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B-25G Mitchell "double"


Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello mates, I have started this Hurricane conversion. The build is based on Italeris offering- which seems to be much more basic then the recently build Hasegawa kit. The cockpit has been finished by now- with a little help from Eduard.
13 June 2019, 17:25
Roland Sachsenhofer
The early Hurriacnes had no ventral tail fin, so some sawing was done. Sawing was also the order of the day when the "textile" surfaces had to be fitted.
The fact that the fit leaves a lot to be desired is not only a consequence of this operation, but also seems to indicate a general fit problem of the Italeri parts.
Well, a little filling and everything is fine again.
16 June 2019, 07:06
Derek Huggett
May I sit in on this one Roland? The Hurricane has always been a favourite of mine (no 'Spitfire snobbery' here!) and the early fabric wing versions often get overlooked - looking good so far!!! 👍 🙂
16 June 2019, 10:15
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Derrick! I agree with you about the hurricanes in general and the early hurricanes in particular.
I am happy about your interest!
16 June 2019, 13:32
Bart Goesaert
I'm in... also on my to do list, but then in Belgian markings. Nice progress so far...
17 June 2019, 15:02
It seems this italeri model need some heavy work to fit. You are doing great so far.
17 June 2019, 17:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
Bart and Mathieu, I am happy you like this project! Hurricane-season has started...
18 June 2019, 18:25
Slavo Hazucha
It almost hurts to see that swag cockpit all but hidden inside the darkness of the fuselage dungeon... Guess that's the fate with most early WW2 single-seaters before the bubble canopy came round... Also, for a 2011 kit that proudly states "100% new mould" on the box, it seems to be quite a fight getting pretty much anything to fit... Good luck there, I'll watch, am sure it will all come to a great finish! 🙂
18 June 2019, 21:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
You're right, of course. I'm not a friend of the thought: "I can't see it, but it's in there"..... that's why I usually limit myself to what is finally still perceptible.
Italeri's kit actually disappoints at the moment; I'm curious whether this will be repeated in the Sea-Hurricane, which is still to be built.
19 June 2019, 17:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few pictures of a Hurricane, that has needed a lot of putty to get even in that shape! On some spots I have to do some more filling and sanding, but the main work has been done. Getting the rear end of the fuselage into the new lines without the rear fin has been fun- but I will not do any Hurricane from those Italeri spruce in the future!
20 June 2019, 09:05
Stephan Ryll
Seems to be a real putty magnet Roland 🤔 hold up the good work
20 June 2019, 09:49
Bart Goesaert
Nice sanding... comes along nice eventually
20 June 2019, 10:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
Gentlemen, you are motivating me!
20 June 2019, 12:23
Gordon Sørensen
You are doing a great job getting this kit sorted out, Roland. Looks like a lot of putty/sanding. It is an amazing difference in the fit between this kit and your Air Race build.
20 June 2019, 14:25
Roland Sachsenhofer
Yeah, if I'd had any idea I would have taken a Hasegawa kit for this conversion- for sure!
20 June 2019, 20:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am glad the transition between resin outer wing and Italeris parts seems to be tolerable. After the Alclad "White Aluminum" underside had shown some imperfections I had to re-sand some areas- but by now it is ok for me. Now on to some masking!
23 June 2019, 08:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
a few more pictures of the early Hurricanes surfaces painted- next step will see clear coat being prepared and the decals applied.
27 June 2019, 19:15
Slavo Hazucha
The seams turned out pretty good I'd say! Surface appearance & structure also in my humble opinion hit the spec for early WW II aircraft spot on - you weathered the storm & stand victorious, I pay my respect! 👍
27 June 2019, 21:33
Bart Goesaert
camouflage is applied very nice...
28 June 2019, 05:58
Roland Sachsenhofer
Slavo, Bart, Lode, your words make me proud- and eager to get a respectable outcome! Slavo , your choice of words in particular is evocative- my respect for that!
28 June 2019, 19:59
Roland Sachsenhofer
Finished at all! I am rather glad that I could belly-land this stricken project.... Problems did not only arouse around the work with the Resin parts, more challenging was the Italeri-kit itself. Uff, done!
I have adapted the diameter of the cowling front to make the prop fit, scratched the Venturi beneath the cockpit and installed a "pole"-style antenna mast made of brass tube. Iliads decals are a dream to work with.
Thank you all for interest and comments!
8 July 2019, 11:42
Bart Goesaert
Nevertheless a build someone can only be a bit jealous at... nothing to see about the struggle, just a stunning result...
8 July 2019, 14:15
Excellent result, from what I know from painful personal experience, is an awful kit.
8 July 2019, 14:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both for your kind words! I find it interesting that others have had similar experiences with this kit.
8 July 2019, 17:15
Stephan Ryll
Very nice final result Roland 👍
8 July 2019, 17:58
Slavo Hazucha
Nice job capturing history moving on - The body and colors already in the Battle of Britain, while the propeller and other details still cary the air of inter-war aviation with them... 🙂 A very nice and unique-looking model, I guess the investment into all that fitting & filling was well made in the end. One really nice piece you got there on the table! 👍
9 July 2019, 06:06
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Stephan and Slavo! Your descriptive language brings to the point what appealed to me about this project!
9 July 2019, 06:55


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