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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)


Messerschmitt "Me-509"/ Trumpeter

The day I saw Trumpeters "Me-509" I knew I had to build two of them- one in NMF and the other as its reverse, a rather weary and weather beaten example. Trumpeters decals and camouflage schemes have always a rather fictitious character :o) so this time it would not matter!
It´s time for fiction!

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22. September 2012, 20:51
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Roland Sachsenhofer
The kits layout predicts a fast and easy build, also fit is very good. Details maybe of course be enhanced, but there is a reasonable degree of complexity in the cockpit and in the wheel bays. A small fret of etched parts delivers further structures for the cockpit and the huge radiator.

The last two weeks I managed to assemble both kits. The first to be painted should be the NMF- variant. After a priming coat of glossy black had been painted, different shades of Alclads metallic paints were sprayed.
The nose area shows RLM 83, I will have to repaint the edge, it looks a little bit groggy...
Yesterday I managed to apply the decals, which all stem from my spare box. I will show some pictures of result the next days.
22. September 2012, 21:02
Bill Gilman
Looking very cool, Roland! Great recovery from the little "mishap!"
22. September 2012, 21:16
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks Bill!
Yes, that worked...I am quite eager to get the long legged landing gear on that fuselage, it should look quite uncommon!
22. September 2012, 21:24
Roland Sachsenhofer
Here are a few more pictures of my "509", the camouflage has been finished by now
It is a pity, that two layers of Gunze "clear" have reduced the difference between the various shades of Aluminum paint. That has looked quite natural.
Next I am planning to attach further aerials; the loop antenna has been made by scratched parts and bent wire.
24. September 2012, 20:33
Bill Gilman
Hi Roland, give Alclad's new Aqua Gloss Clear a try - it didn't seem to change the appearance of the different shades of Alclad metal when I used it. The only thing that looked different at all was that "Dull Aluminum" became semi-gloss instead of matte.
24. September 2012, 21:00
Jan Goormans
Roland, very smooth NMF finish ,
what brand of glossy black primer did you use ?
25. September 2012, 15:16
Philip De Keyser
Looking great Roland, keep the pix comming, greetz Phil
25. September 2012, 16:04
Aghis Barberopoulos
I like the metal finish one, very convincing!
25. September 2012, 16:54
Mike Kryza
Very fine - think I have to order the ME (today)... :)
25. September 2012, 16:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello all! Many thanks for your motivating words!
Bill, I have ordered this agent, sounds great and should be a real trouble shooter- thank you for this hint!
Jan, I have been quite happy using "glossy black" acrylic paint from Gunze for priming. Have you seen the Alclad peeling of? I guess, it was my fault- one day for drying Alclad seems not to be enough... Impatience is the modellers death :o)
Mike, feel encouraged- it still seems to be a rather uncomplicated build, just the right thing for "in between".
Greetings Roland
25. September 2012, 17:27
Mike Kryza
:-D:-D:-D - I have ordered the kit!!!!!!!!!
25. September 2012, 17:36
Wilfried Bogaerts
Very nice work so far Roland !
25. September 2012, 17:42
Dave Flitton
Nice work!! Do they market this in 1/72 - The True and Manly Scale?
25. September 2012, 19:13
Bill Gilman
I had a nice e-mail exchange with Tony, the guy who owns the Alclad company and developed the product. He instructed me to NOT use glossy black primer unless I was specifically spraying the ultra-high gloss Alclad finishes. No reason, it was just his advice. Since then I've been using his grey primer, which adds a step because it needs to be smoothed out with Micro-Mesh before spraying the Alclad. I wonder if he gave me this advice because the adhesion would be better somehow?
25. September 2012, 20:38
Roland Sachsenhofer
Allright, then I will change to one of the various shades of gray in my paint collection. Maybe the smoothing of Alclads grey primer adds some additive "grip" for the following paint? However, thank yo very much for parting this informative conversation! Never have seen a metal color better than "Alclad"...!
26. September 2012, 07:42
Aghis Barberopoulos
Just to mention that I never had a problem with alclad on a humbrol gloss black undercoat. It dries fast and it can take much punishment without peeling, even after masking!
26. September 2012, 17:07
Bart De Pauw
Great model! Hopefully after al those paper panzers we will get some luft46 plastic injected kits in 1/48!
26. September 2012, 18:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello all,
The "Vorserien" Me-509 has been finished finally. I didn´t worry much about Trumpeters decals, which seem to be literally of no use, and selected proper marking from my decal spare box.
The aerials were improvised with gardening wire and hypothermic needles, as was the pitot tube. The small control horns on the elevator have been scratched from etched parts.
This is a cute and rather easy kit of an uncommon subject which literally invites you to make some modifications, enhancements or variations!
Yes Bart, I would appreciate further fictitious subjects too!

