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Navy Bird
Bill Gilman (Navy Bird)

Vought F-8J Crusader (Academy)


16. February 2013, 03:55
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Bill Gilman
Getting started on the Crusader - for once a resin cockpit didn't require an eternity of sanding followed by lung cancer and chemotherapy. It fits into the fuselage quite easily with some small modifications to the styrene (which is a lot less toxic when you're grinding away)!
16. February 2013, 04:00
Philip De Keyser
Great start Bill, I'm tuned in, this is a great built to follow😉
16. February 2013, 09:22
Bill Gilman
Some progress on the Crusader! In-between working on the XF10F Jaguar, I've managed to get the main fuselage assembled and the resin cockpit installed. Unusual for an Aires pit, this one did not required a lot of sanding to make it fit. I did have to cut out the kit coaming, but nothing major. Also, the resin replacement wing arrived from Obscureco, and it looks rather nice. I didn't notice any warping, which sometimes happens with full wing replacements like this. Detailing and panel lines look just like the kit, and the flaps and slats are dropped and double-drooped, just waiting to be mounted in the "up" position for carrier approach! Anyone know what color the area beneath the wing is painted? White? Zinc Chromate? I hope not the latter, as that would not look so good! 🙂
2. June 2013, 15:12
Holger Kranich
Great project, Bill! As far as i remember, the colour of that area was white on Navy birds...
4. June 2013, 12:12
stefan natus
You can see the inside of the wing in this walkaround on youtube.
Youtube Video
At 7.20min

4. June 2013, 16:39
Duncan Cook
I will be watching that one Bill 🙂
4. June 2013, 16:55
Looking good bill, someone pass the popcorn
4. June 2013, 17:04
Bill Gilman
Thanks for the movie, it looks like white is the colour! Well, white and a bunch of hydraulic fluid stains, general grease and grime, an occasional sea gull, etc. 🙂
4. June 2013, 18:20
Bill Gilman
I've decided to bring this kit down from the shelf of doom. I've done some work on the instrument panel. I've also decided not to use the Obscureco wing, as it's for an F-8E and my choice of markings is for an F-8J, which is also what this kit (mostly) represents. So, I'll have to cut the flaps out of the kit wing to make room for the Wolfpack F-8J set that I have on order. It includes the double drooped leading edge flaps (I've been told that they are not "slats" ) and also the inboard flaps and ailerons. The Obscureco wing doesn't appear to have any anhedral either, and the real F-8 had a good amount, which is represented in the kit wing.
7. March 2015, 16:16
Thomas Bischoff
tremendous work - how did you do the instrument panel? It's incredible small.
7. March 2015, 19:16
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
7. March 2015, 20:19
Bill Gilman
The instrument panel is made up from a thin piece of film with a photoetched panel over the top with the instrument holes punched out. The film contains the instrument faces, but it's just black and clear - paint the back of the film flat white and you get black and white instrument faces. The trick is aligning the film to the holes in the photoetch, especially when it's this small. I use a magnifying glass, and PVA glue. Cheers.
7. March 2015, 21:39
hehe looking good bill 🙂 very good so far
7. March 2015, 23:33
Lionel Marco
Nice job!
8. March 2015, 06:09
Philip De Keyser
Wonderful job on the cockpit 👍
8. March 2015, 08:55
Aris aka Amen
the instrument panel is like 1/32 😄
10. March 2015, 10:03
Soeren .
Uhhh another great KeepfightingBill project and it looks already amazing!!
10. March 2015, 10:05
Cristian Bordina
If the approach is this, I cannot wait to see the model finished 😄
10. March 2015, 10:19
Harry Eder
Looks great, Bill! 👍
10. March 2015, 14:18
Bill Gilman
I'll do my best, mates! Chemo ain't gonna beat me! 🙂
10. March 2015, 14:51
Soeren .
If you fight the chemo as good as you build all your kits, I have no doubt in that at all 🙂
10. March 2015, 14:53
Cristian Bordina
I fully agree with Soeren ;D WE ARE ALL WITH YOU !!!!
10. March 2015, 15:34
Bill Gilman
I bought some resin aftermarket for the Crusader. The Quickboost air scoops and CMK wheels look very nice, but the Wolfpack flaps and droops are quite disappointing. First, all the pieces are badly bowed (warped). I can make the leading edge flaps ("droops"😢 work, but the flaps/ailerons go in the bin. In addition to being badly bowed, they are 2-3mm too short. I've ordered the Quickboost flap set and we'll see if they are OK. I should have read the IPMS review - their recommendation was to put them in the bin! Unfortunately, I found the review after the fact, as no one had linked it to the product on Scalemates yet. Now it's linked, though, so hopefully no one else will do the same as me!

