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Ben Schumacher (Ben)

Grumman EA-6B Prowler,


2 | 29. September 2017, 13:36
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Choppa Nutta
WoW !!
Just wow !
amazing scratch building !
29. September 2017, 13:45
Bart Goesaert
pff. that is truly a work of love... I could just stay watching to all these details... splendid, truly splendid....

Are those PE elements for the cockpit bought?
29. September 2017, 13:57
Ben Schumacher
Yes, the PE instrument bezels are from Airwaves and Airscale.
29. September 2017, 14:00
Kees Kleijwegt
That's some amazing scratchbuilding. Awesome work!
29. September 2017, 14:05
Thomas Hopfensperger
EA Bsolutely beautiful model!!!!! btw cockpit: is this a map of oostende? 🙂
29. September 2017, 14:16
Ben Schumacher
Thank you, Thomas! As the real aircraft was part of CVW-5, it's a map of the area around NAS Atsugi!😉
29. September 2017, 14:23
Patrick Hagelstein
How could I have missed this???
29. September 2017, 14:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Where did you find the scale plans for that Kitty Hawk deck if I may ask?
29. September 2017, 14:45
Holger Kranich
Crazy, just crazy... Bloody great!😄
29. September 2017, 14:57
Stephan Ryll
Awesome work, great result and dio 👍
29. September 2017, 15:51
David Thor
Looks like she can fly. Can she?
29. September 2017, 18:03
Stefan Schacht
fantastic work 👍
29. September 2017, 19:24
You forgot to post the video of the maiden flight. 😉
Stunning - simply stunning!
29. September 2017, 19:57
Marcelo Paiva
WOW!!! Amazing!!!
29. September 2017, 20:43
Ben Schumacher
Thank you all for you kind comments! Patrick, the deck is based on a free sketchup 3D model which i have corrected using google maps footage of CV-63 in Bremerton. I have made elevator #1 in 32nd scale as well, but more on that later! 🙂
30. September 2017, 08:51
Patrick Hagelstein
Whauw! Cool! For a while I'm toying with the idea of putting a VF-154 F-14 next to a VAQ-136 EA-6B on a just arriving elevator but couldn't find decent plans of the #4 elevator, so I just let the idea simmer somewhere. Seeing your diorama has gotten it revamped however.
30. September 2017, 14:22
absolutely stunning... incredible details!!!!!
30. September 2017, 16:15
Erik Leijdens
30. September 2017, 16:19
Wow. Fantastic job ! 👍
30. September 2017, 16:29
Ok, simply put.. speechless, its beyond amazing
30. September 2017, 16:36
Ben Schumacher
Thank you! I will post an album showing the progress on my 32nd scale Kitty Hawk elevator later today.
2. October 2017, 10:46
Patrick Hagelstein
Whauw! Cool!
2. October 2017, 11:47
Wilfried Tersago
This really is modelling! Great job!!
30. October 2017, 09:46
Alexander Grivonev
Holy Crap, that is award winning stuff there, absolutely incredible!
30. October 2017, 10:03
Dieter Bihlmaier
Fantastic build!
30. October 2017, 10:27
Bernhard Schrock
Hut ab vor dem Aufwand und erst recht dem Ergebnis! Wenns bei mir losgeht brauche ich nicht in meiner Navy Stehschütte graben: deine Fotos sind WIP-Fotos sind Referenz genug🙂
30. October 2017, 10:28
Patrick Hagelstein
🙂 Looks like you're preparing for electronic warfare Bernhard. I can't wait! 😉
30. October 2017, 19:17
Thomas Bischoff
WOW! Splendid job!
30. October 2017, 19:35
Absolutely fantastic Ben 🙂
30. October 2017, 20:33
Cedric Daumerie
Hello, Very nice! I have the same project..How did you make de Canopy?
10. October 2019, 10:39
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
GO NAVY !!!! Fantastic model !!!
10. October 2019, 11:26
Bryn Crandell
OMG! The detail is amazing. So much to look at I stare at one picture for minutes and then go to the next and do the same. The landaing gear really fascinated me.
10. October 2019, 11:40
Scott Dutton
Wow, every photo shows a work of art in its own right, so much detail. You wouldn't expect this level from any kit let alone scratch built. You are very courageous to attempt it, very patient to complete it and very talented to do so convincingly. This is true modelling at its best. I salute you.
10. October 2019, 21:55
will you be taking this beauty to Veldhoven?
14. October 2019, 21:19
14. October 2019, 23:13
Ben Schumacher
Thank you all for your kind comments!

@Cedric, the canopies are 3D printed.

@Spanjaard: I have planned to bring my Viking and the RF-8 both of which will be on the contest table. I did not register the Prowler. I may bring it with me, maybe I'll decide to register it on Saturday. I have no table, so the contest is the only possibility for me to display models in Veldhoven.
18. October 2019, 14:49
i hope you do it 🙂
18. October 2019, 15:21


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