Now on with the weary and worn off exemplar with winter camouflage...
29. September 2012, 06:14
Wilfried Bogaerts
Came out really nice Roland, congrats ! :)
29. September 2012, 09:07
Dirk Heyer
Nice done finish!
29. September 2012, 09:15
Jan Goormans
yes, really smooth finish , love it !!
30. September 2012, 09:33
Burkhard D
Admirable! Love that clean build and the subtle but very effective differentiation of shades. :)
30. September 2012, 10:58
stefan natus
Great work on this one.
30. September 2012, 15:20
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello all! Thank you very much for your comments! I feel encouraged and happy :o)
1. October 2012, 05:27
Roger Mukka
Impressive paint job. I wish i could do that.
Fine ugly bird.
6. October 2012, 08:53
Holger Kranich
Ugly bird, but wonderful work!
6. October 2012, 09:28
Bill Gilman
Not so ugly, kind of like a German Airacobra!
6. October 2012, 15:54
Mike Kryza
Bill - I thought a little bit about the bird - but you still bring it to the point!! :-D
6. October 2012, 16:29
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello all! Eduards P-39, more precisely: a P-39Q and two P-400, will be the next triple-project on my workbench. So we should soon have a good comparison... Ugly beasts or timeless beauties? Fascinating aeroplanes anyway!
Today I attached new photos from my second "509": what you see will soon be covered with the white paint of a winter-camouflage.
I am quite eager to see how this experiment will end...
20. October 2012, 18:22
Aghis Barberopoulos
Nice camo on this 2nd one! Certainly convincing.
21. October 2012, 16:47
wonderful work
21. October 2012, 16:52
stefan natus
Smooth paintjob.
22. October 2012, 17:30
Luc B
Looking good
22. October 2012, 21:00
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello guys!
your words make me glad and proud, but I have to confess: nearly nothing of the surface you are refering to is still visible by now :o)! As I had planned from the start of this build, my 509 is now wearing a winter camouflage. Exactly the first steps of winter camo, as all the essential weathering still has to be done in the next days. I will show you some actual photos today....
23. October 2012, 06:18
Roland Sachsenhofer
Here are the pictures, you can see the chronology of the painting progress: first the masking- solid and fluid- has been applied, followed by the white paint and at last I have done the first attempts of weathering. Exhaust stains and so on have still to be applied.
24. October 2012, 20:37
24. October 2012, 22:06
Aghis Barberopoulos
Whitewash very cool! ;)
26. October 2012, 18:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello guys, thank you for your words!
The fictitious doubel-pack got finished at last... These finishing steps brought nothing new or not known from the first build, so I didn´t update this report.
I hope you enjoy these pictures- thanks for all your comments!
2. November 2012, 18:38
Steve Wilson
Now don't get me wrong, both builds are excellent, BUT, I love that weathered one 8)
2. November 2012, 18:54
Very Nice.. :)
2. November 2012, 19:02
Holger Kranich
Both very nice models! I prefer the dirty one ;) but the NMF is great too! I just can repeat myself, great build, as usual ;)!
2. November 2012, 20:46
Philip De Keyser
Love those works Roland, thanks for sharing, awesome job, greetz Phil
3. November 2012, 09:07
Dirk Heyer
Nice built, of course!
What if`s are not really my favourites, but this aircraft is soo ugly, so this one intensified my interest of your newly hatched bird!
Would be a fantastic basic kit for SciFi projects, isn`t it????
4. November 2012, 14:17
stefan natus
I like the whitewash.
4. November 2012, 17:45
Dirk Heyer
Btw, the whitewash is also my fav!!
4. November 2012, 17:50
Bill Gilman
A similar design from Japan...Yokosuka R2Y

4. November 2012, 18:17
Dirk Heyer
unbelievable ugly, but no doubt, it is something different, isn`t it???
4. November 2012, 18:21
Bill Gilman
I read that the Japanese had flown the R2Y, at least once. Here is another photo I found:

4. November 2012, 19:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hello guys,
Now that is a rare picture! And it seems to be of exquisit quality. Thank´s for sharing!
7. November 2012, 17:18
Burkhard D
Photo of an assembled kit, maybe?
7. November 2012, 18:06
Stefan Fraundorfer
Servus Roland!
Zwei sehr interessante und vor allem seltene Modelle. Super gebaut, lackiert und gealtert. Gratulation!
7. November 2012, 18:19
Bill Gilman
Burkhard - could be! All of the other photos of this plane are on the ground and very poor quality.
7. November 2012, 18:25

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