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Roland Sachsenhofer
A nice little construction in between, but I take it quite seriously: the solid shapes of this kit also give reason to do so! The ejection seats were upgraded from the rather rough basic shape with a little more detail in the form of belts made of etched parts and painted masking tape. The yellow/black trigger handles of the same are also homemade.
25 August 2021, 12:30
Christian Bruer
Very promising start on the tiny Tomcat. I also started 144 as in between, but at the end it took more time than bigger scales because you can add so many things around the main subject 😄
27 August 2021, 18:50
Roland Sachsenhofer
You speak true words from experience!
And what an experience, my full respect Christian!
28 August 2021, 11:40
Now also in _this_ small scale? You are an impressive all-rounder, from prop to jet in all scales.
You are not without reason the "Most productive mate" and "Most productive modeler on the web" 👍
28 August 2021, 14:23
Schönes Modell, hatte viel Spass damit! (und wenn man nicht einen halben Flugzeugträger herum baut, sogar relativ schnell fertig!)
28 August 2021, 14:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you! The world is simply full of temptations....!
Ja, Alex, das wär´s!
29 August 2021, 07:21
i have this one in my stash, so curious about what you do with it. good start
1 September 2021, 15:11
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you: not my first 144, but each one is an adventure in itself.... I'm just succumbing to the temptation of becoming very small - and I'm doing my best. 🙂
Here's a little bit of progress: the moulds are slowly coming together and the Vac-Canopy is masked; I'll paint this next in turn.
1 September 2021, 15:46
Roland Sachsenhofer
The colouring has been completed once; now it is sealed with clear varnish to be able to apply the attractive decals soon.
6 September 2021, 15:21
Roland Sachsenhofer
Scale 1:144 or not, one thing is certain: a lot of decals have to be applied safely here as well! As an example: eight individual decals have to be applied to a "Phoenix" guided missile alone... But slowly things are getting better here too.
19 September 2021, 17:06
Your coil of masking tape seems to be huge!
19 September 2021, 17:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
21 September 2021, 11:33
Pierre Vauthier
very nice, I wish I can be that easy even in 1/48. do you have any specific recomendation on how to build paint and weather a 1/144 ? step by step are not legions.
21 September 2021, 12:19
Bas Tonn
Looks like a good kit for this small scale
21 September 2021, 12:25
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks Pierre and Bas! Well, I appreciate trying out the 144 scale from time to time because it encourages great accuracy and care, also in planning, but the projects rarely get out of hand. In any case, the colours should be lightened because of the smallness of the models, otherwise everything looks much too dark.
23 September 2021, 19:53
Roland Sachsenhofer
The first of five F-14 Tomcat projects has been completed. The smallest scale will be followed by two in 1:72 for the time being, before Hasegawa and Tamiya make their appearance in 1:48.
I can highly recommend the Revell Tomcat even after completion, a really wonderful little kit! To get an open cockpit I used a Vacu part, also additions are the flattened resin tyres and the metal measuring probe on the nose. The cockpit has been upgraded quite extensively with scratch-built details such as harnesses, ejection seat handles and the like. I hope you like the pictures, I had fun!
25 September 2021, 19:20
Bas Tonn
Very nice. I thought you were going to built it wheels-up
25 September 2021, 21:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Bas! Next round wirh two Tomcats in scale 1:72- Italeri and Hasegawa, will see oneof them wheels up.
26 September 2021, 07:25
Bart Goesaert
Looking great.
Did you use the Brengun canopy? Ordered a few, but these all arrived dented...
26 September 2021, 08:11
Roland Sachsenhofer
Exactly! That's a shame; I had trouble getting one; this one was fine for that.
26 September 2021, 15:20
Mid Franconian
Great Tomcat! To me doing a 144 and make it looking right is a big challenge - you did it just right.
26 September 2021, 17:32
Guy Rump
Wow, I thought it was a 1/48 scale model. Beautiful! 👍
26 September 2021, 18:01
Bruce Huxtable
Always inspirational 🙂
26 September 2021, 18:06
Christian Bruer
Bravo-Zulu, great lil model 👍
26 September 2021, 19:04
Roland Sachsenhofer
That is very gratifying, thank you Christian!
27 September 2021, 06:11
Björn Leichsenring
Great built. Nice cat.
28 September 2021, 19:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Björn!
28 September 2021, 19:47
Rui S
Excellent work 👍
2 October 2021, 14:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mate!
3 October 2021, 15:53
Andrew P
Impressive build, especially for 1/144 scale!
1 May, 02:03
Roland Sachsenhofer
I say thank you very much, Andrew!
1 May, 09:16
Pantelis Antonoglou
wow nice!!
1 May, 10:15
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Pantelis!
1 May, 16:37


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1:144 F-14A Tomcat (Revell 04021)

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