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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)


B-25G Mitchell "double"

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This album is attached to project B-25G.

Albums: 1 with 56 images
1:48 B-25G "Shark Mouth" (Academy 12290)


5. July at 13:49:22 Share
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Soeren . Great work Roland! How do you like the kit so far?
5. July at 13:51:41
Roland Sachsenhofer First pictures of this double-build: The interior of both Mitchells are amazingly detailed, Accurate Miniatures parts are of quite pleasing quality- just a pity nearly everything will be swallowed by the darkness of the assembled fuselages :)
Therefore my efforts to get some detail are concentrated around the more visible cockpit area. Bomb bays are awaiting some more parts..... I guess one of them will be shown open with ordnance.
5. July at 13:55:16
Holger Kranich That Looks cool Roland! I have the same question as Soeren. :) The interior colour is Magic!
5. July at 13:57:56
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Soeren- I love it!!! Fit, detail, sophisticated layout, crispness of parts... every quality I can think of is fulfilled. I guess this will last.
5. July at 13:58:47
Michael Hickey WoW... Your of to a great start Roland and in for one hell of a good time building this beauty. I built an Accurate Miniatures B-25 Mitchell last year and really enjoyed it.
5. July at 14:03:18
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Holger! I am totally excited about that kit :) The only matter I know about concerns the "wrong" diameter of the cowlings. I have resin replacements for one of the kits- that should make a nice comparison
5. July at 14:03:33
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your words Michael!!
5. July at 15:01:10
Sebastian Meyner Front row please! I'm curious...this one is one my list
5. July at 15:23:45
Slavo Hazucha Must be a pleasure to work on something with a good fit and detail after the early Hurricane fitting inferno... This really looks like a decent kit, the details are lovely and you are treating them with the usual combo of skill & care - looking very good there!
5. July at 15:52:12
Björn Svedberg Great start Roland! I too have built the accurate miniatures (B-25B) kit and can attest to the great detail level of the interior. Don't forget the weight in the nose, though. You don't want a tail sitter! ;)
5. July at 15:57:54
Gordon Sørensen Great looking interior, Roland! Especially like the boot around the base of the control column and the fire axe.
5. July at 18:18:12
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you all mates for these overwhelming comments! You're only too right, Slavo :) What a fun to work with these beautiful molds!
5. July at 18:45:53
Kurt Reichert Watching !!!
5. July at 18:53:54
Nathan Dempsey I'm watching this with interest. I have the Accurate Miniatures C/D model. Yours is looking great already Roland.
5. July at 19:00:26
Roland Sachsenhofer Great! It seems as if AM´s Mitchell is of some interest- and that's understandable, these kit is fabulous.
5. July at 19:03:42
James C Great job on the interior. I have this kit also, along with a "Doolittle Raider" so will be following as well.
5. July at 20:00:26
Roland Sachsenhofer Thanks James for comment, the "Doolittle B-25" is a favorite of mine, wold be eager to see it getting build!
7. July at 09:14:07
Stephan Ryll Very nice progress on that B-25 Roland
7. July at 13:19:00
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Stephan!
8. July at 13:42:20
Roland Sachsenhofer Fuselages have been closed and sanded, wings will follow soon. Size is rather impressive :)
10. July at 16:40:32
Daniel Klink OOps.. Missed that? Fantastic interior work Roland
10. July at 16:41:08
Roland Sachsenhofer Great you are here! Thank you Daniel
10. July at 16:54:39
Slavo Hazucha Everything seems to fit nicely! Dietrich Mateschitz would approve! ;)
10. July at 20:18:16
Roland Sachsenhofer That's for sure! Besides that.... not only red bull gives wings :)
11. July at 07:18:21
Roland Sachsenhofer The base for the paint application is now created, in the next step the grey of the underside is applied once. Below the pre-shading I applied some Alclad, which was masked with masking liquid. This should give a nice effect of chipped paint.
13. July at 12:48:05
Roland Sachsenhofer Surfaces of both Mitchells have been painted by now- and the masking was rubbed off to display some chipping. To take proper photographs is not so easy because of the very glossiness after having applied a clear coat. Next step will be getting those challenging decals on the bows of these gunships!
16. July at 09:43:58
Nathan Dempsey Looking great Roland. I can't wait to see more. I do love dual builds!
16. July at 14:01:31
Bart Goesaert Nice progress on these, these interiors are exquisite... Nice to see the one with the sherman gun too...
16. July at 14:03:16
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Nathan and Bart! Indeed, double builds seem to be quite a rewarding fun!
That's the gun used in they Sherman? Hell, that's awesome, i did not realize that up to now!
A fellow modeller told me of a befriended B-25 H gunner, who explained him how scary it was firing that gun- for those being fired as well as for those guys firing...... The B-25 seemed to stop in the air, the gun producing as much fire through the muzzle as through the breeches......
16. July at 14:59:01
Bart Goesaert I think it was comparable to a HS-129 with the 75mm PAK underneath it.. except that one was completely underpowered..
16. July at 15:01:55
Roland Sachsenhofer "A smile for the camera"....
The Italeri decals work excellently - it's not easy to cover a round shape like the bow of a Mitchel, but the individual parts are perfectly tailored and the most beautiful thing is that they seem to suck themselves greedily to the surface :)
Well, I am very impressed with the quality - and probably a little relieved that this step has been mastered.
Bart, you are probably right; well, I would really like to build a "Tsetse"-Mosquito one day...
18. July at 13:29:39
Holger Kranich Just hab a look at the review on Britmodeller. The exterior detail is awesome! Now i just need space to store it for a while... ;)
18. July at 13:50:57
Nathan Dempsey The nose-art is really looking awesome Roland. It certainly helps things when the decals cooperate. :)
18. July at 14:25:08
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you guys! Indeed, especially in such a case, Nathan :)
18. July at 20:26:29
Slavo Hazucha The nose-arts are spectacular... A truly flawless fit, could not have turned out better . The two also pack some charisma, albeit they look a little bit irritated... ;)
18. July at 20:55:01
James C You did a fabulous job on those decals. Looking superb Roland.
18. July at 21:01:48
Daniel Klink Really great stuff Roland ..decalwork is just wow
18. July at 21:08:05
Clifford Keesler How did I miss this one Roland? Excellent.
18. July at 22:31:50
Bart Goesaert These have some bite... Colorfull birds. Did you remove the mg's protruding from the nose?
19. July at 06:29:17
David Januska Excellent result so far , congratulations. I'm in.
19. July at 06:42:51
Gordon Sørensen Wow! Excellent decalling, Roland! Must have been nail-biting hoping everything would conform...
19. July at 14:46:52
Stephan Ryll Very nicely done Roland
19. July at 14:50:31
Roland Sachsenhofer Wow! Your encouraging words mean a lot to me -thank you all mates! Bart, etched parts mg´s are getting their chance to improve the look of these two gunships.
19. July at 17:34:22
Slavo Hazucha Roland, who could have missed this great display from the days when death from above was delivered with style & in bright colors... ;)
19. July at 19:58:30
Dominik Weitzer Oh wow! Incredible work here! The interieurs are awesome
19. July at 20:14:12
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your words and your interest, Slavo and Dominik!
21. July at 09:20:14
Thomas Bischoff very nice work Roland! I would not have dared to apply these decals
21. July at 09:57:04
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Thomas! The decals seemed to be trust inspiring from the very beginning :)
21. July at 10:48:13
Guy Rump Great work Roland, maybe you should do a workshop on applying decals? they are amazing! :)
21. July at 11:24:33
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you very much Guy! Your words are pleasing me, but to be honest there's not much extraordinary to report :) Maybe one thing, which was new to me: trust your fingertip sensitivity! After having applied a lot of decal softener I squeezed out all air inclusions and wrinkles- as long as there was neither left.
22. July at 09:04:05
Christian W Holy moly! Awesome details in the cockpit!
22. July at 09:31:25
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your words, Christian!
22. July at 15:11:10
Roland Sachsenhofer Gentlemen, the first of these two B-25Gs has been finished! I hope you like the pictures; tomorrow I would like to get pictures of the second one in the gallery :)
23. July at 10:36:47
Slavo Hazucha So the Pikachu-themed one got across the line first! ;)

