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Noratlas Israel

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This album is attached to project Nord 2501 Noratlas.

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31. May at 15:34:27 Share
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Eelco Gregoire Nice start!
31. May at 16:01:19
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Eelco!
31. May at 17:17:11
Maciej Bellos Great work there with the bits and pieces!
31. May at 17:44:52
Lode Schildermans I am always amazed how you that tiny stuff, Roland. Awesome
31. May at 21:01:37
Gordon Sørensen This looks a little smaller than the BV222... watching!
31. May at 22:10:15
Łukasz Gliński Wow, that's cool. Love the Heller kits. What sets did you use to get such a nice cockpit?
31. May at 22:26:26
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you guys for all your interest and comments. I pepped up the cockpits with pieces of Eduards seat belts for Luftwaffe heavies, the radio equipment was improvised with parts from the spare box, selected and partially fitted to get a convincing impression. The closed up cockpit will allow a very shadowy sight of the wireless equipment -if any.... ;)
01. June at 09:37:03
Ronan Very nice start, i'm in ;)
01. June at 10:44:50
Sören Reifert Fantastic eye for details! The cockpit is truly amazing Roland.
01. June at 10:45:24
Roland Sachsenhofer Your words are encouraging me- thank you Ronan and Sören!
01. June at 11:40:57
Łukasz Gliński Thx Roland, I thought somebody decided to produce a PE fret for Noratlas :)
01. June at 15:18:04
Bart Goesaert Enjoy building this one... Cockpit looks fantastic, assembling and sanding the hull will be a heap of work...
01. June at 15:33:02
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you mates!
I managed to close up the fuselage of the first Noratlas by now. All the sub-assemblies of wings, tail or fuselage booms for both machines are assembled as well.
Fit is quite ok, so to speak. And the Nora is going to be not of the tiny sort; that´s for sure measuring the wingspan- oh yeah! ;)
02. June at 19:58:07
David Funke looking great so far!
04. June at 11:50:28
Ronan Wich versions will you realize , Roland ?
04. June at 20:51:35
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you!
The one you can see assembled with closed doors will be an Israeli Noratlas -in bare metal, the other one is going to be a Bundeswehr Noratlas from LTG 62. This one will display full camouflage with white heat protection on the fuselage top.
I will show pictures of the planed examples in the next days.
04. June at 21:47:28
Roland Sachsenhofer Looking like a little whale the first Nora is ready for priming and painting. I have re-masked those clear parts which got damaged during sanding.
I have sanded down those raised panellines and will let them in this condition. I like their look and will rescribe only a few selected areas.
09. June at 19:19:03
Łukasz Gliński Looking good, curious to see what the raised panel lines will be looking like after all.
09. June at 22:28:40
Lode Schildermans Roland, can't wait to see it with your paint skills
10. June at 09:09:30
Roland Sachsenhofer That´s freindly, Lukasz and Lode! Iam also keen to see that all "metalized"
11. June at 10:28:47
Bart Goesaert looking good so far...
11. June at 11:40:58
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you very much for your words Bart!
11. June at 20:40:36
Gordon Sørensen Nice looking interior, Roland! Always amazes me how just good painting and a few details can totally transform an otherwise featureless cockpit...
11. June at 20:55:53
Vitor Hugo Sousa think in using a metal bar inside the wings to reinforce, see picture nº 6 here Nord 2501 Noratlas | Hyperscale