I also added a small amount of detail (tubes and lines) on top of the engine tunnel. To be honest, these will be hard to see once the wing is mounted in the up position. If you have a micro-spy magnifying glass, a tiny flashlight, and the ability to peer into tight spaces, you'll be able to see it. Cheers, Bill
12. March 2015, 21:36
Bill Gilman
Hi mates, I've uploaded several more photos. As you can see a lot of progress has been made, as the fuselage is now completely painted, the decals are on, I've done a panel line wash, and added some shadowing to the gear wells. Starting to look like a Navy Bird now! 🙂 🙂
2. April 2015, 01:28
Bulldog Scale Models
great progress really looking forward the finish model
2. April 2015, 04:12
Ingmar Stöhr
Like this bird and yours is looking great!
2. April 2015, 05:19
Martin Chen
woo, that looks amazing! Nice work!
2. April 2015, 05:29
Cristian Bordina
Fantastic job Bill !!!
2. April 2015, 05:55
Kees Kleijwegt
Very, very nice. Greatly executed paintjob en subtle panel lining
2. April 2015, 06:47
outstanding Bill as always buddy
2. April 2015, 07:55
soheil moghisi
very nice.
2. April 2015, 08:56
Hi Bill, clean Build. Looks nice 👍
2. April 2015, 09:07
Choppa Nutta
Looks nice 👍
2. April 2015, 09:32
Bill Gilman
Thanks everyone. Today I am going for my sixth and (hopefully) last chemotherapy treatment! Then in a few weeks I'll have a PET scan and see if any cancer is left. I have confidence that the treatments have worked. I've also made the decision to retire on July 1. Maybe then I will have time to build more models! 🙂 🙂 🙂
2. April 2015, 11:27
Burkhard D
Outstanding, as usual. All the best! 🙂
2. April 2015, 13:38
Dave Flitton
Awesome looking Crusader!!
2. April 2015, 13:40
Jan Hazes
Bird looks great so far and good luck with the treatments!
2. April 2015, 15:05
Christian Lehmann
I don't know why I missed this. Nevertheless it looks great.👍
Good luck !
2. April 2015, 15:37
Go Bill.. Go Bill... Go Bill.. Go Bill.. yes.. you have your own cheerleader😉
2. April 2015, 16:28
Cristian Bordina
Bill, to admire your models is always an extraordinary thing. You have skills in your hands that few others have. I'm always your fan😉
2. April 2015, 16:41
Christian Bruer
Bravo-Zulu and good luck Bill!
2. April 2015, 17:39
Michel Huijghe
Very well done. 🙂
2. April 2015, 18:13
Elias Prokopiou
Great job mate!!!
2. April 2015, 19:26
Nice, Is More Details Decals , This jet fighter same like A-7A CORSAIR-II
3. April 2015, 01:17
Lucas C.
Very nice! I have this kit in my stash (actually, two of them!) and I'll be hard-pressed to build mine to the same standard as yours!
3. April 2015, 01:47
Bill Gilman
Thanks mates! I truly appreciate all the nice comments. 🙂
NAZRI - Vought Corporation also built the A-7 Corsair II, but they built the F-8 Crusader first. The A-7 came later. Many of the design characteristics from the F-8 were used on the A-7, one notable exception being the variable incidence wing. Cheers, Bill
3. April 2015, 01:49
3. April 2015, 02:52
Matthias Weiss
And there is Bill again with a superb build!
Stunning, all these tiny details!
3. April 2015, 05:26
Steve Wilson
3. April 2015, 14:42
3. April 2015, 15:47
Roland Sachsenhofer
Very nice, clean and spot on! I am (again) impressed!
3. April 2015, 16:36
Kees Kleijwegt
All the best Bill!
3. April 2015, 17:06
Oliver Rhein
3. April 2015, 17:15
Bernhard Schrock
Looks like quarter scale. Top!
3. April 2015, 18:05
Christian Meyerhoff
Hi Bill! This will be another beauty from your workbench. I like every bit of it! Top job so far!
3. April 2015, 18:10
Bill Gilman
Thanks mates!

