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He 111 "Delta Lily"


53 24 April, 16:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
These first impressions mark the start of the construction process of the He-111 "Delta Lily", a war prize of the British. Revell's old kit is doing well; in fact, I am very enthusiastic about some of the details! Except for a few wiring harnesses and the seat belts, I have not (yet) added anything.
24 April, 16:44
David Taylor
24 April, 17:13
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Watching. 👀
Cockpit looks already nice 👍
24 April, 17:29
Hans Haag
Bin schon gespannt 🤓
24 April, 20:18
Alan G
Wait until you join the engines onto the wings. That should curb your enthusiasm lol
24 April, 20:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am very pleased about your interest! Alan, I'm getting ready for action.... 😉
25 April, 04:53
Gerald Willing
25 April, 06:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
25 April, 09:30
Thomas Bischoff
Signing in - always wanted to build one but never found time
25 April, 18:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Feel welcome Thomas! Well, the parts show their age, but looking at some of the details it must have been a state of the art kit for its time. Otherwise .... the fit of the engine nacelles to the wings is, well, not existant. Alans warning was to be taken serious! I will show you pictures of that soon.
26 April, 10:27
Christian Lehmann
Na, da schau ich doch mal zu.
26 April, 10:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hallo! sehr schön, das freut mich!
26 April, 10:33
David Taylor
Dug mine out last night to have another look,as you said looked state of the art.Still looks like a good build.
26 April, 14:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
Absolutely right, David!
A few new photos show you the state of construction of the "Delta Lily" and the location of the two engine assemblies. This time, I have to say that the pictures somewhat beautify reality. I simply filled the deep trenches and gaps in the engine installation with CA glue. Now it's time for sanding!
27 April, 17:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
There is also some news about "Desert Lily": the clear parts have been masked, the components have been assembled and, most importantly, enough filling has been done so that sanding can now begin - and that vigorously!
26 May, 20:16
Roland Sachsenhofer
There's the little culprit! Because of this torn pilot's chair, I had to saw open the beautifully sealed glass part again! Now I hope to be able to reassemble it without too much dust 🙂
29 May, 13:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few pictures of the coloured light-dark background for the main colours of the He-111. The wide light yellow fuselage band is already part of the British marking, as is the white of the tail fin.
31 May, 07:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
"Delta Lily" has now already come into contact with RLM 65 of the underside. Interestingly, this extends far onto the upper side at the leading edges of the wings. Now she is masked to get to the uppersie.
3 June, 16:48
Roland Sachsenhofer
All colours and a coat of "Gloss Clear" have now been applied to "Delta Lily", and tomorrow the decals should follow - I'm particularly looking forward to this one!
6 June, 19:31
Erik Leijdens
looking fantastic as always Roland! Nice to see a non German He-111 too 👍
6 June, 19:51
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much Erik ! Yes, I was also taken with this special aircraft and its history!
6 June, 20:07
You've done absolute justice to this classic and highly wanted kit. Great model!
7 June, 07:58
Thomas Bischoff
Looks great but one question: the decalsheet shows only the fixed part of the vertical fin in red/white/blue but you have done the whole vertical fin?
7 June, 09:21
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both! Thomas, the pictures are misleading: the movable rear part of the fin is painted in RLM 71, the wide white middle part will carry the blue in the rear half that I will apply as a decal.

By the way: to my delight, the application of the decals has worked wonderfully in the meantime.
7 June, 11:02
Oliver Zwiener
Bei den Fotos 16 und 17 blutet mir das Herz ....
9 June, 15:24
Nathan Dempsey
Great subject. Our club did an "in enemy hands" theme last year with some very interesting builds. I'm loving this one!
9 June, 15:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
Daniel, thank you for the sympathy! 🙂 Indeed Nathan, the topic is a real treasure trove of unusual paint jobs - and also quite informative and exciting, if I only think of the "Zircus Rosarius" or the stories of Eric "Winkle" Brown. In any case, I have resolved to stay on the ball until the end of the year.
10 June, 08:15
Jim J
Nice project Roland. Looking good.
11 June, 16:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
I'm pleased to hear that, thank you!
12 June, 13:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
I've been a bit lazy about taking pictures lately, but now a few are due: the He-111 "Delta Lily" is finally finished! You have to take into account that the kit is really not fresh anymore and needs a lot of rework. For example, the aerial frames under the fuselage are made of wire, the aerial mount at the tip of the tail fin is a piece of wire drilled into the fuselage, and the exhausts and wheels have been replaced by excellent looking resin parts. By the way, the "Exito" decals offer nice details: some of the beam crosses and the like of the previous owners still shine through - that is worth a closer look!
16 June, 16:25
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Beautiful work, Roland. 👍
16 June, 17:05
very nice result.
16 June, 18:08
David Taylor
Lovely result.
16 June, 18:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much for your feedback, it makes me happy!
17 June, 07:12
Hans Haag
Sieht gelungen aus👍👍👍👍
17 June, 07:19
Roland Sachsenhofer
Das freut mich, danke!
17 June, 07:23
Another top level output from the Sachsenhofer factory! And very realistic photos! 👍
17 June, 10:56
Roland Sachsenhofer
These are most welcome words, I appreciate them very much! Thank you!
17 June, 18:02
Nathan Dempsey
Very nice work Roland! I really like how the previous owner's markings are lightly visible through the new ones.
17 June, 18:56
Den Diene
I am in awe
18 June, 11:10
Björn Svedberg
Beautiful! 👍
18 June, 12:48
Guy Rump
Very impressive Roland. 👍
18 June, 13:57
Christian Lehmann
Hi Roland, gibt es die in Ried zu sehen?
18 June, 19:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your comments make me very happy, Thank you for these words of motivation! Christian, "Delta Lily" kommt mit; the He-111 "Delta Lily" will be taken to Ried, I'm already looking forward to it
19 June, 07:24
Jim J
Lovely work, Roland. I love the preshading photos and the overall scheme is unique, interesting and well done. Wonderful photography too. Congrats.
20 June, 13:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your words are very motivating, thank you, I'm glad!
20 June, 16:00
Dietmar Bogatzki
Cool new livery 👍
20 June, 16:07
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Dietmar!
21 June, 10:32


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1:48 Heinkel He 111 H-4/6 (Monogram 85-5522)1:48 “In Enemy Hands" (Exito Decals ED48012)

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