11. June at 23:32:59
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you both for your kind comments! Vitor, your beautiful work on this kit is my reference to build the Noratlas since I did see it. I would recommend not only the lovers of the Noratlas to take a look at this inspiring project....
12. June at 11:14:52
Roland Sachsenhofer A little update: the Noratlas get´sslowly into form. Engine nacelles need further enhancements and corrections.
28. June at 20:18:56
Łukasz Gliński With that tissue (?) it looks like a stranded whale ;)
28. June at 20:44:58
Cuajete Very nice interior
28. June at 20:56:16
Roland Sachsenhofer Lukasz, I had the same association :)
Thank you for your comments!
30. June at 10:12:15
Martin Oostrom I like both builds!
30. June at 10:59:05
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Martin, that pleases me!
30. June at 13:41:16
Roland Sachsenhofer The engine nacelles offer some opportunities to a few refinements.... First the exhaust are non existent: on their place you will find some sort of humps. Happily they can be cut in a shape that comes near the true thing. See the pictures before and after :)
Another are the missing fan impeller, which are very prominent to see. In this respect they have to be added; I did this with tiny parts cut out plastic sheet.
25. July at 21:03:25
Oliver Zwiener Another very interesting project - keep watching ;)
25. July at 21:16:16
Lode Schildermans Nice Roland.Indeed, the fan impellers are an improvement to the base kit. You've find a nice solution. Must have cost some time to cut such a number out. It is worth the effort
25. July at 21:49:09
Bill Gilman Great work, Roland! You're a brave man, I would have walked away from that kit. But you will produce a masterpiece as we have seen in the past.
25. July at 22:33:05
Łukasz Gliński Very nice detailing, looks like a tutorial for this kit ;)
26. July at 08:41:14
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you guys for your very kind comments! Although aging it´s quite a kit with its merits, still very buildable. There are very delicate details of cooling vents for example and I like the raised panel lines. That is a good base to catch the sturdy appearance of the real thing, in my opinion.
26. July at 13:47:43
Roland Sachsenhofer A few more steps have been taken, to bring the first Nora to an happy end. It is rather difficult to get the perfection needed for Alclad on that heavily sanded surface. I used Alclads "White Aluminum" and shades of "Aluminum" and "Magnesium" to paint the surface.
The final appearance will be much more less clean as it looks now with a fresh coat of clear gloss over the metal paint.
30. July at 20:15:57
Cuajete Nice painting. It will be even better in the final phase. Engines details are fantastic!
30. July at 20:39:27
Bart Goesaert You are a Michelangelo in plastic... Nice work...
31. July at 07:42:20
Christian Friedenberger Excellent detail work on this scale, respect! I love this little assembly stand
31. July at 07:53:29
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you mates! Wow, you turn my cheeks red, Bart :)
31. July at 14:28:13
Roland Sachsenhofer A few pictures of the exhaust stains and general "wear and tear" of the surfaces. Painting, so speaking, has been finished, except a few touches of the dry brush of course.
Next will be attaching of props, wheels, antennas and so on..... I am confident to come to an happy end within days :)
02. August at 21:36:45
David Funke wonderful! I´m looking forward to the second Nora...
02. August at 21:42:02
Cuajete Well done so far, Roland! How do you do the exhaust stains?
02. August at 21:47:03
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you David and Cuajete! The exhausts gave been painted with a mixture of Gunze H72 brown and Gunzes H77 "tire black". First a base of blackened brown, then a light coat of tire black....
02. August at 22:19:12
Lode Schildermans It will make a great pair the other noratlas. Once again, ik looks very sharp, Roland.
02. August at 23:18:36
Cuajete Thank you, Roland
03. August at 13:42:52
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you guys! Wheels and wheel covers have been attached, now on to the home straight! :)
03. August at 14:07:55
Roland Sachsenhofer Finished at last! I had the antennas from stretched sprue or made them with copper wire. Windscreen wiper have been added and the pitot tubes have been improved with the sharp ends of needles.
All in all this was a nice kit -and the second Nora should benefit from my experiences.
I hope you like the pictures- thank you all for your interest in this project!
05. August at 17:37:21
Gordon Sørensen Great looking Noratlas, Roland! Your models always turn out looking excellent!
05. August at 18:00:43
Oliver Zwiener Irre Ergebnisse bei der Sommerhitze - ist Dein Bastelzimmer klimatisiert :-o ???
05. August at 19:39:43
Cuajete Very nice. Good work. Congrats!
05. August at 21:18:28
Łukasz Gliński Beautiful result
05. August at 21:56:45
Björn Svedberg Looks great, Roland!
05. August at 22:02:25
Lode Schildermans Awesome work, Roland. It is a real Sachsenhofer quality build
05. August at 22:51:41
Lost_Erik Fantastic!
06. August at 02:49:31
Michael Drover Cracking job Roland on a not too often seen subject. Nice one.
06. August at 02:51:23
Ronan Very nice result, Roland ;)
06. August at 09:34:51
David Funke I love it!
06. August at 11:47:07
Christian Ristits
A real eyecatcher and a seldom seen subjetc - congrats!
06. August at 12:23:08
Roland Sachsenhofer Hello mates, thank you all for your encouraging and motivating comments! That´s really cool!
Oliver, my "kit-office" locates in the basement- thank god and the surrounding walls it´s quite cool :)
David, I am keen to get the BW-Nora a few steps further!
06. August at 12:34:32
Bill Gilman Exquisite!
08. August at 02:02:24
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you Bill!
08. August at 09:50:16
Sören Reifert Fantastic Job Roland
08. August at 09:57:30
Christian Bruer Very nice work and finish
08. August at 13:50:41
Hoodlum90 I like your choice of models, not the usual kits you see all the time! Great job!
08. August at 14:23:49
Alexander G. Simply wonderful!
08. August at 18:19:17
Roland Sachsenhofer Thank you for your comments- the are wonderful!
08. August at 19:53:48
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