It looks great, surely it´s looking for it´s blue-headed mate to join it soon... Besides the decals with the vibrant colors creating such a cool contrast with the USAAF Green standard pattern, and the classy interior, I really like the weathering combination with shading, the lighter blue chipping on the engine cowlings and the reasonably applied wear down to naked metal along the leading edges. Really well planned and executed list of measures, my respect

Which also brings me to the only question I have - the propellers upon first sight seem to lack any type of wear - blades and the hubs seem just factory-new - is there a purpose/story behind that?
23. July at 11:38:09
Nathan Dempsey Wow, from the lower angles that nose-art looks MEAN, which I suppose was the purpose! Looks great Roland. I can't wait to see the other one.
23. July at 13:24:50
Roland Sachsenhofer Slavo, Nathan, thank you for your vivid comments! Indeed, Slavo, there is a reason of those props being brand new: the last have been so worn out, it was not acceptable any longer, they simply had to be changed. Another kind of answer to your comprehensible remark comes in form of the second B-25; these set of props should show wear and tear; I hope you like it as well.

As suggested throughout this building blog: this is a gem of a kit! Well..... get ready to start the engines! :)
23. July at 16:20:48
Nathan Dempsey Nice work on this one as well Roland!
23. July at 17:20:27
23. July at 18:10:34
Daniel Klink Fantastic double, PAint job and especially the decalwork is superb.. Again FAntastic work Roland
23. July at 18:13:45
Guy Rump Superb finish and build Roland, your weathering is excellent. :)
23. July at 18:16:49
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Nathan, Christian, Daniel and Guy! Your words make me proud!
23. July at 19:04:52
Slavo Hazucha You have all reasons to be proud, the duo looks great, it's fun to discover all the minor differences between them!

Cool project & unbelievable time/quality ratio too! ;)
23. July at 21:08:19
Dominik Weitzer Looks cool. well done!
24. July at 12:41:26
Stephan Ryll Very nice final result Roland
24. July at 16:10:17
Neuling Top job. Super detailing and paintwork!
24. July at 18:29:47
Björn Svedberg Impressive work, Roland, as always! The B-25 is another one of my favorite planes, and this kit is a great kit. I've bought the Italeri version, it also contains the parts to build the original B-version, so I'm planning on building another Dolittle raider from it :).
24. July at 18:37:59
bughunter A clever idea to build a double - I guess this saves effort, so you you can build more in shorter time well executed, as usual! I really like the rotating propellers around pic 49 ;)
24. July at 19:03:13
Roland Sachsenhofer Such a reaction is really great! Thank you all guys!
Yeah, these are the motivations to get the next double on the workbench! :)
25. July at 13:45:34
Bart Goesaert Nice combo... one with jaundice and one with naevus... ;)

all kidding aside, superbly done as usual...
25. July at 15:15:24
Sebastian Meyner Masterpieces...again :)
25. July at 15:33:36
Clifford Keesler I'm speechless sir! Very well done.
26. July at 01:20:18
Tim Heimer Those came out Nice!
26. July at 02:47:36
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you very much for your kind comments Bart, Sebastian, Clifford and Tim!
26. July at 05:35:21
James C Stunning finish Roland
26. July at 20:52:15
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