Although the Sidewinders that come with the kit are quite good for injection moulding, I decided this would be a good opportunity to try out the resin missiles from Eduard. My set arrived today in a box full of goodies from Eduard (three more Anigrand kits). The Eduard Sidewinders look beautiful, the fins (front are PE, rear are resin) are very thin and more to scale than those from the kit. Excellent detail, plus a small decal sheet includes stencils and stripes.
4. April 2015, 00:39
Clifford Keesler
Totally AWESOME!!! Bill.
4. April 2015, 03:12
Aris aka Amen
Yeeaa very nice so far.
7. April 2015, 21:11
Bill Gilman
Some good progress on the Crusader. Check out the new photos - it's really starting to look like an airplane now with the wing attached. I should have this finished today, as long as I start working and stop typing! 🙂
11. April 2015, 12:28
Bill.. sometimes I hate you lol.. awesome build m8 😄
11. April 2015, 12:39
Cristian Bordina
I'm speechless 🙂
11. April 2015, 12:41
Soeren .
"Good" progress is a understatment.... 🙂 Looks awesome Bill
11. April 2015, 12:52
Burkhard D
In other words, f***ing awesome 😄😎
11. April 2015, 13:21
Holger Kranich
Hi Onkelchen!

What elegant lines this aircraft has! And your painting pimped it very much! How do you like the eduard AIM 9? Very much better than a kit part or only a bit better?
11. April 2015, 13:33
Hanno Kleinecke
Beautyful bird, excellently built and painted ! I look and learn .
11. April 2015, 14:22
Bill Gilman
Augie - LOL.

Cristian and Soeren - thanks, mates!

Burkhard - this is a family web site, watch that language! 🙂

Holger - the Eduard AIM-9 Sidewinders are way ahead of the kit parts. The big difference, of course, is the thickness of the fins, which is much more to scale. The problem is that the rear fins are resin, and are "wafer-thin" (Mr. Creosote, anyone?). I ripped one of them during removal from the pour block (but I fixed it). The front fins are PE, and really tiny. But, now that I have them painted, they look so much better. I'll take a picture of the Eduard Sidewinders in comparison to the kit parts. You'll see the difference!
11. April 2015, 14:24
Michel Huijghe
That's really good. 🙂
11. April 2015, 18:00
Philip De Keyser
Great Looking crusader, very well done bill. Another master piece is Borne
12. April 2015, 07:50
John E
Excellent work!
12. April 2015, 16:46
Clifford Keesler
Awesome Bill.
12. April 2015, 17:27
12. April 2015, 19:13
Matthias Weiss
It's like always when Bill is building a kit: I feel like I watch a real plane being constructed.
Outstanding work, fascinating derails as always, Bill.
12. April 2015, 22:11
Bill Gilman
Hi mates, I'm calling this one finished. I've uploaded another 25 photos or so, please have a look and enjoy. I haven't added all the captions for the photos yet, but you can probably figure it all out anyway. The model won Gold in its category at the Buffcon competition in Buffalo, NY last Sunday. Cheers, Bill
14. April 2015, 02:42
Dave Flitton
I don't even know if I want to build mine now. I can't come close to your magnificent work. Excellent job!
14. April 2015, 02:50
Jeffrey Riedesel
14. April 2015, 03:03
Mats Bengtsson
Absolutely amazing Bill.
14. April 2015, 04:38
Soeren .
14. April 2015, 04:49
Christian Lehmann
What a beauty!
14. April 2015, 05:02
Christian Meyerhoff
Excellent work Bill!
14. April 2015, 05:23
Ulf Petersen
Phantastic work and a well deserved reward, Bill! 👍
14. April 2015, 05:23
14. April 2015, 05:31
Cristian Bordina
Wow too !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
14. April 2015, 05:50
14. April 2015, 06:16
Holger Kranich
Bill, this build thread made me like the Crusader. Now after the last pix that i´ve seen, the will to build a F-8 rises in my mind. This is a great build and you have really deserved the Gold medal!
Cheerio Holly😉
14. April 2015, 06:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Oh yes, gold medal! I agree to Holger -and all the previous praising comments, what a delicious masterpiece!
I would be interested in how you did get that superb and sharp-edged yellow canopy framing;has it been masked and sprayed? As for the whole model: your precision s a miracle to me 🙂
14. April 2015, 06:34
Harry Eder
Simply beautiful 👍
14. April 2015, 07:44
Kees Kleijwegt
A very well deserved gold medal. This is a simply stunning build. Top job
14. April 2015, 07:51
Christian Ristits
Fantastic Bill, congrats!
14. April 2015, 08:16
sweet build bud very sweet
14. April 2015, 08:55
Bulldog Scale Models
impressive work and build
14. April 2015, 12:39
Bill Gilman
Wow, thanks everyone! I've gone back in and added all the captions to the photos. The kit is easy to build, it's one of those shake and bake kits. It almost falls together. By far the best Academy kit I've ever built.

