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Spitfire Mk.Vb


Roland Sachsenhofer
First pictures of my recently started project... Fit and detail are if very high level; I was impressed by the layout of the Cockpit. Just drilled some openings, the rest is oob. Well, Eduard is responsible for the dashboard and the seats harness.
5 January 2018, 11:19
Stefan Fraundorfer
Ahh, there she is. I'm looking forward to see your build and the finished Spitfire.
5 January 2018, 15:27
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your comment! Hobby Boss provides a quite well detailed kit with perfect fit so far; I am quite eager to get the beautiful shapes of a classic Spitfire on the workbench...
6 January 2018, 11:51
Stephan Ryll
Very nice start Roland 👍
6 January 2018, 12:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Stephan! I managed to join the bundle of parts necessary to build up the entire fuselage. Maybe the kit is a little bit over engineered, on the other side it makes a lot of fun- and everyone interested could superdetail nearly the whole fuselage...
To show you what I have done a few new pictures 🙂
6 January 2018, 15:55
Clifford Keesler
Another one to watch, looking good so far.
6 January 2018, 18:22
Mats Bengtsson
Nice start Roland 👍 I have been wanting to build a large scale (larger than 1/48 ) Spitfire for a while so I will follow you build with great interest 🙂
6 January 2018, 19:19
Rui S
Looking good👍
I'm in.
6 January 2018, 20:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates! Mats, I can clearly recommend this kit, it won´t be the last HB Spit, that´s for sure! 🙂
7 January 2018, 09:43
Maciej Bellos
7 January 2018, 13:45
Miro Herold
Hi Roland, allways enjoying your nice work. Greeting
8 January 2018, 19:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello Maciej and Miro! Thank you for your kind words!
9 January 2018, 10:39
Bart Goesaert
a gem of a cockpit, nice work...
9 January 2018, 14:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
That´s very nice Bart, thank you!
11 January 2018, 09:05
Roland Sachsenhofer
The classic lines of a Spitfire appear step by step....
By, the way, I will do this interesting example out of Kageros terrific "Topcolors 23": Supermarine Spitfire mk Vb
14 January 2018, 16:59
Scott Dutton
Gorgeous cockpit
14 January 2018, 20:09
Adam Gudynowski
Nice 👍
14 January 2018, 21:49
Adam Gudynowski
Spitfire Mk.Vb RFD | Project by karambolis8 (1:32)
Mine albo took very long time...
15 January 2018, 06:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you guys for your comment! Beautiful work, Adam!
15 January 2018, 11:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Sanding started after minor filling work required on wing roots and the seams of the fuselage halfs. I am using the aftermarket Hispano cannons from Aber.
21 January 2018, 17:46
Björn Svedberg
I'm following this! Nice cockpit! I really like the weathering of the headrest, nice! 👍
21 January 2018, 21:26
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Björn! It´s nice you mention the headrest, I like to work with pastel paints
22 January 2018, 16:04
Scott Hastings
holy cats that is nicely done!!!
22 January 2018, 17:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Scott!
22 January 2018, 19:27
Erik Leijdens
Nice work so far Roland!
22 January 2018, 19:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your kind and motivating words are very welcome, thank you!
23 January 2018, 11:18
Clifford Keesler
23 January 2018, 16:42
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Clifford! Now I am very keen to get some paint on the Spits shapes!
24 January 2018, 08:42
Roland Sachsenhofer
These black areas will be coated with "White Aluminum" which will be used for extensive shipping and wear and tear...
27 January 2018, 13:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Preshading on Alclads White Aluminum is done; "Maskol" had been attached before to prepare the future "chipped" areas.
Next will be getting the underside painted.
31 January 2018, 21:08
looking really excellent Roland.
1 February 2018, 07:52
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you both, mates! Quite motivating!
1 February 2018, 08:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Two more pictures of the current state of the model added. Today I will spray the underside with H332
1 February 2018, 09:31
Gordon Sørensen
Looks great, Roland! Going together nicely!
