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Spitfire Mk.XIV


1 | 1. March 2020, 08:21
Roland Sachsenhofer
As expected, the Airfix kit proves to be a solid piece. Putty is necessary, however, which is also due to the modular design of the new Airfix kits. In any case, the Mk.XIV is already making a good turn!
16. March 2020, 10:05
Nice Work so far ! 👍
16. March 2020, 12:12
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Mathieu!
16. March 2020, 16:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
preshading done! Now on to "Medium Sea Gray"...
4. April 2020, 08:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
.... and on to the decals! Finished appliance of the markings; tomorrow it will be sealed with another layer of Gunze gloss clear. That is a pleasing and well made kit indeed!
8. April 2020, 07:41
Erik Leijdens
Looks great Roland! A sleek version of the Spitfire
8. April 2020, 07:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Erik! Indeed, one of my favorite versions!
8. April 2020, 07:57
Slavo Hazucha
Looking good - will be a nice comparison together with the early Spit & Hurricane 👍
8. April 2020, 07:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
That's it- Spitfire is a never-boring topic!
8. April 2020, 08:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
Finished! I managed to make a few pictures of today's rollout. A Griffon Spitfire is an elegant affair, especially a Mk.XIV. The Airfix kit does justice to this fact, I have tried to contribute to it as well.
12. April 2020, 16:36
Donegal Bill
Roland - an excellent job. Can you give a brief rundown on how you applied the kit decals?
15. June 2020, 16:15
Beautiful build in appealing presentation!
15. June 2020, 18:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates for your interest and motivating words! I can only say that the decals worked excellently and could be handled without any problems with my usual way - so full praise to Airfix! The decals are applied on a layer of well dried glossy acrylic clear varnish, directly after application they are treated with "Mr Mark Softer" and afterwards with "Mr Mark Setter Neo". A sealing layer of clear varnish completes this process and releases the model for a final treatment of the intended degree of gloss and weathering. But I can guess you all do it more or less similar.
15. June 2020, 18:40


1:48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV (Airfix A05135)

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