Roland, the yellow seals around the canopy frames are decals. The Cartograf decal sheet that comes with the kit includes these seals, which is great, since they are very prominent on the Crusader. What I found amazing is that these decals have no clear film that extends beyond the edges of the yellow area. The other decals on the sheet are more "normal" in this regard, but these yellow seals are different. I don't know how Cartograf did that, but they look fantastic! There is no clear film visible anywhere.

Holger - yes, you must build a Crusader. How about a USMC "mud-mover" version? 🙂
14. April 2015, 13:27
Martin Chen
Wow wow wow wow wow! Bravo! Best Crusader build I've ever seen!
14. April 2015, 13:35
Holger Kranich
"Mud Mover" sounds good to me, Bill!😢
14. April 2015, 14:08
Es-haq Khosravi
Excellent job!!!
14. April 2015, 14:18
Very well done
14. April 2015, 17:27
Bill Gilman
I forgot to mention a small disaster that happened during the build. I forgot to protect the decals when I masked around the exhaust area prior to painting the Alclad. When I removed the masking tape, I removed a lot of decals. On the port side, I lost half of "NAVY", half of the tailplane scuff plate, two of the digits in the Bureau Number, and the "2" in VF-302. On the starboard side I lost half of the yellow stripe on the ventral strake, two digits in the Bureau Number, and the rear portion of the walkway at the bottom of the vertical fin. Needless to say, I was bummed for a moment.

But I fixed it all, somehow. I bet you didn't notice anything did you? This is why you keep every decal you don't use from every model, no matter what it is. I found almost exact replacements for everything in my spares box, and it made the repair job much easier. I ended up painting to repair the yellow stripe, though. It turns out that Gunze H4 Yellow is a perfect match. The repair to the tapered black stripes that are on the border of the yellow stripe was made with very thin black stripes layered on top of each other in a "fan" pattern.
14. April 2015, 17:31
Michel Huijghe
Stunning result.👍
14. April 2015, 17:57
Christian Bruer
14. April 2015, 19:06
Choppa Nutta
sweet 🙂
14. April 2015, 21:57
Andy W.
A really excellent Build. Your Crusader looks great, good Job.
15. April 2015, 04:44
Ingmar Stöhr
Congratulation Bill! A stunning Crusader.
15. April 2015, 05:09
Ivan Kuryakov
Excellent model! I'm was impressed by cockpit details ))
15. April 2015, 05:25
Hanno Kleinecke
It Is quite relieving to know that this kind of mishaps occur even to the best ...... You patched it up perfectly !
15. April 2015, 06:58
Roland Sachsenhofer
Bill, thank you for the information to the canopy seals. This are good news... I am always slightly frustrated being not able to reproduce those seals- thanks to Acadamy for solving this difficulty the easy and practicable way!
These pictures of your F-8 Crusader are mouth watering... 🙂
16. April 2015, 17:52
Alberto Bianchi
Great!!! 👍
17. April 2015, 00:14


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