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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)



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This album is attached to project North American P-51D Mustang.

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1:24 North American P-51D Mustang (Airfix A14001)1:24 P-51D placards self adhesive (Eduard 23011)6+


3. August at 19:17:09 Share
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bughunter EinsZuVierundzwanzig? What a bird!
6. August at 19:19:18
Slavo Hazucha I have never done anything in such a big scale :D I guess you can almost test-sit the cockpit in 1:24... Looking good, expectations connected to build owners reputation are being met... ;) watching!
6. August at 19:33:00
Roland Sachsenhofer Indeed! This will be a rather impressive bird(s)- merely with its size.
Charming words, Slavo- and very motivating ones! :)
8. August at 08:45:09
Stephan Ryll Very nice progress on that big thing
8. August at 17:48:45
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Stephan; those kits are a fun to deal with ;)
8. August at 18:20:56
Roland Sachsenhofer My little flock of Mustangs is still growing :) I will have to bent the wings careful to form a slight resemble of the Mustangs dihedral. The unaltered kit shows wings completely even- that does not look good!
12. August at 10:24:00
Roland Sachsenhofer "The more danger, the more honor".... that's the most positive thing I can think of :))
13. August at 14:59:44
Slavo Hazucha When there is no suitable group build around, Roland creates one at home... :D Nice work-in progress collection and progress - you will be able to do some cool fake-perspective shots with them once done in the different scales... :) How were the model monkey parts? Is the material easy to work with?
13. August at 15:05:15
John Ballman Looking Awesome! You're having fun with this Old Airfix Classic, Keep up the great work.
13. August at 15:05:46
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Slavo and John! Splendid idea with the fake-perspective, Slavo, I will give it a try!
Model monkeys parts are a joy to work with; I will present pictures of the cowling and exhausts as soon as I have mounted them, tomorrow perhaps. Well, the fit is impressive anyway.
14. August at 08:52:05
Roland Sachsenhofer Both Mustangs have taken a few steps further... On one I succeeded in finishing all the overflowing filling and sanding; this one is the topic of the new pictures. I guess I will be able to apply the black priming for the first coat of Alclad tomorrow. The second P-51 is still awaiting sanding of the fuselage; the wings have been treated.
14. September at 19:04:38
Guy Rump Looking great so far Roland :)
14. September at 19:07:10
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Guy!
14. September at 19:23:43
Roland Sachsenhofer A late night update: a few pictures of the surfaces being in the progress of getting their final appearance.
21. September at 19:37:24
Bart Goesaert nice work on these giants...
27. September at 15:43:37
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Bart, some new progress pics will further illustrate this rather demanding projects soon.
28. September at 20:18:56
Björn Svedberg How did I miss this?! Looking good, Roland! Taking a seat. :)
29. September at 08:34:11
Tim Heimer Looking good!
29. September at 14:14:47
Slavo Hazucha Nice progress getting the metal on the big 'stang!
29. September at 16:05:51
Roland Sachsenhofer Your words have motivated me through this weekend- here are a few new pictures, showing the actual status of both Mustangs. I am quite keen to get the "CAM" decals on the bare metal one. It will display the markings of "Skeeters Scooter", a colourful P-51 flown by pilot McAlevy in 1944.
29. September at 18:23:45
Stephan Ryll Very nice progress Roland
29. September at 18:52:50
Slavo Hazucha After following the Gate-guard Tunnan, I definitely keep my eye on any NMF work coming from your corner - the base looks superb, really looking forward to the further treatment!
29. September at 19:01:49
Bart Goesaert nice camo on both...
30. September at 06:11:05
Roland Sachsenhofer Your words are a pleasure to me- thank you Stephan, Slavo and Bart!
"Skeeter´s Scooter" turns into the home straight. There is not left much to do- except the prop and some finishing touches.
6. October at 14:07:53
Tim Heimer Nice work! Keep it up!
6. October at 16:32:51
bughunter A Mustang is a nice bird, so this model due to capable hands too
6. October at 18:30:08
Augie I love how these two are coming out, making me want to get going on my two. Perhaps once the aggressor group build is done
6. October at 18:32:00
Munkyslut Watching
6. October at 19:06:37
