo Reis
Very cool!
5 December 2022, 18:54
Bernd Grün
Phantastic job, Roland. I'll take a seat. 👍🏻👌
5 December 2022, 19:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hi mates, I am very impressed by your feedback - and of course delighted, as you can imagine! Thanks to all of you for your motivating words!
The motivation goes in the direction that I can soon finish the "wet" SRA-1 to be able to show this jet monster in its wet element!
6 December 2022, 06:00


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1:72 Saunders-Roe SRA-1 (Xtrakit 72017)

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