1 February 2018, 14:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Gordon! I have opted for Gunzes H69 /RLM 75 as "Ocean Grey", should be a very near resemblance. Everything is masked for the final Dark Green /Gunze H 330.
I will soften the edges and contour the details with free-hand airbrush.
3 February 2018, 16:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
That is very friendly: thank you Lode!
4 February 2018, 06:48
Stephan Ryll
Looking really good Roland 👍
4 February 2018, 07:24
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Stephen for motivating!
4 February 2018, 09:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
Some new pictures with H330 Dark Green on..... next will be masking and painting the yellow wing markings and, of course, the white stripes on the cowling.
4 February 2018, 11:08
Clifford Keesler
Looking excellent Roland.
5 February 2018, 00:29
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Clifford!
5 February 2018, 08:11
Roland Sachsenhofer
For masking the curved yellow identification strips on the leading edges the flexible masking tape from Tamiya is a great help
13 February 2018, 17:59
Miro Herold
schöne weiche Übergänge geschafft. Bravo Roland
14 February 2018, 14:19
Roland Sachsenhofer
Dear Miro, thank you for your comment!
15 February 2018, 08:53
Soeren .
Really nice work so far Roland😉 Cant wait to see it finished.
15 February 2018, 13:53
Tim Heimer
Looking real good Roland!
15 February 2018, 14:09
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Sören and Timothy!
16 February 2018, 05:54
Roland Sachsenhofer
Tomorrow I am planning to apply the decals. The red nozzle seals have been made with duct tape at last.
19 February 2018, 19:47
Stephan Ryll
Looking very nice Roland 👍 very nice used look
19 February 2018, 20:29
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Stephan for your comment!
20 February 2018, 19:24
Roland Sachsenhofer
Decals and a second coat of Gunze clear gloss have been sprayed; now a fitting washing, exhaust stains and so on will be made
21 February 2018, 17:46
Gordon Sørensen
Looks great, Roland! I have these decals in 1/72, hope it turns out half as good as yours!
22 February 2018, 14:13
Clifford Keesler
Very nice as always Roland.
22 February 2018, 18:31
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates for your kind remarks!
23 February 2018, 07:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Finished at all! I have cut all the opaque landing and position lights off and replaced them with drops of cyanacrylate glue. That works pretty well and gives a good representation in my opinion. I am happy with the result- and hope, you like the pictures.
That wan´t be the last HB -Spitfire!
25 February 2018, 10:34
Maciej Bellos
One good looking Spit! Very well done mate. It looks as if there is a pilot nearby to take here to the skies!
25 February 2018, 11:35
Björn Svedberg
That is a great looking spit! And as always it's very nice to see all of the progress pictures. 👍
25 February 2018, 13:15
Alec K
Great job as always Roland. I love your chipping work 👍
25 February 2018, 14:49
Stefan Fraundorfer
Very good paintjob and weathering on this Spitfire. Congratulations Roland!
25 February 2018, 16:14
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello mates, your comments make me happy- thank you for your motivating words!
26 February 2018, 08:25
Tim Heimer
Beautifully done! If I may say, I think the exhaust manifolds should be rusted to match the slight wear you have done so well.
26 February 2018, 13:13
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for your words, Timothy! Indeed, I will consider doing them a little bit more rusted next time. I did gave them a wash with red/ redbrown und brown pastells on a surface of Alclad "Steel".
Thank you for your suggestion!
27 February 2018, 11:48
Clifford Keesler
Outstanding Roland. Very well done.
28 February 2018, 01:26
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Clifford!
28 February 2018, 14:37
Miro Herold
Erste Sahne!!!!!
1 March 2018, 18:10
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you very much Miro! 🙂
4 March 2018, 07:51
Palo G
Great work ! ✈✈✈
3 May 2018, 18:23
Mid Franconian
Great as always!
3 May 2018, 19:43
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello mates, that is motivating- thank you both!
5 May 2018, 06:08


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1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb (HobbyBoss 83205)

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