Bob Hall I'm a Lover of the Pony ! Whether it has wings,wheels or hooves ! Beautiful !
6. October at 19:23:40
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you all mates and guys! That´s motivating- and I actually need some kick in the.... to get these two done :)
7. October at 05:32:25
Jim J Looks great so far!
7. October at 06:06:11
Slavo Hazucha Can´t imagine that looking at the model is not kicking enough - in case it is not, be aware that we want to see it finished in a group pic with the little bro´s so keep it coming! ;)
7. October at 08:36:49
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Jim and Slavo! Actually I am looking forward to this gathering of Mustangs, Slavo :) Even better: a few more should join in in the foreseeable future: Revells 1:32 early P-51D is at the start- as a Trumpeter P-51B of the same scale.
8. October at 08:43:44
Slavo Hazucha Nice! I´ve got the Revell 1:32 in stash for a future "Cadillac of the Skies" scene flyby vignette from the "Empire of the Sun" movie... Appears to be a rather nice kit, will probably just build it OOB + pilot... Some time in the 2020´ies :D
8. October at 09:17:18
Roland Sachsenhofer A great movie and and a impressive scene Slavo! Good choice- I am looking forward to that!
10. October at 18:25:19
Roland Sachsenhofer The first Mustang was tamed- or should I say finally mastered?- the second one will be saddled this weekend and should be presentable as well in a few days.
I hope you like the pictures of "Scooters Skeeter" - for me two of these old Airfix kit-veterans are definitely enough :)
12. October at 12:06:17
Guy Rump Great result Roland, very impressive. :)
13. October at 07:14:05
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you very much Guy!
13. October at 08:42:59
Roland Sachsenhofer .... and here comes the second one: "Edmonton´s Special" has been done in parallel with wheels up, with no aftermarket stuff but some- so I hope- home made improvements. Turning prop has been simulated with transparent sheet and airbrush.
I hope you like it!
13. October at 13:44:18
Hans Robben Love the prop!
13. October at 13:54:00
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Rob!
13. October at 15:44:50
Nathan Dempsey Nice work Roland. Love the markings and the prop looks very realistic.
13. October at 15:50:55
Munkyslut I can only dream of pulling off that level of detail & finish, an inspiration, thanks for sharing!
13. October at 16:16:58
Augie Roland, that is fantastic!
13. October at 16:34:53
Daniel Klink What a fantastic work and Presentation Roland.
Just wow
13. October at 16:43:03
Guy Rump Another Mustang triumph Roland, excellent. :)
13. October at 16:59:06
Jim J Outstanding! Well done. Very cool idea and execution on the prop.
13. October at 18:09:05
Tim Heimer I have to agree with Jim J !! Beautifully done!
13. October at 18:12:51
Christian Bruer Excellent
13. October at 18:49:18
Neuling Wieder eine Augenweide. A joy to watch this build!
13. October at 19:01:35
Björn Svedberg Great looking model and beautiful pictures!
13. October at 19:12:43
Roland Sachsenhofer Thanks to all of you mates for these great and enjoyable comments! That makes me happy - and will continue to make me a little more experimental!
13. October at 19:36:50
Spanjaard Great paint job
14. October at 17:04:07
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you mate!
15. October at 08:36:29
Dominik Weitzer really good Looking. also the plate is super!
15. October at 08:38:51
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Dominik- das freut mich sehr!
15. October at 08:41:48
Bart Goesaert that is a nice thing with the prop, had to look a few times how you did it... looks much better than any prop-blur seen till now. Also the models are exquisite...
17. October at 13:03:30
Nathan Dempsey Hurry up and patent that idea Roland!
17. October at 15:29:33
Spanjaard really nice prop indeed
17. October at 21:28:04
Holger Kranich Ganz schön Mustanglastig bei Dir. Hast Gefallen gefunden, wa?
18. October at 07:28:55
bughunter It was a great pleasure and honour for me to meet the builder amidst his models in Ried The pictures are great, but in real the birds are looking even better!
20. October at 17:23:13
Es-haq Khosravi Well done!
20. October at 19:18:14
Roland Sachsenhofer Your words are true motivations pusher and I am quite happy and proud! Dear "bughunter", it was a great honor and joy for me!
21. October at 16:59:07
Gluefinger Roland - would you care to explain how you produced that rather convincing "spinning prop" of the in-flight model? Was it "just" a matter of fashioning wide replacements for the blades and painting them with a blurring effect?
30. October at 11:11:10
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